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Relax video compilation

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In the compilation, in addition to pleasant music, in the video series you will see how cakes are made, how the printer prints 3d, how artists work and much more. Enjoy.


Satisfying calm lie down loosen up recline sit back soften unwind laze repose rest tranquilize unbend unlax breathe easy calm down collect oneself compose oneself cool off ease off feel at home hang loose knock off let oneself go make oneself at home settle back simmer down sit around stop work take a break take a breather take it easy take ten take time out agitate irritate worry energize excite grow increase tense loosen slow reduce ease relieve modify lower weaken mitigate slack slacken loose remit abate moderate modulate ebb lax let up untighten lose speed slow down rise strengthen raise intensify incite bask loll lounge relax sun sunbathe swim in toast oneself warm oneself cover hide basked basking becalm allay compose lull pacify placate quiet settle soothe steady still move upset distress alleviate appease assuage balm cool cool it cool out hush lay back mollify quieten sedate soft-pedal stroke take the edge off ruffle rouse trouble provoke aggravate outrage inflame distract disquiet anger worsen chill out control oneself cool down get hold of oneself go easy keep cool restrain oneself Big Mad Relax broadcast program television canned music video prerecorded promotional film recorded telegenic TV set audio baby-sitter boob tube box eye idiot box receiver small screen station television set telly tube vid video record book can catalog chalk up chronicle copy cut cut a track document dub enroll enter enumerate file indite inscribe insert jot down keep account lay down list log make a recording mark mark down matriculate note post preserve put down put in writing put on file put on paper put on tape register report set down tabulate take down tape tape-record transcribe videotape wax write in neglect cancel withdraw ignore records audiotape make a tape unstick unglue unfasten loosen Big Mad Video assortment collection accumulation anthology collecting combining compiling garner gathering joining treasury accumulating aggregating consolidating garnering incorporating unifying album analect compendium compilation digest garland omnibus selection acquiring acquisition agglomeration amassing amassment assemblage assembly batch bringing together caboodle clump cluster collation combination company congeries congregation convocation crowd cumulation heap hoard kit levy lot mass medley mess miscellany mobilization muster number obtaining pile quantity securing set stack stock stockpile store division separation individual collections corpus bulk complete works core entirety extant works oeuvre opera omnia staple substance whole part encyclopedia almanac book of knowledge concordance cyclopedia reference book formation architecture arrangement configuration constitution construction creation crystallization deposit design development dispersal disposition embodiment evolution fabrication figure forming generation genesis grouping induction makeup manufacture order organization pattern production rank structure synthesis disorganization ruin destruction stoppage decrease Compilation delightful enjoyable gratifying pleasant pleasing pleasurable refreshing rewarding satisfactory sweet satiating favorable savory disagreeable troubling unacceptable unenjoyable unfriendly unhappy unpleasant agreeable acceptable dandy delicious fair fine hunky-dory mild nice peach peachy pleasureful pussycat ready satisfying spiffy swell welcome offensive nasty mean harsh unwilling repugnant unsuitable incongruous incompatible hateful distasteful discordant horrible all right adequate appropriate average decent fit fitting good okay okey-dokey passable proper standard sufficient tolerable unexceptional unobjectionable wrong unhealthy sick unsatisfactory believable aboveboard authentic colorable conceivable convincing credential credible creditable fiduciary honest-to-God imaginable impressive likely persuasive plausible possible presumable presumptive probable rational reasonable reliable straight supposable tenable tried trusty unquestionable up front unreasonable incredible unthinkable unreliable unconvincing unlikely unimaginable unbelievable inconceivable improbable implausible cogent apposite apt compelling conclusive consequential convictive forceful forcible inducing influential irresistible justified meaningful momentous pertinent potent powerful puissant relevant significant solid sound strong suasive telling urgent valid weighty well-grounded weak invalid impotent unimportant ineffective comfortable at rest cared for cheerful complacent contented convenient cozy easy enjoying gratified hale happy healthy hearty loose loose-fitting made well pleased protected relaxed relaxing relieved rested restful restored serene sheltered snug snug as a bug in a rug soft soothed strengthened untroubled useful warm well-off poor neglected miserable hard cool cold strict uncomfortable troubled wretched pitiable needy destitute upset hopeless discontented unsuited dissatisfied believeable dependable faithful hopeful incontrovertible moving swaying trustworthy unpersuasive dubious doubtful insignificant untrustworthy undependable Big Mad Satisfying
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