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Residents fight Dunedin development hoping to preserve the vibe

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The plan known as M&D Lofts, is a 3-story, 20,000 square foot building with retail on the first floor and condos above.


residents dunedin downtown revitalization project fight against preserve vibe plaza parking lot supporters dweller inmate citizen local tenant native lodger denizen liver resider alien association body politic center colony commonality commonwealth company district general public hamlet locality nation neck of the woods neighborhood people populace public residents society state stomping ground territory turf citizenry community culture denizens dwellers folk natives John/Jane Q. Public aborigine burgess burgher civilian commoner cosmopolite freeman/woman householder inhabitant member of body politic member of community national naturalized person occupant resident settler subject taxpayer townsperson urbanite villager voter character addressee holder incumbent indweller lessee occupier possessor renter user boarder leaseholder rent payer roomer population Residents Resident riot melee battle combat bout war match clash brawl action duel feud round tiff ruckus affray brush broil fuss tussle scrap row to-do rumble joust fracas fray strife set-to calm truce accord quiet peace attack boldness backbone pluck mettle gameness spirit protect resist meet traverse wrestle bicker scuffle wrangle contend tilt grapple spar strive dispute assault struggle tug box buck rowdy repel skirmish oppugn quarrel flare up wage war uphold yield agree force support maintain continue oppose argue hassle further wage contest conduct squabble travail defy persist effect endure carry on fall out lay into take on toil on ignore comply concur cease let go halt stop leave idle quit forget conflict encounter engagement fight fighting warfare aggressiveness antagonism belligerence blitz combativeness destructiveness hostility pugnacity push altercate caterwaul cause a scene cavil dig disagree pick at quibble scrape spat trade zingers altercation argument battle royal bickering disorder donnybrook duke out free-for-all rhubarb rumpus tumult uproar alienation breach difference of opinion disaffection divergence estrangement misunderstanding rift rupture schism separation split trouble bound dislodge jerk jump leap prance start throw trip unseat vault withstand aggression break Fight Dunedin hike advance boost buildup spread ongoing upping halt decline retreat outcome issue result change upshot event source cause origin advancement amelioration betterment break breakthrough development enrichment furtherance gain go-ahead growth headway increase progress promotion rise step upgrade addition augmentation boosting deepening elaboration enlargement exaggeration expansion expatiation extension fleshing out heightening intensification lengthening magnification padding raising strengthening stretching supplementing widening accession accretion amplification beefing up enhancement increment inflation multiplication raise reinforcement swelling improvement jump prosperousness push rush spurt upsurge upswing upturn discovery find finding invention leap quantum leap step forward ancestry civility conduct courtesy culture gentility grace lineage manners nurture polish rearing refinement schooling training upbringing urbanity boom breeding Development expecting trusting wishing assuming alert anticipative anxious apprehensive awaiting breathless eager hopeful hoping in suspense looking for on edge on tenterhooks prepared raring ready vigilant waiting waiting on watchful with bated breath anticipating assured at ease blithe buoyant calm cheerful comfortable confident content elated emboldened enthusiastic faithful forward-looking high inspirited keeping the faith lighthearted looking forward to reassured rose-colored rosy sanguine satisfied serene trustful unflagging upbeat bright cheering encouraged expectant happy idealistic merry on cloud nine on top of world positive promising ray of sunshine sunny utopian dreaming half-baked impossible improbable ivory-tower nonrealistic not sensible optimistic romantic silly roseate Panglossian starry-eyed Hoping save keep store guard cure can harm use ruin halt stop hurt lose cover den harbor haven hideaway hideout hole ivory tower port preserve refuge retreat safe house safety sanctuary security shelter admire adore appreciate apprize care for clasp cleave to cling to coddle comfort cosset cultivate defend dote on embrace encourage enshrine entertain fancy fondle foster hold dear hold in high esteem honor hug idolize like love nourish nurse nurture pet prize revere reverence safeguard shield support sustain treasure value venerate worship cut back cut down on go easy on hoard maintain scrimp skimp sock away squirrel squirrel away stash steward store up take care of use sparingly dry fire harden kipper pickle salt smoke steel temper avert battle beat off bulwark cherish conserve contend entrench espouse fend off fight fight