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Raging Fire Guts Apartment/Business

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May 9, 2016 fire at Portage & Bryant Streets in Kalamazoo.


4886290616001 cat1_News videolicious enraged furious seething stormy turbulent bent blustering fuming incensed infuriated raving rough angry at boiling point bent out of shape beside oneself blowing a gasket blowing one's top blustery boiling mad boiling over fit to be tied frenzied going ape irate mad as a hornet rabid ranting and raving raving mad seeing red tempestuous throwing a fit wild calm mild moderate delighted giddy gleeful happy ablaze afire aroused enthusiastic fervent heated impassioned intense on fire passionate raging stimulated vehement dark dim dull unexcited angrier affronted annoyed antagonized bitter chafed choleric convulsed cross displeased exacerbated exasperated ferocious fierce fiery galled hateful hot huffy ill-tempered indignant inflamed irascible ireful irritable irritated maddened nettled offended outraged piqued provoked resentful riled sore splenetic storming sulky sullen tumultous\u002Ftumultuous uptight vexed wrathful cool nice joyous joyful content 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deeps depths entrails holds innards interiors penetralias recesses vitals exteriors exteriorities outsides
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