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Respect to one of Eastern Europe’s best kings, disgracefully deposed by communists after he shortened WW2 by 6 months

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appreciation awe consideration deference dignity esteem fear honor recognition regard reverence tribute account adoration approbation courtesy estimation favor homage obeisance ovation repute testimonial veneration worship criticism disdain dishonor disregard disrespect ignorance neglect bad manners disfavor relation reference bearing point character detail feature facet matter connection aspect particular whole uphold appreciate value revere heed recognize notice attend note venerate spare adore follow abide by take into account adhere to comply with be awed by be kind to defer to have good opinion of have high opinion look up to observe of pay attention set store by show consideration show courtesy think highly of overlook scorn disobey condemn hate ignore accept acknowledge acquiesce agree assent bear bear with bow capitulate endure fit in go along with live with play the game respect sit still for stand stand for stomach submit to suffer swallow take tolerate yield to decline fight defend disagree stop demur repudiate renounce dispute blackball discard deny dissent reject disallow misunderstand disapprove contradict refuse accepting adhere be attached be constant be devoted be devoted to be faithful be loyal be true cleave to comply fulfill keep maintain mind obey observe practice stand by support unfasten separate loose not conform forget let go loosen disjoin release adheres adhering admire applaud approve be crazy about be crazy for be crazy over be mad about be nuts about be stuck on be sweet on be wild about cherish commend credit delight in eulogize extol fall for get high on glorify go for groove on hail hold in respect idolize laud marvel at moon over pay homage to praise prize rate highly take pleasure in treasure wonder at mock criticize execrate detest abhor censure reproach denounce disparage dislike despise blame Respect Blue Monday particular separate single singular sole solitary special specific alone definite different lone odd one and only only peculiar precise uncommon unique combined common general indefinite mixed normal ordinary together unimportant united usual none anybody a person all any of any person anyone anyone at all each and every one everybody everyone masses one public whole world anybody at all certain a couple a few defined divers express individual many marked numerous regular several some specified sundry upwards of various unfixed faltering dubious unconfident doubtful imprecise unpredictable undecided unreliable questionable unsure uncertain hesitant doubting inexact each each other every last one every one one and all one another either each of two either\u002For one of two this one abandoned deserted forsaken isolated lonely lonesome secluded separated solo stag unaccompanied along accompanied One Blue Monday Ones ones east easterly eastward on the east side of eastern gerontogeous oriental Eastern Blue Monday euros ropes ropers elopes erodes gropes tropes propers ripes erupts urps drupes errors cripes gripes tripes troupes urines erose rapes crops drops props serapes aureoles aurous crepes drapes erases grapes on ropes apropos knew ropes bad finest first first-rate leading outstanding perfect terrific tough ace boss capital champion chief cool culminating nonpareil optimum premium prime primo principal super superlative tops A-1 beyond compare choicest first-class foremost greatest highest incomparable inimitable matchless number 1 out-of-sight paramount peerless preeminent sans pareil second to none supreme transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed inferior last poor extra least low minor poorest secondary unimportant worst fewest incorrect not right preferred advantageous apt desirable golden presentable most desirable most fitting largest biggest extremely greatly honorably sincerely advantageously attractively creditably gloriously illustriously magnanimously most deeply most fortunately most fully most highly favorite choice flower prize top paragon fat select pick model cream elite gem cream of the crop utmost Sunday best best shot hardest highest endeavor level best beat trounce outclass outshine conquer surpass blank outdo knock off overcome transcend exceed lick deck outstrip tan total prevail whip bulldoze floor excel better master lambaste wax trash wallop blast wipe zap waste drub clobber thrash triumph beat up put away shut down take down wipe out take care of whop flax whomp get the better of let have it shoot down triumph over wipe the floor with give up build fall behind yield fail lose relent uphold praise forfeit surrender retreat all-time best enduring everlasting perpetual be victorious outplay outrival outrun overtake overwhelm shoot ahead of subdue vanquish help relinquish cede protect guard assist aid advance ameliorate amend cap correct enhance forward further meliorate mend promote raise rectify refine reform revamp get worse halt hurt check reduce lower stop deteriorate impede cease ruin damage corrupt impair worsen obstruct injure hinder harm block decrease bettered bettering button down button up can clinch cob complete cover crest crown do to a T eclipse finish pass put the lid on surmount top it off trump wrap up lay out forget start introduce begin disregard ignore Best Blue Monday B.E.S.T emperor monarch sultan baron caesar caliph czar kaiser khan magnate maharajah