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Resolving the Vitamin D-Bate

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vitamin D Institute of Medicine mortality longevity lifespan supplements dietary guidelines fix propose settle solve decide answer agree lick elect figure clinch design decree fathom unravel choose analyze unzip intend break purpose unfold dissect work rule will pan out refuse tangle fasten mend hide mull waver forget begin start oppose join wonder absolute all out clear clinching cogent compelling convincing deciding decisive demonstrative determinant determinative flat out incontrovertible indisputable irrefragable irrefrangible irrefutable irrevocable litmus test precise resolving revealing settling straight out telling ultimate unambiguous unanswerable unarguable unconditional undeniable unmistakable unquestionable about-face alteration born again change of heart changeover exchange flip-flop flux growth innovation metamorphosis metanoia metasis modification novelty passage passing permutation progress proselytization qualification reclamation reconstruction reformation regeneration remodelling reorganization resolution reversal see the light switch transfiguration transformation translation transmogrification transmutation turning turning around rebirth clarify elucidate explain justify resolve accomplish acquire actualize attain bring about bring off bring to pass cap carry out carry through close complete conclude consummate deliver discharge dispatch earn earn wings effect effectuate enact end execute finish follow through fulfill gain get get done manage negotiate obtain perfect perform procure produce rack up reach realize score seal see through sign win wind up work out conclusive conversion account for achieve comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The food fiber health food mineral nutriment supplements vitamin nutrient Vitamin S vitamin s V-Itamin lapse ebb wane ease abate curb check aid rise free help bar bate debar eliminate except get rid of leave out leave out of account mark off pass over rule out suspend abstract allow cut back decrease by diminish discount dock draw back knock off lessen rebate reduce remove roll back subtract take take from take off withdraw write off break down crumble decay decline degenerate deteriorate dilapidate disappear droop ease off end expire fade fade away fade out fail fall fizzle out go bad go downhill halt let up lose power melt away moderate molder pass peter out rankle recede retrograde rot run down run low run out sink slacken stop subside vanish weaken wear away wilt disable disenable disentitle disfranchise eighty-six exclude impair incapacitate invalidate nix not make the cut paralyze preclude prohibit unfit become smaller close contract decrease die away die down die out drain drop grow less pine shrink shrivel slack off taper wither ban count out disallow exempt expostulate inveigh object omit protest reject remonstrate taboo deduct die disqualify dwindle Bates 'Bate 'bate vitamin d vitamin D Vitamin D food fiber health food mineral nutriment supplements vitamin nutrient Vitamin S vitamin s V-Itamin habit fixture maxim tenet precept decree rite edict dogma statute ritual rule unbelief appoint launch set up create install enact pioneer invest fix ordain bow start settle found open induct make up rev open up ruin end stop halt boarding school brainery finishing school halls of ivy institute military school prep school preparatory school secondary school seminary alliance association circle council federation foundation fraternity league buzz canvass catechize challenge cross-examine demand direct enjoin examine give the third degree go over grill hit hunt for inquire interrogate investigate needle pick one's brains pop the question pry into pump put the screws to put through the wringer query quiz request roast sweat activate actualize break ground break the ice bring about bring to pass cause commence drive effect embark on enter on enter upon establish eventuate generate get going give birth to give impulse go ahead go into impel inaugurate induce initiate instigate introduce lay foundation for lead make make active motivate mount occasion originate plunge into prepare produce set about set in motion trigger undertake appeal arraign cite declare indict initiate legal action prefer serve sue summon take to court base begin constitute formulate academy ask bring build Institute alternative rock alt-rock gavin rossdale chris traynor cache tolman charlie walker drug remedy cure pill balm salve dose tablet physic tonic potion lotion capsule elixir serum vaccine disease analysis biology cytology diagnosis dissection division embryology etiology examination genetics histology inquiry investigation medicine morphology physiology zoology antitoxin antivenin corrective counteractant counteragent countermeasure counterstep negator neutralizer nullifier preventive antibiotic antibody antipoison antiseptic antiserum analgesic application balsam cerate compound cream demulcent dressing embrocation emollient formula ointment poultice preparation prescription soother soothing agent unction unguent aid alleviation antidote assistance catholicon elixir vitae fix healing healing agent help medicament medicant medication nostrum panacea pharmacon placebo proprietary quick fix recovery redress reparation restora-tive therapeutic treatment biologic depressant dope essence medicinal narcotic opiate pharmaceutic pharmaceutical poison sedative stimulant anatomy Medicine dying killing carnage birth life flesh being afterlife annihilation bereavement casualty cessation curtains darkness decease demise departure destruction dissolution downfall end ending eradication eternal rest euthanasia exit expiration extermination extinction fatality finis finish grave grim reaper heaven loss mortality necrosis obliteration oblivion paradise parting passing passing over quietus release repose ruin ruination silence sleep termination tomb accident deadliness destructiveness disaster inevitability lethality lethalness noxiousness poisonousness virulence Homo sapiens animality carnality human nature human race humanity living creatures people physical nature physicality race sensuality stock world community human beings human species mortals populace society humankind man death mankind old age constancy continuation endurance extension guts longevity period permanence perpetuation protraction run survival term vitality continuance durability duration immutability persistence stability being career course cycle days epoch era expectancy extent generation history length life span lifetime orbit pilgrimage record season span time advancing years age agedness autumn of life caducity debility declining years decrepitude dotage elderliness evening of life feebleness geriatrics golden age golden years infirmity oldness retirement age second childhood senectitude senescence senility seniority winter of life years all one's natural life expectation of life life cycle life's duration period of existence life life expectancy dotage oldness youth agedness caducity elderliness generation lifespan lifetime senescence senility years Lifespan additive extra insert option codicil bell addition sequel pullout appendix addendum spin-off rider core base augment enrich fortify enhance improve extend supply top pad beef up step up fill up heat up jazz up weaken injure worsen hurt reduce lower lose fiber food health food mineral nutriment supplements vitamin accent accompaniments additions clippings decorations fixings frills garnish ornaments trappings add on adorn equip supplement adjunct adornment appendage appliance appurtenance attachment component decoration extension frill help trim trimming accessory attendant attribute augmentation complement concomitant enhancement enrichment add appear with append be connected belong to characterize co-occur coexist coincide with come with complete follow go together happen with join with occur with take place with nutrient trimmings accessorize accompaniment accompany Supplement nutrient salutary peptic regimen fast regime indulgence good fit safe tasty yummy harmful inedible comestible dietary digestible nourishing nutritional nutritious nutritive sustaining sustentative nutritional therapy restriction starvation weight-reduction plan appetizing culinary delicious delish edible esculent harmless kosher palatable piquant satisfying savory scrumptious succulent tempting wholesome alimentary diet eatable code protocol guidance rule signal clue precept key mark guide marker advice advisement assignment briefing directive guidelines indication lowdown notification plan prescription recommendation regulation sealed order specification specs steer summons tip word barometer basis benchmark bore capacity check criterion degree depth example exemplar extent guideline height indicator magnitude meter model norm pattern sample scale scope size span test thickness touchstone type width yardstick constant framework limitation restriction action administration approach arrangement behavior channels course custom design line management method order organization polity practice program red tape scheme stratagem strategy tenet the book the numbers theory axiom behest bidding byword canon command commandment decree decretum direction doctrine dogma edict formula fundamental injunction instruction law mandate maxim motto ordinance prescript principle saying statute aphorism apothegm assize brocard chapter and verse decorum decretion dictum etiquette gnome keynote keystone moral no-no's precedent propriety regimen ruling truism direction(s) gauge parameter policy Guidelines
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