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Rotten research: by Nature Video

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By studying a macabre collection of decaying lampreys, scientists have found that certain body features rot away before others - and that the bits that are first to ...


Nature NPG Mark Purnell Rob Sansom Robert Sansom University of Leicester Lamprey Lampreys decay rot palaeontology evolution doth research doeth research doing research does research do research rotten corrupt disgusting moldy noxious overripe putrid rancid rotting sour spoiled stale bad bad-smelling corroded crumbled crumbling decomposed decomposing disintegrated disintegrating fecal feculent festering fetid foul gross infected loathsome loud mephitic noisome offensive perished polluted purulent pustular putrescent putrified rank smelling stinking strong tainted touched unsound fresh good helpful perfumed pleasant pure sweet wholesome decent honest kind moral new nice superior trustworthy uncorrupt undecayed crooked bent debauched deceitful defiled degenerate depraved dishonorable disloyal faithless filthy flagitious impure mercenary nefarious perfidious perverse treacherous unclean untrustworthy venal vicious villainous soiled bribable contaminated dirtied sullied unpleasant unlucky lousy diseased crummy amiss nasty dirty base below par bum contemptible defective deplorable disagreeable disappointing dissatisfactory impaired inadequate injured mean poor punk regrettable rough scurrilous shaky sorry substandard unacceptable unfortunate unhappy unsatisfactory vile wasted wicked withering wrong displeasing low-grade bruised clean happy great agreeable friendly magnificent wonderful pleasing abominable abhorrent atrocious awful beastly cursed despicable grim grody hairy hateful heinous hellish horrible horrid nauseating obnoxious odious repellent reprehensible repugnant repulsive revolting rotten sleazy terrible wretched desirable likeable respectable lovable enjoyable appealing alluring worthy honorable delightful desirous attractive appalling detestable dreadful execrable godawful horrifying icky obscene sickening inoffensive off true just upright right profitable benevolent beneficial advantageous virtuous reputable badder baddest Rotten description essence humor mood personality quality type attributes being complexion constitution drift essentiality features heart individualism individuality like makeup meat outlook point score stuff temper temperament texture traits bottom line name of game name of tune nature of beast exterior exteriority outside sort style variety character way structure category figure cast color brand ilk conformation anatomy framework shape stripe species environment world landscape view scenery generation universe outdoors countryside macrocosm forest country cosmos setting seascape megacosm natural history Mother Nature Dame Nature Great Mother Natura nature behavior act action address air attitude bag bearing carriage code comportment conduct convention course dealings decency decorum deed delivery demeanor deportment ethics etiquette expression form front guise habits management mien mode morals observance performance practice presence propriety ritual role routine savoir-faire seemliness social graces speech tact talk taste tenue tone way of life ways listening immorality rest impropriety silence quiet bad manners indecency thoughtlessness carelessness stoppage repose inertia inactivity idleness cessation behaviors breed extraction family feather genus likes line lineage lot number pedigree progeny race stamp stock strain caliber ability appetency capability competence dignity distinction endowment faculty force gifts habilitation merit parts power scope stature strength talent value virtue worth worthiness ineptness impotence disadvantage lack lowliness incompetence inadequacy weakness inability appearance aspect attribute badge bent complex crasis disposition emotions estimation ethos frame frame of mind genius grain habit kind mettle morale mystique record reputation repute sense set singularity specialty spirit standing streak trait turn vein Nature you're fired broadcast program television canned music video prerecorded promotional film recorded telegenic TV set audio baby-sitter boob tube box eye idiot box receiver small screen station television set telly tube vid video record book can catalog chalk up chronicle copy cut cut a track document dub enroll enter enumerate file indite inscribe insert jot down keep account lay down list log make a recording mark mark down matriculate note post preserve put down put in writing put on file put on paper put on tape register report set down tabulate take down tape tape-record transcribe videotape wax write in neglect cancel withdraw ignore records audiotape make a tape unstick unglue unfasten loosen you're fired Video nag nig zpg NPG you're fired NPGS npg marginally marginal making ill make pile more penal make pale marginalia make punchy make partial making law more openly campanile campanili make point make a pile impression imprint line point record scar score signature spot stain stamp