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SEHAT AUR JINDGI health show how to make Staff idle

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SEHAT AUR JINDGI health show patrika tv jaipur Aur energy fitness verdure tone shape pink fettle stamina state vigor form bloom prime disease illness appearance aspect build constitution health kilter mint order phase repair status trim bliss dreamland ecstasy elation exaltation exhilaration exultation frenzy glee high spirits intoxication joy joyousness jubilation madness rapture relaxation transport good health robustness strength anatomy being condition figure frame object outline person phenomenon physique silhouette thing torso advantage big break blessing break fluke fortunateness godsend good luck happiness in the cards karma kismet luckiness lucky break occasion opportunity profit prosperity run of luck serendipity smile streak of luck stroke success triumph victory weal wealth win windfall agreement assurance covenant guarantee oath promise toast undertaking vow warrant word euphoria luck pledge Health HEALTH pageant parade fair program display shine pomp showing panoply splash sight array fanfare view expo reality hiding truth play movie drama act comedy film flick cinema seeming pretext air sham pose effect front face guise quiet back rear sell offer sport flash wave stage mount bare vaunt hide deny refuse veto cover take close reveal appear prove explain get reach show up project note teach mark come present emerge loom point divulge assert clarify evince arrive unveil get in lay out turn up blow in ostend fail lose miss leave give see lead bit curtain epilogue gag introduction number piece prologue routine scene schtick show sketch spot turn affectation attitude chaser dissimilation fake false front feigning performance phony posture pretense put-on shuck and jive simulation soft soap stall stance stunt sweet talk cite illustrate point out acquaint advance advise announce apprise ballyhoo beat the drum for bill blazon boost build up circularize communicate declare disclose drum endorse exhibit expose flaunt get on soapbox for hard sell herald hype inform make a pitch make known notify pitch plug press agent proclaim promote promulgate puff push put on the map soft sell sponsor tout uncover unmask clue clue in fill in give the word keep posted lay it out let in on post put next to put on the line put on to report tell tip off update warn airs appearance artificiality facade going Hollywood imitation insincerity mannerism pretension pretentiousness putting on airs showing off adduce advertise shows whereby whence wherewith cause how motive mystery proof by which through which at which point in what respect where why wherein H.O.W. 'how' HOW How compose prepare form produce cause spawn fashion secure frame invent cook shape mold whip parent hatch forge beget effect arrange adjust brew cook up draw on lead to ruin raze deny veto break lose fail kill end crush halt stop start require force drive coerce oblige tamper impress impel press meddle horn in dragoon concuss shotgun ignore demote refuse refute let go tap name elect keep act pass wage fix draft cease idle leave forget equal mix embody divide unmix draw think gauge judge guess receive get pull harvest clear sock obtain rate gain net reap realize hustle take in plant meet head move reach bear attain catch get to stay miss ABCs annal blow by blow bulletin chronicle detail explanation history lowdown make narration narrative play by play recital report run-down score story tab take tale the picture the whole picture version acclimate accommodate accustom alter change come around comply conform familiarize fit get act together get used to grow used to habituate harmonize match modify play the game qualify readjust reconcile remodel revise roll with punches shape up square suit tailor compile connect construct contrive erect fabricate join manufacture model piece together set up unite weld be delivered of breed bring forth create develop engender fructify generate parturitate propagate provide reproduce yield activate actualize break ground break the ice bring about bring to pass commence embark on enter on enter upon establish eventuate found get going give birth to give impulse go ahead go into inaugurate induce initiate instigate institute introduce launch lay foundation for lead make active motivate mount occasion open originate plunge into set about set in motion trigger undertake cast character class description grade quality sort species variety account adapt assemble begin brand ma'ke staff Staffs Staff useless empty hollow futile otiose trivial vain used active busy amuse oneself with be amateur dally dilly-dally fiddle with flirt with horse around idle kid around mess around monkey monkey around muck around not be serious play play around play games with toy with trifle trifle with work superficially boondoggle drag fool around fool with fritter away hang about jerk off lag linger loiter lollygag procrastinate put off putter tarry trail waste time while away amble bum around diddle-daddle get no place fast goof off hang around hang out laze lazy loaf loll lounge mosey poke saunter scrounge around shlep along sit around sit on one's butt stay stroll toddle wait warm a chair aimless banal barren cheap dead deadpan devoid dishonest dumb expressionless fatuous flat frivolous ignorant inane ineffectual inexpressive insincere insipid jejune meaningless nugatory paltry petty purposeless senseless silly unintelligent unreal unsatisfactory unsubstantial vacuous valueless vapid worthless dormant inert neglected quiescent resting slack uncultivated undeveloped unplanted unplowed unproductive unseeded untilled unused vacant virgin dawdle kill time lark dabble fallow Idle patrika
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