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RIP Sir John Hurt acclaimed British actor dies at 77

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The great British actor "John Hurt":https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Hurt has died at the age of 77. A Knight of the Realm the performer appeared in a number ...


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  Sir John Hurt, the two-time Oscar nominated star of the Elephant Man, has died at the age of 77.   John Hurt remembered R.I.P #JohnHurt   Actor John Hurt Has Died at 77   The Star Of "Elephant Man" Passes Away   ACTOR JOHN HURT DIES AT 77   John Hurt‬‬, Doctor Who, Elephant Man, Dies at 77   John Hurt, Elephant Man and Harry Potter Star, Dies at 77   Hollywood legend Sir John Hurt Dies, 77, who starred in The Elephant Man and Harry Potter   British actor John Hurt dies   Farewell to a Hollywood legend: Sir John Hurt.....   Sir John Hurt Dies At The Age Of 77   Actor Sir John Hurt has died aged 77   The World Says Goodbye To British Actor Sir John Hunt   Remembering Oscar nominated John Hurt   Lives Remembered Sir John Hurt Actor 1940 -2017   John Hurt, The Elephant Man, Passes At 77   Versatile character-actor John Hurt dies at 77   British actor John Hurt, known for eccentric roles, dies at 77.   John Hurt, Alien and Harry Potter actor, dies aged 77   John Hurt dead at 77   RIP Sir Bruce Forsyth: TV legend dies aged 89   RIP Sir Bruce Forsyth: Legendary TV host dies aged 89   RIP Sir Bruce Forsyth: Legendary entertainer dies aged 89   Sir Bruce Forsyth: Legendary TV host & entertainer dies aged 89   John Hurt lost his life at the age of 77.   Hollywood legend John Hurt dead: Two-time Oscar nominee and Elephant Man actor passes away..   Hollywood legend John Hurt dead, aged 77 after battling cancer   Hollywood legend John Hurt dead: Two-time Oscar nominee and Elephant Man actor.   Actor Michael Parks, who starred in 'Kill Bill' and 'Argo,' dies at 77   Allo Allo Star Gorden Kaye Dies In His Care Home Aged 75   The World Says Goodbye To John Hurt   RIP Sir Roger Moore Interview 1976   Actor John Hurt Reveals He Has Cancer   10 Sir John Hurt Roles Everyone Should Watch   Nicholas Biwott dies at 77   Remembering Late '007' Star Roger Moore   'The Elephant Man' Actor John Hurt Battling Cancer   Sam Shepard Dies!!! Notebook Star And Acclaimed Actor, Director And Playwright Dies At 73   John Hurt: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy on The Late Late Show   Roger Smith, Star of ‘77 Sunset Strip,’ Dies at Age 84   Want 'Here Lies Gandalf' Written on My Grave: Ian McKellen   Roots Actor Ji Tu Cumbuka Dies at 77   Former Prince drummer, John Blackwell Jr., dead at 43   Man dies after trying to pull 2 teen girls from rip current at NC beach   Robert Michael Morris, 'The Comeback' Actor, Dies at 77   Actor John Heard Dies At 72   Farewell to a Hollywood legend: Sir John Hurt, who starred in The Elephant Man and Harry Potter, di   Actor John Heard Dies At 72   RIP James Bond, Sir Roger Moore passes away at 89   'James Bond' actor Sir Roger Moore dies at 89   007 Actor Sir Roger Moore Dies At 89   Peter Vaughan Thrones and Porridge star dies at 93   John Hurt (12/13/11) | Charlie Rose   Laura Ingraham Show 5/18/17 - Roger Ailes - Beloved former Fox News CEO dies at age 77   Roger Moore 1927-2017: British actor Roger Moore dies   ‘Shadowhunters’ Star Dominic Sherwood on Training to Chase Demons   Acclaimed Actor Powers Boothe Dead At 68   John Hurt's Acceptance Speech - The British Academy Film Awards 2012 - BBC One   The Future of the West: The United Kingdom's Evolving Role in the World   Sir John Soane's Museum: 'A crazy labyrinth of art, architecture and history'   Nichola Biwott dies at 77   Australia Businessman Alan Bond Dies   Sir Roger Moore of James Bond fame dies   Actor awarded Knighthood by Queen   Pirate FM Video News: 25th November 2016   Actor Richard Hatch dies at 71   BOLLYWOOD ACTOR OM PURI DIES AT 66   Sir Roger Moore the legendary James Bond actor dies aged 89 after a short battle with cancer   Talented Actor John Hurt Passes Away   PRINSE DEAD. RIP? ✓   Carrie Fisher Dead At 60! (Princess Leia)   VICE Talks Film with Mike Leigh   Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes passes away aged 77   Hollywood Pays Homage To The Late Sir John Hurt   'Fifth Beatle' Sir George Martin dies, aged 90

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