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Alex Jones Infowars Joe Wayne The AntiCoIntelPro Show 3 / 15 / 2017 James O'Keefe Project Veritas appalling awful disgraceful disgusting disquieting distressing dreadful ghastly heinous horrible horrific horrifying shameful terrible ugly burning crying foul glaring nauseating revolting sickening stupefying abominable atrocious desperate detestable direful fearful formidable frightful hateful hideous loathsome monstrous odious offensive repulsive scandalous unspeakable attractive beautiful comforting good lovely nice pleasant pleasing respectable wonderful delightful calming soothing amazing awesome fascinating incredible marvelous prodigious shocking stunning surprising unbelievable ordinary poor bad insignificant plausible credible believable alarming astounding daunting dire disheartening dismaying frightening grim grody gross harrowing heavy horrid intimidating mean petrifying scaring terrifying the end unnerving reassuring satisfying encouraging polite astonishing breathtaking confounding eye-popping mind-blowing mind-boggling overwhelming startling wondrous barbaric beastly diabolical fiendish flagrant godawful hairy lousy nefarious rotten villainous wicked inoffensive magnificent awe-inspiring exalted fearsome frantic grand imposing impressive majestic moving nervous real gone something else striking zero cool weak unimpressive homely boring unimportant trivial deplorable depressing gruesome grungy horrendous nasty raunchy stinking synthetic tough unpleasant unsightly great safe agreeable gentle delicate happy kind Shocking lolsob shockings Shockings ... lolsob broad buried deep-seated far profound rooted wide low submarine underground yawning abysmal abyssal below beneath bottomless distant downreaching fathomless immersed inmost subaqueous submerged subterranean sunk unfathomable narrow restricted aboveboard artless flighty frivolous ignorant light open pale quiet shallow soft superficial trivial unintelligent heavy acute complex serious hidden difficult occult secret wise abstruse arcane concealed discerning esoteric hermetic incisive intricate learned mysterious obscure penetrating recondite sagacious sibylline Delphic orphic hard to understand simple plain happy easy slight known stupid unimportant tricky sharp knowing keen cunning designing artful astute canny crafty foxy insidious intriguing shrewd sly wily guileful contriving plotting slow dull blunt honest frank set intent musing lost abstracted concentrated engaged fixed into preoccupied rapt wrapped centered enfolded focused wrapped up great vivid hard dark rich strong extreme alto contralto grave resonant sonorous booming low-pitched baritone bass full-toned low-toned moderate mild poor weak cheerful ocean blue drink briny middle brine main the high seas abstract deep hypothetical ideal indefinite intellectual nonconcrete philosophical transcendent transcendental unreal physical material concrete actual objective factual real Greek to me clear as dishwater complicated enigmatic incomprehensible involved muddy perplexing puzzling subtle vague lucid clear obvious boundless complete endless illimitable incalculable infinite thorough unending vast cavernous immeasurable far down unlimited ending limited measurable finite fathomable bounded Deep lolsob Deeps deeps Deep! case accompaniment attitude capacity category chances character circumstance circumstances contingency element environment essential estate event eventuality fix footing form humor imperative juncture limitation mood nature occasion occurrence outlook pass phase plight position posture predicament prerequisite proviso reputation requirement shape situation spirits stand standing station status stipulation time welfare frame of mind state of affairs good fortune style pomp majesty glory rank cachet ceremony splendor stature consequence prestige display unimportance dullness insignificance land federation union community nation territory commonwealth sovereignty republic body politic expound describe give affirm explain express articulate say present put voice tell specify speak recite vent relate enumerate pronounce asseverate pitch utter enounce ventilate rehearse narrate aver elucidate deliver enunciate spiel propound recount report interpret air bring out come out with throw out set forth chime in give blow-by-blow give rundown question ask be quiet take confuse suppress mumble hide conceal listen withhold refrain misrepresent assert attest avouch avow certify cinch clinch confirm cross heart declare guarantee have a lock on ice insist lock up maintain nail down okay predicate profess put on ice ratify repeat rubber-stamp say so set state swear swear on bible swear up and down testify vouch witness forget nullify negate refute reject disavow repudiate renounce deny veto affirmed affirming affirms broadcast circulate communicate disclose disseminate divulge exhibit expose make known make public proclaim publicize publish reveal close up secret keep quiet cover secrete airing States lolsob State betrayal infidelity treason bunco corruption disaffection dodge double-dealing duplicity faithlessness fake falseness flimflam gyp perfidiousness perfidy put-on racket scam sellout spoof whitewash dirty dealing dirty pool dirty trick dirty work double-cross fast shuffle grift recreancy shell game skin game stab in the back sweet talk treacherousness two-timing