for fortify garrison guard against hedge hold hold at bay house insure keep safe look after mine oppose panoply prevent provide sanctuary repel danger resist retain screen secure stave off take in uphold war ward off watch watch over withstand apotheosize bless consecrate dedicate embalm exalt hallow sanctify asylum comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The love shame anger fervor pride warmth joy sorrow grief desire rage drive affect ardor tremor thrill zeal vibes hate hatred woe calm apathy quiet peace cheer mood touch aura sense finish dread anxiety prognostic prophecy augury prediction warning fear chill presage portent foretoken bad vibes prenotion luck harbinger omen hunch foreboding sign threat caution clue boding bodement doom intuition idea misgiving suspicion feeling winds worriment trust forecast return reply answer opinion lip take reflex kick hit rebound recoil echo sass retort loss cause reaction feedback response respond counter comeback riposte antiphon request kickback asking emotion passion thought tingle physicality taste insight heart keenness judgment dislike instinct foresight telepathy ESP hint murmur tinge trace trend eddy tenor flavor agape concern empathy rapport relating color feel note numbness concrete thing affection affectivity agitation commotion despair despondency disturbance ecstasy elation excitability excitement gut reaction happiness inspiration melancholy perturbation remorse responsiveness sadness satisfaction sensation sensibility sensitiveness sentiment sympathy vehemence ambience atmosphere impression palpation quality semblance surface tactility taction apprehension apprehensiveness foreshadowing forewarning funny feeling handwriting on the wall premonition presentiment sinking feeling wind change prognostication feeling in bones handwriting on wall vibrations winds of change discomposure disquietude forethought Vibe vibe dweller inmate citizen local tenant native lodger denizen liver resider alien association body politic center colony commonality commonwealth company district general public hamlet locality nation neck of the woods neighborhood people populace public residents society state stomping ground territory turf citizenry community culture denizens dwellers folk natives John/Jane Q. Public aborigine burgess burgher civilian commoner cosmopolite freeman/woman householder inhabitant member of body politic member of community national naturalized person occupant resident settler subject taxpayer townsperson urbanite villager voter character addressee holder incumbent indweller lessee occupier possessor renter user boarder leaseholder rent payer roomer population Residents Resident Dunedin urban main country minor rural city apple boom town borough burg capital center conurbation downtown megalopolis metropolis metropolitan area municipality place polis port urban place urbs burghal central citified civic civil inner-city metropolitan municipal nonrural oppidan popular public town village concrete jungle inner city mean streets urban complex asphalt jungle urban sprawl barrio center city central city condemned buildings core core city ghetto public housing district skid row slum slums urban city urban ghetto DOWNTOWN rebirth recovery renewal cheering awakening invigoration new dawn reawakening regeneration rejuvenation renascence resurgence revitalization revival comeback rebound renaissance restoration resurrection return triumph consolation enkindling freshening quickening reanimation recrudescence resuscitation revivification risorgimento recharging stimulation recommencement refilling reformation reopening replenishment resumption reactivation task deal job plan pet setup aim thing baby feat fun see devise image design draft scheme frame intend reckon chart cast gauge think vision ignore forget keep extend poke pout jut beetle shoot fling hurl pitch heave take act avocation bag ballgame bit deed endeavor enterprise entertainment game hobby labor occupation pastime project racket scene stunt trip undertaking venture work zoo assignment calling case circumstance concern duty employment episode event hap happening incident interest mission obligation occurrence office function proceeding profession province pursuit question realm responsibility subject topic transaction adapt adjust agree to blueprint come to terms compromise concert construct contrive decide determine direct establish get act together get ready hammer out a deal harmonize iron out lay out line up make a connection make ready manage map out negotiate organize prepare promote provide pull a wire pull things together quarterback resolve schedule set stage settle shape up tailor work out work out a deal breed compound concoct develop excite foment form gather hatch impend loom mull plot start stir up weave abut border bound communicate join meet neighbor protrude verge boot bung chuck drive drop fire impel launch lob peg shed shy sling thrust toss activity affair arrange brew butt Projects projects gangstas drugs pimps hookers ghetto dirty buildings hood trap the struggle