streak symbol autograph blaze blot blotch brand bruise check cross dent dot ink label logo nick pock register representation scratch sign smudge splotch stroke tag ticket trace trademark underlining John Hancock John Henry brand name blank clarity unimportance marking hallmark attribute image evidence peculiarity seal quality particularity index character feature note print type emblem trait virtue device earmark incision badge token indication idiosyncrasy distinction property affection proof significant indicia level yardstick gauge norm measure function duty use end object aim prey purpose ambition objective result value effect standing dignity notice regard influence notability manifestation consequence eminence prestige fame neglect cause insignificance inferiority ignorance heedlessness lowliness source impress underline pinpoint initial write inscribe letter chalk lose smooth mend signify show indicate identify demonstrate illustrate evince exemplify remark exhibit individualize proclaim singularize betoken bespeak qualify manifest distinguish signalize denote designate check off point out show up individuate mark off ostend point up set apart stake out cover confuse hide conceal observe attend eye chronicle watch mind perceive hearken behold discern view pay attention pay heed take notice of write down overlook look away disbelieve disregard ignore endorsement inscription mark undersignature address consign dispatch forward postmark remit route send ship superscribe transmit pass receive retain keep hold slight shun cut avoid addressed addresses addressing aspiration course desideratum design desire direction intent intention plan scheme target where one is heading wish thoughtlessness avoidance hatred hate dislike Mark you're fired panel purely penal pell pull purl purple pummel knell purpler panels pianola porner funnel kernel parcel punned runnel tunnel pule peel pill pine puerile pursual pun prole punier null pall pane panelled parley peal poll porn pulley puny plane Purnell you're fired ransom romanism rosins robings robustness ribbons robbings rosiness rousings resins reasons rabbins rubs in bereave break into cheat defraud divest hijack loot lose mug plunder raid ransack strip abscond appropriate burglarize burgle con cop defalcate despoil disinherit dispossess embezzle filch heist hustle liberate lift oust peculate pilfer pillage pinch promote purloin relieve requisition rifle roll sack scrounge snitch strong-arm swindle swipe take thieve withhold do out of hold up rip off stick up clothe cover give help receive bequeath condemn demote hold hurt keep offer protect refuse reject release return stop leave rob sadden bereaved break in barge in breach break and enter burst in butt in interfere interject interrupt intervene invade meddle steal trespass broke in deceive bamboozle beat beat out of beguile betray bilk buffalo burn circumvent clip cozen cross up delude disappoint double-cross dupe ensnare entrap fake falsify fleece fool gouge gull hoax hoodwink hook humbug impose upon lead on outwit play joke on pull fast one put on scam screw sell skin suck in take advantage of take for take for ride take in take to cleaners trick victimize let go support assist aid R.O.B. you're fired Rob R.O.B robs rob- ransom sans sanser sadism spasm sanest sens sins sons suns sonsie sensory sunroom winsome seism sense sonsy censor senser in sum sansom libertinism robustness burdensome writer spasm robotizes obtuseness writers spasm rebuttings robustnesses redesigns rats nest robotizing bedizens rubdowns re buttings writer's spasm more burdensome re designs rat's nest brought senses rabbit earses be dizens robed robot robbery robber rebut rabbet robbed robe revert robbers rowboat ruber robes robust rubest bort rebate reboot rubout beret rabbit beet sorbet bet ret rob rot abort orbed orbit rioter robots rooter rotter rubber rubier beat browbeat rode root rote rout rube probed re boot rub out re bate or but be at pro bed Robert you're fired academy educational institution college school institution academic book-learned bookish collegiate erudite intellectual learned pedantic scholarly scholastic studious university simple practical plain ordinary untaught ignorant alma mater old school place of graduation place of matriculation association brainery halls of ivy halls of knowledge institute lyceum organization seminary faculties academics advisers body clinic corps department employees literati mentors personnel professorate profs researchers scholars society staff workers students need ineptness lack incompetence inability faculty higher education graduate school tertiary school you're fired University laicest laciest luster livest laziest lices losest icest liegest piecest licensed seceder lobster resister laster loosest sister bicest lifest likest limest listed nicest sicest lodestar lusters chicest lamster leadest leanest lewdest lustier fleeciest leeriest iciest leafiest leakiest leggiest legist leisured disaster recessed sliest elsest list lives to lousiest zestier re sister fiercest re cessed glacest laces least leaves to licit placest societe Leicester you're fired leicester