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accessible clear effortless obvious painless simple smooth straightforward uncomplicated apparent basic child's play cinch easily done elementary evident facile inconsiderable light little manageable manifest mere no bother no problem no sweat no trouble not burdensome nothing to it paltry picnic piece of cake plain plain sailing pushover royal simple as ABC slight snap undemanding uninvolved untroublesome wieldy yielding ambiguous complicated difficult hard obscure unclear unintelligible vague arduous complex demanding exhausting impossible intolerant intricate involved laborious oppressive strict trying uneasy unhappy unpermissive unrelaxed slow secure successful peaceful quiet comfortable pleasant soft calm carefree comfy commodious composed content contented cozy cushy flowing fluent forthright gentle languid mild moderate prosperous running satisfied serene snug spontaneous substantial temperate thriving tranquil undisturbed unhurried untroubled well-to-do easeful at ease cursive in clover unexacting unworried loud rough smart unfriendly noisy clamorous intelligent flexible accommodating amenable benign charitable clement compassionate compliant condoning easygoing forbearing forgiving gullible indulgent kindly lax lenient liberal merciful naive submissive susceptible sympathetic tractable trusting biddable dupable exploitable deceivable deludable excusing fleeceable humoring pampering pardoning spoiling unburdensome unoppressive unsuspicious stern unyielding rigid natural affable amiable casual complaisant diplomatic familiar friendly good-natured graceful gracious gregarious informal obliging open polite sociable suave tolerant unaffected unpretentious urbane good-tempered relaxed unforced unanxious able adept adequate adroit agile alert apt bright capable competent cunning deft dexterous easy endowed equipped fitted good knowing powerful ready strong worthy weak delicate inept feeble useless powerless infirm ineffective unintelligent stupid disinclined unable incapable inadequate unsuitable unskilled incompetent ablest amicable attractive breezy buddy-buddy charming cheerful clubby cool copacetic cordial delightful downright neighborly engaging genial good-humored home cooking kind lovable mellow palsy-walsy pleasing princely pussycat responsive right righteous sweet-tempered swell tight warm warmhearted winning rude gloomy mean bad nasty sad cold disagreeable testy surly quarrelsome irritable crabby unkind hateful repulsive unsociable unpleasant hostile aloof attainable accomplishable at hand available cherry pie duck soup feasible gettable likely obtainable possible potential practicable probable procurable reachable realizable securable unattainable unreasonable unreachable basal beginning fundamental initial lowest necessary airy blithe buoyant careless cheery easy-going feelgood happy happy-go-lucky insouciant jaunty jovial laid back radiant sunny unbothered anxious troubled depressed worried heavyhearted dissatisfied Easy Squill Easy! delicious luscious syrupy candied candy-coated cloying honeyed like candy like honey nectarous sacchariferous saccharine sugar-coated sugared toothsome unsavory acid bitter cacophonous discordant malodorous mean salty sour stinking stinky ugly unfriendly unpleasant beautiful engaging generous mushy delightful charming pleasant gentle mild tender pleasing appealing lovable loving patient fair pet taking winning beloved dear darling affectionate agreeable amiable angelic attractive companionable considerate delectable dulcet good-humored good-natured heavenly precious reasonable sympathetic thoughtful unselfish winsome dearest cherished sweet-tempered treasured despised harsh violent rough nasty disagreeable unhappy hard offensive hated hateful horrible unfeeling repulsive fragrant spicy clean aromatic pure savory fresh ambrosial balmy new perfumed redolent scented wholesome aromal perfumy sweet-smelling polluted dirty tasteless bland stale indefinite unchaste impure smooth mellow soft rich soothing musical euphonious harmonious mellifluous melodic melodious orotund rotund silver-tongued sonorous tuneful euphonic silvery sweet-sounding dessert confection snack candy bonbon confectionery enjoyment joy delight pudding gratification pleasure chocolate confiture sweetmeat sugarplum final course trouble pain disappointment unhappiness misery melancholy sadness woe sorrow dissatisfaction angelical angel-like beatific cherubic divine saintly seraphic sweet odoriferous pungent acrid dull flavorless admired cared for doted on endeared esteemed fair-haired favorite hallowed highly regarded highly valued idolized loved near to one's heart popular prized respected revered venerated well-liked worshiped disliked caramel confetti cream dainty candies bonbons confectioneries confits hokums jawbreakers sweetmeats sweets confit hokum jawbreaker Sweet Squill chewy crackling crisp crispy crumbly crusty crunchy firm fresh friable green plump ripe short unwilted rumpled ruffled long lengthy warm temperate soft flexible limp pliable breakable corroded decayed degenerated deteriorated deteriorating disintegrated eroded fragile frail frangible oxidized perishing powdery pulverizable rotted rotten rusted shivery worn hard well-baked well-done pliant nice happy soggy pleasant cheerful brittle delicate thick tall high polite kind courteous sufficient enough adequate unabridged large shortest Squill Crunchy crunchies actor buffoon card clown comedian comic fool gagster humorist jester jokester prankster punster stooge trickster wag wit cutup droll farceur funster jokesmith josher kidder life of the party quipster second banana stand-up comic straight person top banana wisecracker joker madness silliness babble joke bunk folly stupidity foolishness drivel rubbish baloney gibberish trash absurdity bananas balderdash scrawl jest rot rashness irrationality thoughtlessness poppycock palaver bombast claptrap giddiness jazz imprudence bull pretense prattle scribble hogwash ranting tripe fatuity hooey senselessness fun flightiness inanity hot air mumbo jumbo soft soap ludicrousness jive understanding intelligibility fact truth possessions seriousness judgment sense common sense clarity wisdom nonsense sidekick feed foil feeder straight man garbage blather idiocy bunkum zany funnyman piffle twaddle tomfoolery rigmarole intelligence thoughtfulness tommyrot entertainer laugh merry-andrew million laughs tragedian banana Banana Squill Bananas bread doughnut pastry scone Danish cruller eclair sweet roll bun muffin Squill Muffin MUFFIN
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