hoes gangbangers drug dealers slum pj&39;s ject jects across con facing versus contra about against as for as regards as to concerning on the subject of regarding respecting touching toward with reference to with respect to adverse agin anti antipodal antipodean antithetic antithetical conflicting contrary converse counter counteractive diametric discrepant incompatible incongruous inconsistent irreconcilable negating no go nullifying opposing opposite ornery paradoxical polar repugnant reverse antagonistic contradictory contrasting hindering impeding obstructive obverse opposed at variance with contrarily contrariwise conversely in defiance of although even though even with in contempt of in the face of notwithstanding undeterred by in distinction to out of possession of taken away apropos despite from square park court green common capital city club concourse crossroads focal point focus heart hub mall market marketplace mart meeting place metropolis nerve center plaza polestar shopping center social center station town trading center cloister close compass courtyard curtilage enclosure forum patio piazza quad quadrangle street field grass grassplot lawn sward terrace turf commercial center mini-mart shopping mall esplanade estate forest garden grounds lot meadow parkland place playground pleasure garden recreation area tract village green woodland agora arcade bazaar emporium fair flea market galleria mini-mall shopping complex shopping plaza strip mall center lawn square garden estate plaza place forest meadow green lot tract grass grounds seat put move amphitheatre boards bowl circus coliseum course diamond field gridiron ground gym gymnasium hippodrome ice park pit platform ring rink stadium stage accumulate bury conceal cover ditch duck ensconce lay away maintain plant put away put in the hole save screen secrete squirrel squirrel away stash stash away store amass bank collect commit deliver drop entrust garner give in trust hoard install invest keep lay plop plunk plunk down precipitate put aside put by repose rest salt away settle sit down sock away stock up stow transfer treasure abide bide bunk continue crash establish oneself exist flop hang one's hat hang out hole up inhabit keep house locate lodge make one's home nest occupy perch pitch tent quarter remain rent reside room roost sojourn squat stay stop tarry tenant tent asylum aviary building cage camp cell close coop corral court courtyard den dungeon ghetto hutch jail pale patch pen plot pound precinct prison quad quadrangle region stockade sty vault walk yard zone amphitheater battlefield circuit fairground golf course landing strip playground playing area race track racecourse range terrain theater track turf arena cache deposit dwell enclosure parking Parking piece area field portion part plot parcel patch tract acreage block plat whole little load set group crowd number much plenty bunch pile circle order body mess bundle heap stack oodles clutch batch ocean mass push barrel clump pack scores reams stacks lack one slice bite quota cut take chance decree accident fortune hazard break kismet karma doom plight Moirai breaks allocation allowance apportionment appropriation chunk cut of pie end grant lot measure piece of the action rake off ration share split stint admeasure allocate allot apportion assign deduct give mete provide remit spare aid alimony allotment annuity bequest bounty commission contribution endowment fee fellowship gift honorarium inheritance interest legacy pay pension prize quantity recompense remittance salary scholarship stipend subsidy taste wage aplenty bags bulk expanse extent flock gob hunk jillion magnitude mint mucho passel peck scads score slat slew supply ton volume whopper addition aggregate all bad news budget cost damage entirety expense list net outlay output price tag product quantum set-back sum tab tidy sum accord administer bestow cut up deal dispense distribute divvy divvy up dole out partition piece up prorate split up allow amount lots LOT ally angel backer cohort fan friend helper patron pillar prop second sponsor stay foe brace enemy adherents audience circle clientage clientele cortege coterie dependents entourage fans group groupies hangers-on patronage patrons public retinue rout suite support supporters train bodies buyers citizens commonalty community country electorate everyone followers following heads masses men and women mob multitude nation people populace population society voters accessory accomplice co-conspirator confederate cooperator partner in crime supporter adherent beau believer booster boyfriend buff bug cat devotee disciple enthusiast fancier fiend follower freak girlfriend groupie hound junkie lover nut partisan rooter suitor swain sweetheart wooer worshiper apostle attorney campaigner champion counsel defender exponent expounder lawyer pleader promoter proponent proposer speaker spokesperson upholder abettor adjutant aide-de-camp assistant attendant coadjutant coadjutor crew crewman deputy lieutenant admirer advocate aid
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