majesty mikado mogul overlord pasha potentate prince rajah rex shah sovereign tycoon crowned head gerent imperator dictator empress king lord aristocrat bishop captain commandant commander count dad don duke earl governor leader liege man upstairs marquis nobility noble nobleman old man parliamentarian patrician peer royalty ruler seigneur superior viscount servant inferior commoner follower majesty\u002FMajesty Royal Highness eminence highness queen sire majestys VIP executive key player notable personage princess top brass autocrat despot Blue Monday King kings dreadfully wickedly clumsily disreputably inadequately incompletely poorly reprehensibly shoddily unforgivably unpleasantly wretchedly awfully cruelly wrongly indecently shockingly scandalously disgracefully demote dethrone dismiss impeach overthrow unseat bounce break can cashier chuck degrade displace downgrade eject subvert unfrock unmake upset boot out discrown drum out freeze out give heave-ho kick out remove from office ride out on rail run out of town send packing throw out throw out on ear uncrown allow obey promote upgrade allege adduce advance affirm asservate aver avouch avow charge cite declare depose lay maintain offer plead present profess put forward recite recount state testify disagree take withdraw repudiate protest object dissent contradict withhold deny take back alleging bare witness attest confirm corroborate demonstrate evidence evince prove show testify to bear witness beared witness bears witness Deposed Bolshevik Bolshevist Commie Maoist Marxist Socialist Stalinist Trotskyite apparatchik comrade pinko red sympathizer C.P. member Castroite Leninist Party member Viet Cong com-symp fellow traveler capitalist conservative fascist Communist Blue Monday communist communists afterwards later subsequently back back of behind below ensuing hind hindmost in the rear next posterior postliminary rear subsequential succeeding thereafter before afterward after another time ensuingly eventually intra late latterly post hoc soon then thereon ultimately earlier previously beforehand afterward\u002Fafterwards a while later at a later time by and by in a while on the next day aback abaft aft astern backward final following in the wake of rearmost rearward tail beginning first future preceding front at the heels of at the rear of bringing up the rear eating the dust in the background in the wake later than off the pace trailing paid beyond above ahead apart from as well as at a distance away from besides beyond the bounds clear of farther free of good way off hyper in addition to in advance of long way off more remote moreover on the far side on the other side out of range out of reach outside over over and above over there past remote superior to without yonder consecutive chronological connected constant continuing continuous going on in order in turn increasing logical numerical one after another progressive running sequent sequential serial serialized seriate seriatim succedent successional successive understandable uninterrupted broken interrupted intermittent infrequent discontinuous afters Blue Monday After abbreviate compress curtail cut cut back cut down lessen minimize reduce shrink slash trim abridge bob chop clip condense contract dock edit elide excerpt lop retrench snip blue pencil boil down cut to the bone make a long story short put in a nutshell develop enlarge expand extend grow increase lengthen raise strengthen stretch amplify elongate bobbed coiffed cropped shortened trimmed less beneath declined deficient depressed diminished excepting fewer lacking lesser limited lower minor minus negative not as great reduced secondary shorter subordinate unsubstantial without bigger major superior important more greater higher abbreviated abridged compressed concentrated condensed contracted decreased lessened miniaturized scaled down shrunk subtracted raised heightened elevated stretched spread increased enlarged restricted barred blocked bound bounded bridled chained checked clogged closed confined controlled cramped curbed defined deprived deterred encircled fastened fettered foiled frustrated governed hampered held back impeded inhibited manacled moderated modified narrowed obstructed prescribed prevented reined in repressed restrained secured small stayed stopped suppressed surrounded tempered tethered unbounded free scarce at a premium failing few few and far between in short supply occasional rare scant scanty seldom seldom met with semioccasional short shy sparse sporadic truncated uncommon unusual wanting frequent abundant plentiful ample sufficient satisfactory adequate aphoristic bare boiled down breviloquent brief compendiary compendious concise curtailed curtate cut short decurtate epigrammatic fleeting in a nutshell laconic little momentary not protracted pithy pointed precise sententious short and sweet short-lived short-term succinct summarized summary terse undersized unprolonged unsustained thick tall high long lengthy polite kind courteous enough unabridged large long-lived lasting enduring wow www 4wd w c w k w3s c w c.w. w. k w.c. c. w. w. c. ww2 Blue Monday WW2 age date day era future generation hour life moment occasion pace past point present season second space stage term turn week while year allotment bit bout chronology clock continuance duration epoch eternity extent infinity instance instant interval juncture lastingness lifetime shift span spell stint stretch tempo tide tour life span many a moon ending time month times
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