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Reince Priebus: 'we need to expand' Trump's travel ban and terminate AG Sally Yates

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White House chief of staff Reince Priebus defended President Trump's immigration ban on CBS "Face the Nation." - LoneWolf & The Three ...


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  CNN LOSES IT: President Trump Fires Acting AG Sally Yates   Donald Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Sally Yates For Refusing to Enforce Travel Ban   What Drives Sally Yates   Donald Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Sally Yates For Refusing To Defend "Muslim Ban"   Stand-in US Attorney General vows to enforce Trump travel ban   Sally Yates Was Fired For Deeming Trump’s Travel Ban Unlawful. She Doesn’t Regret It.   Legal questions cloud answers on Trump ban, acting AG's order   Ted Cruz Grills Sally Yates on Refusing To Defend Travel ban Executive Order 5/8/17   Sally Yates owning John Cornyn who tried to grill her on Trump Travel Ban #BREAKING   President Trump Sally Yates Betrayed DOJ By Refusing To Enforce Travel Ban   Ted Cruz Grills Sally Yates For Refusing To Defend Travel ban Executive Order 5/8/17   Sally Yates GRILLED On Travel Ban At Senate Hearing 5/8/17   Trump sacks law officer for not defending travel ban order   Sally Yates describes finding out about Trump's travel ban   Sally Yates owning John Cornyn who tried 2 grill her on Trump Travel Ban #BREAKING   Sally Yates Shuts Down, Educates and Owns Ted Cruz!!!   Sally Yates Is The No-Nonsense Hero We Desperately Need   President Trump fires acting attorney general Sally Yates   Sally Yates Smacks Down Sen Cornyn on Travel Ban   Donald Trump Fired Attorney General Sally Yates For Refusing To Defend "Muslim Ban"   Tucker Carlson Howard Kurtz Discuss Firing of Attorney General Sally Yates Over Executive Order   Trump SACKS Attorney General Sally Yates after she told Justice Department NOT to defend.   Trump SACKS Attorney General Sally Yates after she told Justice Department NOT to defend his immis..   Donald Trump has fired Democrat-appointed acting Attorney General Sally Yates   Ashcroft defends Trump's decision to fire Yates   Sally Yates Explains Why She Stood Up To Donald Trump   Newt Gingrich - We Have A Right To Protect The American People - Sean Hannity - Fox News   Crybaby Trump Fires Acting-AG Who Refused To Support His Travel Ban   Ashcroft defends Trump's decision to fire Yates   Trump fires attorney general over travel ban 'betrayal'   Yates, Cruz spar over Trump's travel ban   Yates, Cruz spar over Trump's travel ban   Ted Cruz and Sally Yates debate during testimony   Dershowitz: Yates wanted to be a 'holdover hero'   John Cornyn on Sally Yates comments Jan 31 2017   Full interview: Reince Priebus, January 29   The Disastrous Rollout of Trump's Immigration Ban: The Daily Show   Democrats Lead Charge to Overturn Trump Travel Ban   Rand Paul on Donald Trump's Travel Ban, Matt Drudge, Supreme Court Judge, and Obamacare   Sally Yates: Nobody Told DOJ About Trump's Travel Ban In Advance   Yates stands by refusal to defend Trump order   Sally Yates And Ted Cruz Have Heated Exchange Over Donald Trump's Travel Ban | TIME   Must Watch:Trey Gowdy On Fire As Comey Sweats 3 : 20 : 2017   Must Watch:Trey Gowdy On Fire As Comey Sweats 3 : 20 :2017   Jeff Sessions to Sally Yates in 2015: ‘You Need to Say No’ to the President | ABC News   Sally Yates And Ted Cruz Have Heated Exchange Over Donald Trump's Travel Ban | TIME   Reince Priebus: This is not a Muslim ban   Trump To Acting AG Sally Yates: You're Fired LOL   Ted Cruz Tried To Corner Sally Yates On The Law. He Failed.   White House: Former AG Sally Yates Was ‘Defiant’ And ‘Should Have Been Removed’ | NBC News   Defense of Trump’s Travel Ban Tested by Judges   Reince Priebus Immigration Ban Could Include More Countries Full Meet The Press NBC News   Sean Spicer HEATED press briefing on AG Sally Yates Fired, Executive orders travel Ban 2017   Sally Yates: Remember when I promised to uphold the law?   Sally Yates says she warned WH about Michael Flynn   Sally Yates Talks About Her Ten Days as Deputy Attorney General I Fortune   Even After Getting Fired By Trump Reince Priebus Continues To Suck Up   Watch Jeff Sessions grill Sally Yates on opposing the president   How President Donald Trump's Actions Compare To Richard Nixon's | MSNBC   Yates stands by her decision not to defend Trump's travel ban   Trump Fires Acting Attorney General After She Refuses To Enforce Travel Ban   Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Who Refused To Defend Travel Ban   President Trump Fires Acting Attorney General Sally Yates After She Defied Immigration Order | TIME   Watch Jeff Sessions grill AG Sally Yates for refusing to defend Trump's travel ban   Trump fires acting AG after she declines to defend travel ban   Sally Yates Owns And Humilates Ted Cruz During Russia Hearing   Trump Fires Attorney General For Defiance On Muslim Ban   Trump Fires Acting AG Sally Yates Hours After She Refused to Defend the Travel Ban   Justice Dept. won't defend Trump executive order   Here Are All The Ousted Trump Officials - Where Are They Now?   Senator Patrick Leahy: Fired Acting AG A ‘Person Of Integrity’ For Upholding Oath | NBC News   Sally Yates Gets LIT by GOP Senators for Blocking Trump's EO   Trump Fires Attorney General, Sally Yates, For Not Defending Muslim Ban   Sally Yates Could Shed Light On Trump-Russia Ties, Analyst Says | TODAY   Steve Bannon And Reince Priebus Speech At CPAC

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