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Republicans Are Purging Anyone Who Won't Embrace Trump's Election Lies: A Closer Look

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lawmaker leader legislator officeholder senator president boss chieftain democrat grandstander orator partisan speaker Party member baby-kisser congressperson handshaker member of Congress member of parliament office seeker public servant statesperson whistle-stopper politician republican politicians AAVE Republican abide act breathe continue endure hold inhabit last live move obtain persist prevail remain rest stand stay subsist survive be alive go on have being have place cease depart die discontinue forsake give up halt idle leave lose pass quit refuse reject stop transpire befall occur come about come to pass take place Ares AAVE A R E ares abolish absolve cleanse dismiss eradicate erase exonerate expel expunge exterminate forgive liquidate oust prevent remove wipe out clarify clear disabuse eject excrete expiate kill pardon purify unload wash depurate dispose of do away with rout out shake out sweep out wipe off map accuse aid allow assist bear blame build charge condemn construct create establish fix help hold incriminate institute keep plant punish sentence welcome dirty maintain eating disorder anorexia nervosa bingeing bulimarexia bulimia compulsive eating hypheragia pica psychological disorder purging purgatorial aperient aperitive emetic expiatory laxative lustral lustrative physic purificatory all anybody everybody everyone one public a person any of any person anybody at all each and every one masses whole world anyone anyone at all you anyones AAVE Anyone? anyone? which that fact that one that other the one in question that who Who AAVE W.H.O. Wont's AAVE Won't won't grasp clasp clinch cling clutch cradle cuddle encircle enfold entwine envelop fold fondle grab grip hug lock nuzzle press seize snuggle squeeze wrap bear hug take in arms free give let go loose release uncover unfasten unwrap disbelieve distrust exclude reject shun adopt receive welcome accept take advantage of take up have espouse embody incorporate cover comprehend involve admit enclose accommodate contain encompass subsume comprise take in take on deal with avail oneself of get into go in for make use of provide for turn away repudiate adapt affiliate affirm appropriate approve assent assume borrow embrace endorse follow go down the line imitate maintain mimic opt ratify select support take over tap use utilize repulse leave alone return oppose neglect disagree disown disallow discard disapprove refuse renounce deny adopted accede accord acquiesce allow buy cave in comply concur conform consent cut a deal defer ditto give five give in go along with grant knuckle under okay pass on permit recognize sanction say uncle shake on subscribe decline differ argue resist dispute protest object dissent veto acquire arrogate attend to begin confiscate don embark upon enter upon set about let alone leave not do offer finish end conclude doubt complete assumes enfoldment scissors tight embrace Embrace trump AAVE Trumps Trump appointment ballot balloting decision poll primary referendum selection alternative choice determination franchise judgment option polls preference ticket vote-casting allotment approval assigning authorization certification choosing commissioning delegation deputation designation election empowering installation naming nomination ordination promotion rejection refusal appointments plebiscite polling slate tally appraisal cull cup of tea discretion discrimination distinction druthers evaluation extract favorite finding free will opportunity pick rating say substitute variety verdict volition vote weakness hate indecision choices culling deciding exercising judgment making a choice making up one's mind picking separating AAVE Election adjacent convenient warm abutting adjoining approaching handy impending nearest neighboring nigh across the street around the corner at hand contiguous give or take a little hard by immediate imminent in spitting distance in the ball park near-at-hand nearly next proximate under one's nose distant far remote away beyond cool detached dry faraway generous giving imprecise inaccurate loose open unfriendly unreserved solid tight compact firm short crowded confining restricted confined thick narrow packed congested impenetrable impermeable substantial consolidated cropped circumscribed close-grained jam-packed clear free uncrowded empty long lengthy slack unabridged large similar resembling literal exact faithful conscientious lifelike strict unreliable inexact devoted familiar dear related private loving chummy confidential inseparable palsy-walsy attached buddy-buddy cozy with kissing cousins making it with on top of each other thick as thieves thick with foreign heavy sweltering stifling stale breathless moldy motionless muggy musty stagnant sticky stuffy sultry uncomfortable airless fusty choky suffocating stale-smelling sweltry unventilated slight secluded hidden retired closemouthed hush-hush reticent secretive silent taciturn tight-lipped uncommunicative buttoning up clamming up close-lipped on the Q. T. tight chops unforthcoming mum's the word zipping one's lips public sociable penny-pinching skinflint mean chintzy closefisted illiberal miserly parsimonious penurious skimpy ungenerous mingy niggardly tight-fisted clincher capper closer coup de grâce crowning blow culmination deathblow deciding moment finisher finishing touch finale afterpiece blow-off button cessation chaser climax close conclusion consummation crowning glory denouement end end piece epilogue finis finish last act payoff peroration summation swan song termination windup start opening beginning debut introduction initiation commencement pitcher ace baseball player hurler knuckleballer middle reliever reliever relief pitcher bullpen fireman inner reliever long reliever short reliever stopper adieu coda crowning achievement dying words envoi famous last words farewell farewell performance final appearance final gesture goodbye last hurrah last shot parting song Closer AAVE attention eye glance glimpse peek review stare view beholding case cast contemplation flash gander gaze gun inspection introspection leer marking noticing observation once-over reconnaissance regard regarding scrutiny sight slant speculation squint surveillance survey swivel viewing evil eye keeping watch look-see disregard ignorance indifference neglect fashion presence face demeanor manner expression bearing semblance seeming mien effect air countenance physiognomy complexion aspect guise mug visage notice consider read study watch see peer rubberneck gape scan beware goggle mind focus scrutinize ogle mark tend note behold attend inspect spot gawk contemplate observe peep spy glower admire scout heed get a load of pore over take a gander take in the sights feast one's eyes miss look away forget overlook dodge avoid scorn ignore sound express show exhibit resemble evidence indicate manifest display present look like make clear strike as cover withhold contradict hide conceal search seek hope hunt foretell await divine forecast count on reckon on find front front on give onto address affectation ambience appearance atmosphere aura comportment deportment feel feeling flavor impression look mannerism mood pose property quality tone absence reality attitude blind carriage character condition dress feature figure form image looks mode outline presentation screen shape stamp leaving departure disappearance rear back appearances facet whole aspects behavior poise port set stand AAVE Look... Look LOOK look!
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