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Rant N' Rave: Saturday Edition

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Bill Shanks Rant and Rave Bulldogs Jake Fromm Notre Dame tirade rhetoric harangue diatribe oration bombast fustian bluster rhapsody calm shout bellow stump fume scold storm clamor orate sizzle rail spiel mouth rage roar spout cry praise acerbate affront aggravate agitate annoy antagonize arouse bait blow up boil boil over bristle burn burn up chafe craze cross displease egg on embitter enrage exacerbate exasperate excite fret gall get mad get on one's nerves goad incense inflame infuriate irritate lose one's temper madden make sore miff nettle offend outrage pique provoke raise hell rankle rant rave rile ruffle seethe steam up stew stir up tempt umbrage vex blab blubber blurt burble cackle chat chatter gibber go on gossip gush jabber mumble murmur mutter patter prate prattle run off at the mouth run on spill the beans squeal talk foolishly talk incoherently talk nonsensically tattle trivialize yak yakkety yak badger boast brag brazen browbeat bulldoze cow crow domineer gloat hector ride the high horse roister shoot off one's mouth show off strut swagger swell talk big vapor vaunt yap blowing bluff boasting braggadocio bragging bullying crowing fancy talk fanfaronade fuming gasconade grandiosity guts hot air pomposity pretension raging railing selfglorification storming swaggering swelling talk tall talk attack bloviate blow hot air declare decry denounce hold forth inveigh lecture perorate pile it on proclaim recite soapbox speak aggrandizement amplification baloney caricature coloring crock elaboration embroidery emphasis enlargement exaltation excess extravagance fabrication falsehood fancy fantasy figure of speech fish story flight of fancy hogwash hyperbole inflation jazz line magnification misjudgment misrepresentation overemphasis overestimation pretentiousness romance stretch tall story untruth whopper yarn anger babble bravado declaim exaggeration Rant day off Sabbath Sunday Lord's day Sabbath Day Saturday rest day day of rest saturday volume copy number 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