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Rental scam devastates families

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Rental scam devastates families in Riverview.


Rental scam devastates families Riverview Florida taking action for you safety security victims homeless crime apartment lease rental unit accommodation cave chambers cold-water condo coop cooperative crash pad den digs dump flat living quarters lodging pad penthouse rental residence suite walk-up co-op floor-through go-down joint railroad apartment room tenement rent hire payment tariff closed purchase array batch body collection group lot parcel series set one whole individual apartment complex boarding house high-rise project housing slum tenements apartment complexes boarding houses cooperatives coops dens dumps flats high-rises pads project housings rentals slums Rentals Say Less Rental blackmail deceit deception extortion fraud hoax racket rip-off shakedown sham cheating con double-dealing flimflam hosing hustle sting con game crooked deal dirty pool double-cross fast one shady deal shell game snow job sucker game frankness honesty openness truth truthfulness uprightness artifice contrivance device dodge expedient gambit gimmick machination maneuver play ploy ruse savvy scam stratagem subterfuge tactic wile artlessness innocence ingenuousness honor simplicity incapacity inability sincerity reality candor beguile betray bluff burn cheat chisel deceive delude dupe entice exploit finesse gyp have hoodwink impose on jockey juggle lure manipulate mislead play for a sucker rook rope in seduce shave snow stick string along suck in take take in trick offer give repulse disenchant turn off refuse beguiled betrayed bluffed burned cheated chiseled conned deceived deluded double-crossed duped enticed exploited finessed flimflamed gypped had hoodwinked imposed on jockeyed juggled lured manipulated misled played played for a sucker rooked scammed seduced shaved snowed stuck sucked in took took in tricked was honest offered gave repulsed disenchanted turned off refused beguiles betrays bluffs burns cheats chisels cons deceives deludes double-crosses dupes entices exploits finesses flimflams gyps has hoodwinks imposes on jockeys juggles lures manipulates misleads plays plays for a sucker rooks scams seduces shaves snows sticks sucks in takes takes in tricks is honest offers gives repulses disenchants turns off refuses beguiling betraying bluffing burning chiselling conning deceiving deluding double-crossing duping enticing exploiting finessing flimflaming gypping having hoodwinking imposing on jockeying juggling luring manipulating misleading playing playing for a sucker rooking scamming seducing shaving snowing sticking sucking in taking taking in tricking being honest offering giving repulsing disenchanting turning off refusing bamboozle beat bilk bleed bunco caboodle cozen crib cross defraud diddle do a number on double-deal fast talk finagle fleece fudge give bum steer gouge hose jerk around milk pull one's leg ream rip off sandbag screw shaft short shuck skin stiff sucker swindle take for a ride take out trim two-time victimize fail lose help assist aid protect Scam Say Less ravage raze ruin wreck desecrate desolate despoil devour level pillage plunder raid sack smash spoil total trash waste depredate do one in lay waste spoliate stamp out take apart wipe off map build construct create guard help improve protect save enrich consume annihilate crush decay demolish devastate eat up exhaust expend extinguish overwhelm suppress starve not use neglect gather collect let go encourage repair fast store accumulate release consumed Hoovered absorbed ate up bolted chowed down devoured downed fed gobbled gorged gulped guzzled ingested ingurgitated inhaled mealed mowed nibbled partook polished off punished put away put down scarfed snacked stuff one's face swallowed swilled took tossed down wolfed built starved not used neglected gathered collected constructed fasted stored accumulated abstained break bulldoze burst crack decimate defeat dilapidate dismantle eat flatten gobble up knock down obliterate overthrow overturn pulverize put in toilet sink take out tear down torpedo undo wax wrack restore rebuild produce strengthen fix raise lose fasten surrender mend demolished annihilated ate broke bulldozed cracked crushed decimated defeated devastated dilapidated dismantled flattened gobbled up knocked down leveled obliterated overthrew overturned pulverized razed ruined sank smashed took apart took out tore down torpedoed totaled trashed undid waxed wiped off map wracked wrecked restored repaired rebuilt produced strengthened fixed raised helped lost fastened surrendered mended created demolishing annihilating breaking bulldozing bursting cracking crushing decimating defeating devastating devouring dilapidating dismantling eating flattening gobbling up knocking down leveling obliterating overthrowing overturning pulverizing putting away putting in toilet razing ruining sinking smashing taking apart taking out tearing down torpedoing totaling trashing undoing waxing wiping off map wracking wrecking restoring repairing 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