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Robots Inspired By Animals

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Learn about the robots inspired by animals with Hank! Hosted by: Hank Green ---------- Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon supporters -- we couldn't ...


Biomimicry Hank Green cyborg apparatus appliance automaton automobile computer contraption contrivance engine gadget implement instrument mechanism motor robot thingamabob tool vehicle widget agent clone drudge grind laborer mechanical puppet zombie machine Robot lame conform the man program a.i. neet normie chad feels tfw no gf started moved excited stirred roused fired exalted touched divine guided aggressive anxious ardent aspiring avid ball of fire bent upon climbing come on come on strong designing desirous determined driving eager eager beaver earnest energetic enterprising enthusiastic fireball get up and go go-getter goal-oriented hard ball high-reaching hopeful hungry industrious inspired intent longing power-loving purposeful pushing pushy resourceful self-starting sharp soaring striving thirsty vaulting zealous clever cool demiurgic deviceful fertile formative gifted hip ingenious innovational innovative innovatory inventive leading-edge original originative productive prolific stimulating visionary way out aroused bad crazed demoniac demoniacal devilish diabolic diabolical fiendish frantic frenetic frenzied hellish impious infernal insane mad maniacal manic possessed satanic serpentine unhallowed violent wicked applicable apposite apropos apt convincing fit fitting germane happy just meet neat opportune pat pertinent proper propitious relevant seasonable telling timely well-chosen well-timed ablaze animated blushing burning crimson elated embarrassed enthused exhilarated feverish florid full-blooded high hot intoxicated red rosy rubicund ruddy rutilant rutilous sanguine thrilled artistic avant-garde blue-sky brain wave breaking ground dreamy extravagant fanciful fantastic fictive high-flown offbeat pie-in-the-sky poetic poetical quixotic romantic utopian vivid whimsical ambitious creative demonic felicitous flushed imaginative Inspired inspi(RED) pet beast stray being brute mutt bum plant animals beasts cattle cows domestic farm animals flock fowl herd hogs horses livestock pigs sheep swine Animalia animal group animal life animality brute creation fauna kingdom Animalia amateur animal challenger competitor contender contestant games player gorilla iron person jock jockey muscle person player professional shoulders sport sportsperson superjock body conscious thing creature entity human human being individual living thing mortal organism person personage soul thing cannibal critter degenerate devil fiend lout monster ogre ruffian sadist savage wild animal creation fellow living being lower animal man party quadruped varmint woman stock animal kingdom athlete Animal what the fuck&39;s tag Hank Green curve arc bend braid twine roll jerk ply warp coil plug pull turn wind yank helix line convolution curlicue flourish hank meander spiral swivel torsion undulation wrench zigzag twist Hank hanks lush raw fresh leafy bosky dying adult old new immature young innocent callow gullible ignorant inexpert naive unversed youthful worn fir sap jade sage moss pine forest sea grass olive apple willow beryl kelly pea lime bice vert ecological biodegradable environmental field lawn turf plaza sward all thumbs amateurish artless blundering bulky bumbling bungling butterfingers coarse floundering gawky graceless green having two left feet having two left hands incompetent inept klutzy lumbering maladroit oafish rude stiff stumbling uncoordinated uncouth unfit ungainly ungraceful unhandy unpolished unrefined unskilled unskillful crude guileless inexperienced infant jejune jellybean juvenile kid low tech not dry behind ears puerile sophomore tenderfoot unbaked unfledged unripe unsophisticated untrained untried adolescent baby babyish childlike foolish frivolous infantile infantine kid stuff environmentalist guardian preservationist tree hugger accepting believing born yesterday dupable easy mark falling for overtrusting simple swallow whole taken in trustful trusting uncritical unquestioning unsuspecting unsuspicious unwary crispy crumbly crunchy crusty firm friable plump ripe short unwilted awkward childish conservationist credulous crisp GREENS greens sustainable development green energy environmentalism global warming
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