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Rock balancing: the ephemeral art

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Japanese artist, Kokei Mikuni, has filmed himself creating a rock balancing piece in order to capture the unstable art in an enduring video. Rock balancing is an ...


hindustan times ht news ht media Kokei Mikuni Japan rock balancing artist perfect balance natural stones ephemeral eternal portraits fragile stack creations metal lava earth slab shelf crust mass reef lodge slag ore crag mainstay strength defense bulwark support anchor shake shock jolt swing sway billow quiver toss move jiggle quake pitch heave jounce wobble lurch falter roll totter jog quaver reel careen calm stay hold beat churn concuss convulse disturb rock rouse stir breastwork citadel fortification fortress parapet prop protection stronghold tower of strength balloon belly bloat bounce bulge ebb and flow puff up ripple rise and fall rise up swell undulate wave bank cliff escarpment headland hill mountain peak promontory ridge lull nestle nourish nurse tend watch over Charleston bob boogie boogie down bunny hop caper cavort conga cut a rug disco flit foot it foxtrot frolic gambol get down hoof it hop hustle jig jitter jitterbug jive jump leap one-step prance promenade rhumba rock n' roll samba shimmy skip spin step strut tango tap tread trip trip the light fantastic twist two-step waltz whirl agitate bastion bluff cradle dance Rock rocks comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The short brief long affected deceptive ephemeral false flaunting illusory imitative overblown popular popularized pretentious pseudo tasteless concise curtailed fast fleeting hasty instantaneous little meteoric momentary passing quick short-lived short-term swift temporary transient transitory cursory evanescent fading flash in the pan flitting flying fugacious fugitive impermanent sudden vanishing volatile cowboy disreputable dubious here-today-gone-tomorrow irresponsible not to be relied upon not to be trusted questionable shady shifty slimy slippery treacherous trustless undependable unprofessional unreliable unsure untrustworthy avoiding criminal elusive errant erratic escaping evading hot lamster moving on the lam planetary running away unstable wandering wanted fine gradual impalpable imponderable inappreciable inaudible inconsiderable inconspicuous indiscernible indistinct indistinguishable infinitesimal insensible insignificant invisible microscopic minute shadowy slight small subtle tiny trivial undetectable unnoticeable vague arty fly-by-night imperceptible Ephemeral craft mastery trade knack method lack science want unskill guile deceit design painting molding portrayal imitation carving modeling shaping sculpting sketching ability achievement act art attainment bringing about capability carrying out completion conclusion consummation coup deed effecting effort execution exploit feat finish fulfillment performance production proficiency realization skill stroke talent triumph business career day gig dodge employment gig handicraft hang life's work lifework line metier mission métier nine-to-five occupation play province pursuit racket rat race slot swindle vocation walk of life work artwork oil picture piece portrait still life watercolor adequacy aptitude capacity competence cunning effectiveness efficacy efficiency facility faculty means might potency potential potentiality power qualification qualifiedness wherewithal accomplishment calling canvas Art hindustan Hindustan point past turn space life date day stage term age pace while era tide stint span clock epoch bout spell tempo bit shift tour month year week hour break show shot peak assets capital chances class command degree dowry financial status footing income lifestyle lot means net worth outlook position precedence prestige property prospects prosperity rank rating resources situation sphere standing state station status substance times way of life worldly goods accident advantage chance favorable circumstances fortune good luck luck occasion opening opportunity stroke of luck time agenda almanac annal bulletin card chronology daybook diary docket journal lineup list log logbook menology pipeline program record register sked system of reckoning tab table timetable contingency fair shake fighting chance indications liability likelihood long shot look-in odds prospect scope squeak wager Moira action adjunct affair article case cause coincidence concern crisis destiny detail doom element episode event exigency fact factor fate feature fortuity happening happenstance incident intervention item juncture kismet matter occurrence particular phase place portion proviso respect scene stipulation supervention thing where it's at author bang out cast clef coin a phrase comp conceive contrive cook up design devise discover draw up dream up fabricate forge form formulate frame fudge together ghost ghostwrite imagine indite invent knock off knock out make up note down orchestrate originate pen poetize produce push pencil put down put pen to paper score scribble script set type set up turn out whip up write circumstances calendar circumstance compose Time story word advice account report message data rumor hearsay telegram tidings dispatch telecast scandal leak telling copy cable recital scoop release bulletin exposé lowdown silence truth history admonition advisement advocacy aid bum steer caution charge consultation counsel directions dissuasion encouragement exhortation forewarning guidance help information injunction input instruction judgment lesson news opinion persuasion prescription proposal proposition recommendation steer suggestion