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RHONY's Dorinda Medley Does Impersonation of Bethenny Frankel - WWHL

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Andy Cohen plays a clip from #RHONY of Bethenny Frankel impersonating Dorinda Medley and then Dorinda Medley gives her best impersonation of Bethenny ...


Bravo Watch What Happens Live Andy Cohen WWHL bravo andy Dorinda Medley Bethenny Frankel (TV Personality) The Real Housewives Of New York City (TV Program) NYC The Big Apple Reality Television (TV Genre) Ramona Singer Sonja Morgan LuAnn De Lesseps (TV Personality) Carole Radziwill Heather Thomson Real Housewives RHONY RHNY Dorinda assortment brew collection combo composition confusion conglomeration farrago hodgepodge jumble melee mingling mishmash mixture pastiche patchwork potpourri salmagundi variety mixed bag mélange pasticcio order organization loneness singularity array choice combination diversity garbage group kind medley miscellany selection sort clutter ataxia chaos derangement disorder huddle litter melange muddle rummage scramble shuffle tumble untidiness neatness system tidiness accumulating acquiring acquisition agglomeration amassing amassment anthology assemblage assembly batch bringing together caboodle clump cluster collation company compilation congeries congregation 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