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RMX Choco Island 1R - SNES Vanilla Lake 1R - 3DS Toad Circuit R | Mario Kart Tour RANKED

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rex ram rim rom rum rec rima rime rimy ramp rams rims romp roms rump rums rag reg rig rug e=mc2 r amp r. a.m.p rmx double texting RMX chic chick check choke choky chuck shock chop chock cocoa coo shook chics chocks chino chocker choice choicy checky choker chou chow shoo cock hock hocu loco chug choir choux chord chore chose chows co coa cheek shack shako shuck Choco double texting choco archipelago enclave isle islet peninsula reef atoll bar cay haven key refuge retreat sanctuary shelter coat cocoon cushion cut off inlay island isolate keep apart line seclude separate sequester set apart shield tape treat wrap abstract block off close off confine detach disconnect disengage divide divorce insulate part quarantine remove segregate sever sunder boulevard boulevard strip divider jersey barrier medial strip median meridian neutral ground choose dissociate select single out split up mingle join uncover insulated gather attach integrate incorporate include desegregate combine link couple 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polliwog salientian sycophant tadpole caecilian caudate hyla newt proteus salamander toad black sheep blackguard bum cad coward dog good-for-nothing heel hound rat riffraff scoundrel scum skunk snake stinker villain worm wretch yellow dog bullfrog croaker cheater con artist cur dastard informer louse rascal reptile slink snake in grass weasel amphibian amphibians hero sneak Toad double texting TOAD course district lap route tour ambit area circle circling circulation circumference circumnavigation circumscription circumvolution compass cycle gyration gyre journey limit line orbit perambulation perimeter periphery range region round tract turn turning twirl way wheel whirl wind winding zone center inside interior middle bandage bandeau belt binding bond braid cable chain circuit copula cord fillet harness hoop ligature link manacle ribbon ring rope sash scarf shackle snood stay strap string strip tape tie truss march path patrol precinct walk amphitheater aureole band bowl bracelet 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