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Rio samba school's green message annoys farmers

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(27 Feb 2017) One of the most successful samba schools of Rio de Janeiro's world famous Carnival parade honoured indigenous Brazilian people on Monday, but that was taken by many farmers as a diatribe against them.Imperatriz Leopoldinense took to the city's Sambadrome a message of environment protection that featured a conservationist theme plus hundreds of costumes criticising pesticides, which farmers understood as an accusation that they destroy nature. That is not common in the glitzy and often soft Rio parade.Pro-agribusiness lawmakers pledged to open a congressional inquiry to investigate the samba school's motives for using the theme "Xingu, The Clamor that Comes from the Forest," which was well received by many of the 70,000 spectators at the show. Farmers also promised to take the discussion to Brazil's Agriculture Ministry.The 2,800 Imperatriz members danced to lyrics that included verses on "the bleeding heart of my Brazil", "the beautiful monster that steals land from its sons" and "riches that greed destroys." Imperatriz members said these were references to the Belo Monte dam, a hydroelectric power plant in the middle of the Amazon and close to the Xingu reserve, created in 1961 in the central state of Mato Grosso.Imperatriz chairman Luiz Pacheco Drumond told the Associated Press that it was all a misunderstanding and they were there to praise the indigenous people from Xingu.Drumond said that last week he met with agribusiness leaders, but he did not reveal what was the result of the encounter.Farming organisations, which have already sponsored Rio samba schools, did not do it this year. Brazil is in a deep economy crisis, with almost 13 million people unemployed, and agriculture is one of the few sectors still doing reasonably well.You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:


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