teaching telltale tip tip-off two cents' worth view warning word to the wise advertisement briefing broadcast broadcasting communication communiqué disclosure dissemination divulgence edict exposing exposition expression intimation narration notice notification prediction promulgation publication publishing recitation reporting revelation statement announcement break calendar flash handout hot wire item list news flash program skinny the dope what's going down what's happening comment cry grapevine rumble scuttlebutt talk whisper conversation converse declaration directive excerpt goods hot story ideas info inside story intelligence language missive note pipeline poop prophecy précis publicity speech summary translation utterance work buzz intimate intelligence juicy morsel the lowdown dirt NEWS news radio cable information technology means media public relations publicity route telecommunications transport travel core deep focus halfway halfway point heart inside marrow mean midpoint midriff midsection midst thick waist columnist correspondent editor fourth estate interviewer journalism journalist magazine newspaper newsperson paper periodical photographer publicist publisher reporter writer broadcasting electronic media information media press television news medium the press action activity auspices channel efficiency force influence instrument instrumentality intercession intervention mechanism mediation medium operation organ vehicle work communications middle mass media press corps agency kokei mikuni Mikuni glaze stain finish gloss polish veneer dullness gild wash coat wax strip dull cloisonné coating japan lacquer topcoat varnish adorn cover decorate enamel luster paint shellac surface Japan metal lava earth slab shelf crust mass reef lodge slag ore crag mainstay strength defense bulwark support anchor shake shock jolt swing sway billow quiver toss move jiggle quake pitch heave jounce wobble lurch falter roll totter jog quaver reel careen calm stay hold beat churn concuss convulse disturb rock rouse stir breastwork citadel fortification fortress parapet prop protection stronghold tower of strength balloon belly bloat bounce bulge ebb and flow puff up ripple rise and fall rise up swell undulate wave bank cliff escarpment headland hill mountain peak promontory ridge lull nestle nourish nurse tend watch over Charleston bob boogie boogie down bunny hop caper cavort conga cut a rug disco flit foot it foxtrot frolic gambol get down hoof it hop hustle jig jitter jitterbug jive jump leap one-step prance promenade rhumba rock n' roll samba shimmy skip spin step strut tango tap tread trip trip the light fantastic twist two-step waltz whirl agitate bastion bluff cradle dance Rock rocks adjust offset weigh set square equate cancel even tie match accord poise redeem level steady oppose attune aid assist help lose differ assess unbalance count audit figure tally settle total sum up guess balancing feats gymnastics somersaults stunts tumbling acclimation acclimatization alteration arrangement conformance correcting fitting fixing improvement mending modification ordering organization organizing orientation readjustment redress regulating regulation repairing setting shaping standardization turning analysis check checking examination investigation report review scrutiny survey verification view allegory analogizing analogy analyzing association bringing together collating collation comparability connection contrast correlation discrimination distinguishing dividing estimation example exemplification identification illustration juxtaposition likeness likening measuring metaphor observation opposition paralleling ratio relating relation resemblance segregation separation similarity testing weighing amendment amends assistance atonement change conciliation correction cure ease indemnity justice offsetting payment quittance recompense rectification reestablishment reformation rehabilitation relief remedy remission remodeling renewal repair reparation reprisal requital restitution retribution return revision reward reworking satisfaction vengeance adjusting atoning balanced compensatory reimbursing repaying settling acrobatics adjustment comparison compensating expert whiz scientist aerialist artist athlete balancer clown contortionist dancer funambulist gymnast performer stunt person trapezist tumbler amateur barnstormer bit player character comedian entertainer extra foil ham hambone headliner idol impersonator ingenue ingénue lead mime mimic pantomimist play-actor player soubrette stand-in star stooge straight person thesp thespian trouper understudy ventriloquist villain walk-on builder creator designer draftsperson engineer inventor maker master builder originator planner prime mover beatnik dilettante flower child free spirit gypsy hippie iconoclast writer caricaturist comic artist gag person gagster illustrator social critic ace adept artiste authority buff connoisseur doyen graduate guru hot shot old hand old pro phenomenon pro professional proficient shark virtuoso wizard acrobat actor architect bohemian cartoonist Artist superb ideal pure sound expert adept utopian aces sublime skilled supreme ten A-OK poor bad flawed wrong corrupt inept broken part simple full gross sheer entire rank utter choate unmixed moral clean proper exact right fit needed sharp close model strict very true to a T inexact false unfit slow hone accomplish develop refine cultivate carry out realize improve finish complete perform crown elaborate idealize smooth slick effect consummate fulfill ameliorate round damage ignore ruin fail stop forget halt absolute actual authentic authoritative certain conclusive definite definitive