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Refugees fleeing South Sudan overwhelming Uganda resources

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The United Nations has more than doubled its appeal for aid to help refugees in Uganda. More than 800,000 South Sudanese have crossed the border and officials say there's simply not enough resources to support them. CGTN's Soni Methu spent time with the relief mission in northern Uganda.


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  Long welcoming to refugees, hostility toward newcomers is growing in Uganda   South Sudan Refugees Pour into Uganda   Influx of refugees in Uganda raises concerns over escalating crisis   S.Sudanese refugees flee to Uganda after attacks in Pajok   S. Sudan conflict puts Uganda's refugee policy to the test   Influx of South Sudan refugees into Uganda causing strain on resources   Picture This: Uganda's Sudanese refugees   Refugee influx offers business opportunities of some in Lamwo district   Aid groups worried about food shortages at Uganda refugee camp   Uganda continues to welcome migrants fleeing regional crisis   S Sudan refugees continue fleeing into Uganda   Compassionate woman offers care to fellow refugees in Uganda   South Sudan refugees overwhelm Uganda   One million South Sudanese refugees have fled to Uganda   Delegates in Uganda review refugee management approaches   Number of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda hit over 900,000   UNHCR High level delegation visits Uganda to assess refugee situation   UN, government help influx of South Sudanese refugees settle in camps in Lamwo   Uganda struggling with influx of thousands of refugees   S.Sudan conflict: thousands of refugees struggle in Uganda camps   Sudan hosting thousands of South Sudanese refugees   United Nations seeks around $560 million for aid this year   Thousands of South Sudanese refugees seek shelter in Uganda   South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda Face Hunger   #Uganda keeps border open for #Refugees   Uganda gives migrants land so they can become self-sufficient   Refugees In Uganda: Country is home to 800,000 South Sudanese   Refugees Fleeing ISIS Overwhelming Kurdistan   Refugees Fleeing ISIS Overwhelming Kurdistan   Uganda opens new settlement for S Sudanese refugees   [HOLD] Charity launches #BearsOnStairs campaign to help South Sudan's child refugees   FAO boss lauds Uganda for friendly refugee policy   Staying Alive: Early learning giving South Sudan children a silver of hope   Solidarity Summit: Shs 1.2 Trillion raise to cater for refugees in Uganda   Charity launches #BearsOnStairs campaign to help South Sudan's child refugees   Uganda ranked highest refugee recipient   Staying alive: The plight of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda   36 tonnes of high energy biscuits dispatched to refugees   South Sudan violence forcing thousands to flee to Uganda   Uganda stretched following soaring number of refugees from war torn nations   South Sudan refugees face major obstacles in Uganda   Uganda to mediate talks between gov't, opposition groups   South Sudan refugees face major obstacles in Uganda - Al Jazeera English   Burundian refugees in Uganda reach 4,000   WFP seeks millions to support S. Sudanese refugees in Uganda   South Sudan violence prompts humanitarian crisis in Uganda   Uganda, S. Sudan dismiss US order to withdraw UPDF troops   USAID dispatches high energy biscuits to the displaced   $358M raised towards Uganda refugee crisis   135 People killed in attacks by South Sudanese govt. forces   Growing number of refugees is exerting pressure on Uganda's resources   Uganda Refugee Camp: South Sudanese people find refuge in Bidi Bidi   Raw: 495,000 South Sudanese refugees present in Sudan   Civilians killed in fighting in South Sudan   Parts of South Sudan officially in famine   WFP in Uganda warns shortage of funds could result to cuts in food rations   Thousands flee violence in South Sudan and cross into Uganda   Uganda opens new settlement to cater for influx of refugees   Aid Zone: South Sudanese refugees set up home in Uganda   Guterres visits Uganda's Imvepi Camp ahead of fundraiser   Aid agencies call for emergency response for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda   Refugees Return to Homes Destroyed by War   Red Cross chief visits refugee settlements in Uganda   South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda Reach One Million   Thousands of hungry South Sudan refugees flee to Sudan   UNICEF asks for $53mn to deal with refugees in Uganda   Thousands of South Sudanese refugees arrive in Uganda   Thousands arriving in northern Uganda from South Sudan daily   Uganda, currently strained by refugees from South Sudan   Uganda to build market on border with South Sudan   More than a million refugees flee South Sudan for Uganda   Refugees recount horrors of latest clashes in Pajok   Ethiopia to set up new camp to host South Sudanese refugees   Uganda Struggling to Host 1.2 Million Refugees   Uganda strained by influx of refugees from South Sudan

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