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Russian missile boomerangs back onto Russian troops

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ammunition bomb bullet projectile rocket arrow bat bird bolt cartridge dart pellet shot stealth trajectile ammo armament ball buckshot cannonball charge chemical confetti explosive fuse grenade gunpowder iron rations materiel missile munition napalm powder round shell shrapnel torpedo cursor indicator pointer shaft thunderbolt thunderstroke Molotov cocktail atom bomb bombshell device hydrogen bomb mine nuclear bomb ticker TNT booby trap detonator dynamite fireworks grease mulligan nitroglycerin pineapple propellant soup fireball backlash react rebound recoil return reverse ricochet bounce back come back come home to roost kick back meet work backfire boomerang disappoint fail flop miscarry spring back accomplish achieve succeed counteraction kickback reaction repercussion resentment resistance response retaliation retroaction tangle cause question bounce bob bound buck bump carom fly back glance off hop hurdle jerk up and down jounce jump leap resile saltate snap back thump vault acknowledge act answer answer back be affected behave counter echo feel function get back at give a snappy comeback give back have a funny feeling have vibes operate perform proceed reciprocate recur reply revert take talk back turn back cease halt stop idle keep refuse acknowledgment attitude back talk comeback compensation counterbalance counterpoise double-take feedback feeling hit kick knee-jerk lip opinion reagency reception receptivity reciprocation reflection reflex rejoinder retort reverberation revulsion sass snappy comeback vibes wisecrack request failure loss reactions acknowledgments answers attitudes back talks backfires backlashes boomerangs comebacks compensations counteractions counterbalances counterpoises double-takes echoes feedbacks feelings hits kickbacks kicks knee-jerks lips opinions reagencies rebounds receptions receptivities reflections reflexes rejoinders repercussions replies retorts returns reverberations sasses snappy comebacks takes wisecracks causes failures questions losses requests backward behind final following hind posterior rear rearward tail aback abaft aft after astern back of hindmost in the wake of rearmost beginning first front preceding future delayed elapsed former past overdue previous current present backside extremity hindquarters reverse stern tailpiece back end far end hindpart tail end advocate assist encourage endorse favor finance side with sponsor uphold abet ally angel bankroll boost champion countenance grubstake sanction second stake subsidize sustain underwrite abide by give a boost give a leg up give a lift go to bat for stand behind stick by stick up for disapprove discourage hinder hurt oppose protest thwart halt prevent refuse advance dissuade go forward withdraw backtrack recede regress repel repulse retire retract retreat drive back fall back turn tail attract forge meet back condone egg on goad incite instigate prod promote provoke spur support urge stop reject counter deter frustrate impede obstruct resist about around in reverse round accompaniment background backing backup harmony instrument part advise argue for be in corner bless bolster brace up build up campaign for defend further get on bandwagon go for go with hold with justify plead for plug plump for press for propose push recommend ride shotgun for root for run interference for say so side speak for spread around stump for tout vindicate block conceal condemn deny hide decrease undermine assail attack criticize impugn advocates advances advises argues for backs blesses bolsters boosts builds up champions countenances defends encourages favors furthers gets on bandwagon gives a leg up gives a lift goes for goes to bats for goes with holds with is in corner justifies pleads for plugs plumps for promotes proposes pushes recommends rides shotguns for runs interference for says so sides speaks for spreads around supports touts upholds urges vindicates criticizes attacks halts hurts opposes discourages protests impugns assails undermines prevents decreases denies condemns hides conceals blocks hinders disapproves rejects refuses dissuades adjacent against in contact with toward above out upon over atop onto up on under follow accompany attend bring up the rear catenate chase come with concatenate convoy dog dog the footsteps of draggle escort freeze give chase go after go with hound hunt persecute put a tail on run after run down schlepp along search seek shadow shag spook stalk stick to string along tag tag after tag along tail tailgate take out after track neglect ignore leave alone let go run away avoid disregard go before lead misunderstand pass over precede scorn shun slight follows abides by accords adheres to adopts attends be devotes to be guides by complies conforms copies cultivates does like emulates follows suit gives allegiance to harmonizes heeds holds fast imitates is consistent with is in keeps is interested in keeps keeps abreast of keeps an eye on lives up to matches mimics minds mirrors model on notes obeys observes pattern oneself upon reflects regards serves supports takes after takes as an example watches not gets is original leads goes before clashes disagrees opposes fights differs overlooks let goes neglects misunderstands scorns avoids precedes slights shuns passes over disobeys denies rejects releases refuses disregards ignores armed forces army contingent crew delegation gang military party servicemen squad team unit assemblage assembly band body bunch collection combatants company corps crowd drove flock forces gathering herd horde host legion men multitude number outfit pack soldiers soldiery swarm throng troopers troupe fighting men individual one aide abettor adjutant aid aide-de-camp assistant attendant coadjutant coadjutor deputy girl Friday helper lieutenant man Friday second shop stooge supporter troops boss leader superior aides abettors adjutants aide-de-camps assistants attendants coadjutants coadjutors crewmen crews deputies helpers lieutenants seconds supporters armaments armed services defense forces fighting machines militaries military services services armies artillery battalions batteries brigades cavalry columns commands companies details divisions flights formations infantry legions outfits patrol units platoons regiments soldieries squads wings individuals wholes armed force battalion battery brigade column command detail division flight formation patrol unit platoon regiment wing whole association affiliation alliance circle clan clique club coalition combination combo confederacy confederation congress cooperative corporation family federation fellowship fraternity guild hookup league mob order organization partnership pool rat pack ring society sodality sorority syndicate tie up tie-in tribe union zoo disunion separation aloneness antagonism disassociation isolation opposition rivalry seclusion solitude
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