lamped lamasery lamp limper lampoonery limpet vampire lumpy lamps lampyrid limped lumped lumpier lamping lampoon lumpies limp lump lam lamprey you're fired lamps limpets vampires lampyrids lumpies empress impress compress lampoons lampyrid empires umpires compares comperes temperas lam blight corrosion decomposition degeneration deterioration disintegration disrepair extinction impairment rot adulteration atrophy caries consumption crumbling decadence decline decrease decrepitude degeneracy depreciation dilapidation dissolution downfall dying fading failing gangrene mortification putrefaction putrescence putridity putridness rotting ruin ruination rust senescence spoilage spoilation wasting withering wasting away building development growth improvement ascent construction increase morality rise flourish germination strength strengthening shrivel fade pollute wane dwindle disintegrate lessen corrode discolor wither degenerate mortify dissolve decompose putrefy mildew collapse sicken curdle slump defile turn perish molder sink spoil fail sap mold suppurate depreciate weaken break up get worse dry-rot be impaired become contaminated go bad go to seed go to the dogs hit rock bottom hit the skids pejorate putresce reach depths waste away wear away ripen make well help build extend develop raise strengthen color brighten expand germinate prosper ascend put together unite combine improve grow enlarge ate bite condense crumble decay disappear dissipate drain exhaust gnaw liquefy melt nibble run through spill squander vanish maintain arrive appear save preserve solidify coagulate hoard burn consume deteriorate eat into engrave erode etch oxidize scour sear slash smart sting tingle be careful fix construct annihilate blast crush damage dash disappoint foul up frustrate glitch up injure mar mess up nip in the bud nullify taint trash wreck bless unwrinkle repair inspirit encourage protect guard mend praise compliment assist aid affliction bane blot on the landscape canker contamination corruption curse dump evil eyesore fungus infestation pest pestilence pollution scourge sight woe blessing prosperity health boon cleanliness purification goodness blighted cavities armpit atrium basin bursa chamber crater dent depression gap hole hollow pit pocket sinus socket vacuity void closure solid mountain bulge Decay you're fired blight decay decomposition deterioration canker mold putrefaction putrescence development growth improvement building truth hogwash silliness claptrap moonshine bunk bilge hooey foolishness guff drivel poppycock rubbish balderdash tommyrot stuff and nonsense sense perish disintegrate warp crumble wither spoil molder stain decompose languish decline pervert debase fester worsen debauch taint turn deprave putrefy sink degenerate retrograde corrupt demoralize descend break down disimprove go bad go downhill go to pot waste away go up rise strengthen flourish develop build moralize cleanse purify clean upgrade ascend increase put together unite combine improve grow ate bite condense corrode disappear dissipate dissolve drain exhaust gnaw liquefy melt nibble rot run through rust spill squander vanish maintain arrive appear save preserve solidify coagulate hoard bosh bull crock flummery fudge fustian jargon malarkey rigmarole trash tripe twaddle malarky burn consume deteriorate eat into engrave erode etch oxidize scour sear slash smart sting tingle wear away be careful fix construct affliction bane blot on the landscape contamination corruption curse dump evil eyesore fungus infestation mildew pest pestilence pollution scourge sight withering woe blessing prosperity health boon cleanliness purification goodness applesauce baloney eyewash flimflam garbage horsefeathers jazz piffle tomfoolery you're fired Rot ROTS paleontology paleontologies plain talk plant life plain folk plain talks pull one leg pulled one leg Palaeontology change enlargement expansion growth progression transformation flowering increase maturation unfolding evolvement natural process working out decrease lessening reduction shrinkage stagnation blockage halt stoppage development adding to addition adulthood advance advancement advancing augmentation augmenting boost buildup chrysalis developing elaborating evolution evolving hike improvement increasing making progress maturing maturity ongoing ontogenesis ontogeny perfecting progress reinforcement reinforcing spread spreading unraveling upgrowth upping retrogression retreat decline withdrawal developments emergence appearance emanation issue materialization amplification breadth diffusion dilation distance distension expanse extension inflation magnification multiplication opening out space stretch swelling compression abridgment formation accumulation architecture arrangement compilation configuration constitution construction creation crystallization deposit design dispersal disposition embodiment fabrication figure forming generation genesis grouping induction makeup manufacture order organization pattern production rank structure synthesis disorganization ruin destruction you're fired Evolution
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