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Russian FM Sergey Lavrov & Turkish FM Mevlut Cavuşoglu in Sochi

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Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, who is taking part in a meeting of the Organization of the Black Sea ...


Russian FM Sergey Lavrov & Turkish FM Mevlut Cavuşoglu Sochi Russian FM Sergey Lavrov & Turkish FM Mevlut Cavuşoglu in Sochi Russian-Turkish talks Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Council of Foreign Ministers in Sochi Russian Russians russian sergey Sergey turkish Turkish Sochi sochi So-Chi lecture homily descant spiel oration sermon screed silence report rumor racket cant chat prose rot hint jaw bunk lip trash noise banter rumble gab cry yarn buzz jive quiet reality proof truth sense dialogue visit argument interview symposium meeting seminar huddle conclave parley powwow colloquy parlance palaver encounter earful speech patois dialect argot words jargon chatter slang lingo reveal use describe express say sing tell speak persuade notify utter gossip broach confess divulge intone yak drawl prate patter babble converse squeak prattle squeal chant spout gabble drone voice run on tell all hide cover exchange interact 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