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Reminds me of a documentary i saw of how ISIS brainwashes kids into becoming terrorists

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admonish advise caution emphasize mention note point out prod prompt recall remember stress suggest warn bethink cite hint imply intimate recollect reminisce retain retrospect revive bring back to bring to mind call attention call to mind call up give a cue jog one's memory make one remember make one think put in mind refresh memory stir up forget ignore broadcast feature film narrative account docudrama information documentary film documentary documentary movie docutainment infotainment saying adage aphorism apophthegm axiom byword daffodil dictum epigram gnome maxim moral motto platitude precept repartee text truism witticism word catch phrase folk wisdom apothegm saw proverb rule aphorisms adages apothegms axioms dicta maxims morals precepts proverbs rules saws sayings truisms banality boiler buzzword chestnut cliché corn dullsville familiar tune high camp hokum old chestnut old saw plate prosaicism prosaism trite phrase trivia triviality coinage nuance bromide commonplace compound sedative stereotype trite catchphrase catchword epithet gnomic saying handle nickname shibboleth slogan standing joke according to what after what precedent by means of by virtue of what by what means by what method by whose help from what source through what agency through what medium to what degree whence whereby wherewith by which how through which wherein at which point in what respect where why cause motive mystery proof educate indoctrinate catechize condition convert convince influence instill persuade proselytize alter teach accustom brainwash build up equip habituate inure loosen up make ready modify practice program ready shape up sharpen tone up toughen up train warm up whip into shape work out work over forget neglect actuate alter conviction assimilate to baptize be born again bend bias bring around budge cause to adopt change into change of heart create anew impel incline lead lead to believe make over move proselyte redeem reform regenerate save see the light sway turn dissuade repress suppress endure keep persist remain converting actuating assimilating to baptizing be bearing again bending biasing brainwashing bringing bringing around budging causing to adopting changing into convincing creating anew impelling inclining leading leading to believing making over moving persuading proselyting proselytizing redeeming reforming regenerating saving seeing the light swaying turning staying keeping idling holding enduring stopping waiting remaining persisting suppressing repressing dissuading argue into assure bring home to bring to reason change demonstrate draw effect establish get hook induce make a believer overcome prevail upon prompt prove put across refute satisfy sell sell one on talk into twist one's arm win over discourage fail prevent stop confuse convinces argues into assures brainwashes brings around brings home to brings to reason changes demonstrates draws effects establishes gets hooks induces makes a believer overcomes persuades prevails upon prompts proves puts across refutes satisfies sells sells one on sways talks into turns twists one's arm wins over confuses discourages stops fails prevents dissuades brief civilize coach cultivate develop discipline drill drum into edify enlighten exercise explain foster improve inform instruct let in on mature nurture put hip put through the grind rear school show the ropes tutor decrease destroy learn ignore blood relative children clay consanguinean family kin kith and kin offspring organism relatives uterine kin flesh and blood breed descendants get issue lineage posterity race scions seed stock young begats progeniture parent progeny kids in the direction of toward within aware acquainted alert alive appraised appreciative apprehensive apprised attentive au courant awake cognizant conscious cool enlightened familiar go-go groovy grounded heedful hip in the know in the picture informed into know the score know what's what know-how knowing latched on mindful on the beam on to perceptive plugged in receptive savvy sensible sentient sharp tuned-in up on wise wise to wised up with it heedless ignorant inattentive neglectful unaware unconscious unfamiliar unfriendly uninformed unknowledgeable insensitive beholden bound grateful in hock obligated obliged on a string on the arm on the cuff on the tab owe one owing responsible under obligation conversant abreast au fait comprehending down with hep kept posted knowledgeable learned percipient practiced proficient skilled up-to-date versant versed well-informed witting inexperienced custom addiction beaten path characteristic consuetude daily grind fashion form grind groove habit habitude hang-up manner matter of course mode observance practice praxis precedent procedure proprieties routine rule second nature shot swim thing trick usage use way wont departure deviation difference divergence irregularity deep abstracted centered concentrated enfolded engaged fixed focused immersed intent lost musing preoccupied rapt set wrapped wrapped-up aboveboard flighty frivolous engrossed absorbed all wound up assiduous bugged busy captivated caught up caught up in consumed diligent enthralled fascinated fiend for gone gripped head over heels heavily into hooked hung up industrious intrigued occupied really into riveted sedulous submerged taken up with tied-up turned on up to here in existing idle inactive bored disenthralled disinterested ignoring oblivious uncaring uninterested unoccupied enhancing fair welcome acceptable agreeable attractive beautiful comely cute effective excellent graceful handsome neat nice presentable pretty seemly tasteful well-chosen improper inappropriate indecorous tasteless ugly unattractive unbecoming unfitting unseemly unsuitable befitting conforming correct fit fitting right comme il faut compatible congruous decent decorous in keeping proper worthy imprecise inaccurate incorrect unfit unsuited wrong adapted becoming appropriate applicable appurtenant apropos apt belonging convenient deserved desired due felicitous germane good just on the button on the nose opportune pertinent relevant rightful tailor-made true useful well-suited well-timed evil inopportune irrelevant misbehaving unreal unskilled according to Hoyle beseeming happy kosher right on suitable what the doctor ordered a ten beauteous blooming buxom fine good-looking gorgeous pleasing pulchritudinous stunning wholesome winsome bad-looking despicable disagreeable offensive repellent repulsive revolting de rigueur polite respectable accordant coincidental concordant congruent consistent consonant correspondent harmonious meet sympathetic disagreeing incongruous unharmonious anarchist assassin bomber fanatic guerrilla gunman hijacker insurgent radical rebel revolutionary sniper zealot goon incendiary subversive thug agitator insurrectionist malcontent mutineer nihilist revolter terrorist freedom fighter enemies adversaries agents antagonists archenemies aspersers assailants assassins attackers backbiters bad persons bandits betrayers calumniators competitors contenders criminals defamers defilers detractors disputants emulators falsifiers fifth columns foes guerrillas informers inquisitors invaders murderers opponents oppositions other sides prosecutors rebels revolutionaries rivals saboteurs seditionists slanderers spies terrorists traducers traitors vilifiers villains friends laws confidantes assistants aides supporters helpers allies police associates enemy adversary agent antagonist archenemy asperser assailant attacker backbiter bad person bandit betrayer calumniator competitor contender criminal defamer defiler detractor disputant emulator falsifier fifth column foe informer inquisitor invader murderer opponent opposition other side prosecutor rival saboteur seditionist slanderer spy traducer traitor vilifier villain ally associate friend helper law supporter aide assistant confidante commando irregular mercenary professional soldier resistance fighter soldier of fortune underground fighter carjacker kidnapper robber skyjacker thief
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