errorless factual faultless final flawless genuine infallible irrefutable official perfect straight truthful undeniable undisputed unimpeachable unquestionable unrefuted valid veracious acquire actualize attain bring about bring off bring to pass cap carry through conclude deliver discharge dispatch earn earn wings effectuate enact end execute follow through gain get get done manage negotiate obtain procure produce rack up reach resolve score seal see through settle sign solve win wind up work out greatest outright total A-1 ace beyond compare boss capital champion chief choicest cool culminating finest first first-class first-rate foremost highest incomparable inimitable leading matchless nonpareil number 1 optimum out-of-sight outstanding paramount peerless preeminent premium prime primo principal sans pareil second to none super superlative terrific tops tough transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed above suspicion clean-handed clear crimeless exemplary good guilt-free guiltless immaculate impeccable in the clear inculpable innocent irreprehensible irreproachable not guilty righteous stainless unblemished unoffending unspotted unsullied untarnished upright virtuous downright out-and-out regular straight-out thorough unconditional unqualified accurate achieve all best blameless blank Perfect you love everyone own way angel hott amazing godlike imperfect impossible tension harmony equity parity stasis hang imbalance inequality unevenness difference poise agitation profit rest excess core base adjust offset weigh set square equate cancel even tie match accord redeem level steady oppose attune aid assist help lose differ assess unbalance count audit figure tally settle total sum up guess IOU bad news balance bill book books charge check computation cuff grunt inventory invoice ledger reckoning record register report score statement tab align bring into line calibrate connect correct fine-tune fit fix focus grind improve improve accommodate mend overhaul polish put in working order readjust rectify regulate renovate repair service sharpen tighten troubleshoot tune up absolve answer apologize appease counterbalance do penance expiate make amends make redress make reparation make up for outweigh pay pay one's dues propitiate recompense reconcile redress set off take one's medicine acclimatize accommodate accustom adapt compensate conform coordinate familiarize harmonize integrate make agree proportion tune analyze examine go over go through investigate review scrutinize sit in survey verify even out account atone average Balance innate logical ordinary usual common constant probable familiar general regular uniform native habitual inborn inherent typical typic natal unusual rare foreign fixed refined real simple genuine easy frank rustic plain artless candid direct folksy homey naive sincere modern false complex raw pure wild crude whole gentle formal agricultural natural peasant rural uncultivated undomesticated beastly bestial bodily brute brutish corporeal earthly earthy feral fleshy mammalian muscular physical sensual untamed zoological guileless honest ingenuous innocent open straight straightforward talking turkey true unadorned unaffected uncontrived unpretentious unsophisticated up front autogenetic impulsive instinctive instinctual intuitive involuntary knee-jerk mechanical perfunctory reflex routine spontaneous unconscious unforced unintentional unmeditated unthinking unwilled adulterated baseborn counterfeit fake imperfect impure inferior irregular misbegotten misborn mixed mongrel phony sham spurious suppositious ungenuine actual animal carnal corporal fleshly gross human material normal organic somatic substantial tangible unspiritual agrarian automatic bastard naturals Natural metal grain rock gem jewel ore crag genitalia gonads nuts private parts privates pudenda reproductive organs sexual organs stones testes testicles vulva crushed rock macadam rocks sand screenings shale tailings boil pimple sore bean bubble dab dot driblet drop globule particle pea pellet pill shot speck spherule stone bauble glass hardware jewelry masterpiece nonpareil ornament paragon pearl pick prize sparkler trump bang bash bat batter beat belt blast blitz box brain buffet bump clap clip clobber clout club crack cudgel cuff ding flail flax flog give a black eye hammer hook jab kick knock knock around knock out lace lambaste larrup lather let fly let have it lob nail pelt percuss pop pound punch rap ride roughshod slap smack sock swat tap thrash thump thwack trash uppercut wallop whack whang genitals gravel carbuncle bead hit constant immortal infinite abiding unending enduring timeless lasting ageless always forever unbroken undying dateless termless unfading bounded finite halting ending limited ceasing brief continuing eternal everlasting fast indissoluble permanent perpetual persistent persisting steadfast steady all-knowing all-seeing boundless celestial deathless deific divine godly heavenly illimitable omnipotent omnipresent omniscient pervading amaranthine continual continuous day and night endless incessant indefatigable interminable nonstop on a treadmill perennial round the clock unceasing uninterrupted unremitting untiring world-without-end Olympian angelic astral beatific blessed elysian empyral empyrean ethereal godlike hallowed holy otherworldly seraphic spiritual sublime supernal supernatural transcendental transmundane ceaseless chronic relentless sustained unrelenting aeonian around-the-clock connected consecutive frequent oft-repeated recurrent regular repeated repetitive running staying unchanging unfailing unflagging 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