faithfulness fidelity loyalty forthrightness harmony honesty truthfulness constancy devotion love Judas kiss deception dishonesty giveaway let-down treachery trickery unfaithfulness support openness secret quiet protection frankness conspiracy cabal complot confederacy connivance countermine counterplot covin disloyalty fix frame game hookup intrigue league little game machination plot practice put-up job scheme sedition trick ignorance deceit ambidexterity ambidextrousness artifice cheating chicane chicanery craft craftiness cunning deceitfulness dissemblance dissimulation entrapping fraud fraudulence guile hypocrisy imposition overreaching pretense slyness smoke and mirrors trapping two-facedness underhandedness artlessness truth trustworthiness uprightness reality sincerity fairness beguilement blarney boondoggle cheat circumvention cozenage deceptiveness defraudation dirt disinformation dupery equivocation falsehood fast one hokum insincerity juggling legerdemain lying mendacity prevarication snow job sophism trickiness trumpery untruth honor desertion abrogation apostasy avoidance backsliding castoff departing departure derelict dereliction disavowal divorce elusion escape evasion falling away flight forsaking going back on leaving rejection relinquishment renunciation repudiation resignation retirement retreat running out on secession tergiversation truancy withdrawal staying help arrival approval allowance meeting stay assistance aid ratification coming bunk criminality crookedness falsity fourberie graft hanky-panky hocus-pocus improbity infamy insidiousness rascality sharp practice stealing swindle unscrupulousness wiliness innocence scrupulousness lolsob acknowledge admit affirm announce concede confess declare divulge explain expose inform publish report tell avow betray broadcast communicate impart leak notify proclaim talk unfold utter break the news bring out into open bring to light come out with get out of system give away give out give the low-down let cat out of the bag let fall let on let out let slip make known make plain make public put cards on table conceal contradict deny disavow dispute dissent hide refuse reject repudiate secrete suppress keep keep quiet withhold cover disclose display unveil unearth exhibit unmask flash manifest bare unclothe open lay bare bury aired brought to light disclosed exposed made known made public publicized revealed voiced secret stuffy closed undisclosed concealed announced circulated communicated declared declared publicly divulged issued released reported told suppressed unannounced hidden discovered ascertained detected disinterred espied explored famous happened upon identified invented learned observed opened originated perceived presented real recognized searched out shown sighted spotted unearthed unlocked unveiled well-known lost apparent bared caught clear debunked defined denuded dug up evident exhibited for show found out laid bare made manifest naked on display on the spot on view resolved solved stripped unconcealed uncovered unhidden unprotected unsheltered visible shielded sheltered safe private obscure blocked protected guarded vague unclear ambiguous clothed big as life bold clear-cut conspicuous crystal clear distinct evidenced glaring noticeable palpable patent plain prominent straightforward unambiguous unmistakable mentioned brought up cited considered discussed intimated named quoted referred to specified spoken of suggested coiled curved folded twisted arched bent bowed convoluted furled spiraled wound involute voluted straight spread pressed flat beaten formed hammered milled pounded rolled shaped stamped tamped tramped tramped down trodden worked kinky curly frizzled frizzy knotted matted matty tangled normal decent clean untwisted usual ethical level akin aligned alike calm commensurate common comparable consistent constant continuous equable equivalent even exact flush horizontal identical in line like lined up matched matching of same height on a line on a par on one plane parallel plain planate plane planed polished precise proportionate regular same stable steady trim trimmed unbroken unfluctuating uniform uninterrupted rare imbalanced uncommon upright unfixed broken unequal different wavering irregular rough disorderly ragged infrequent unusual extraordinary abnormal vertical indefinite wobbly dissimilar divergent variable changing unlike inconsistent unfair agitated uneven untrustworthy unsteady unstable inconstant changeable spiral circling circular circumvoluted cochlear corkscrew helical helicoid radial screw-shaped scrolled tendrillar tortile whorled uncurling Rolled lolsob 2017 lolsob lexicons excons ex cons exogenous exigence exigency alex jones lolsob Alex Jones AlexJones ale ales amex apex flex alee Alex confidence dependency addiction belief craving credence faith habit obsession trust addictedness disbelief distrust indifference dependence shot bent bag fixation monkey thing enslavement hang-up hook kick inclination sweet tooth monkey on back hate dislike jones dependences Jones lolsob jone infers inflows informs infos informers in flows in forms infusers on fours in formers in force info in few words InfoWars lolsob Infowars jean wane jawing jejune jordan dewan owe one korean go way rewarn weaken wean cowing cocaine jawbone jowling waken jenny co wing wanner warner joying co caine goes one wain warn go away go war journey cawing re warn vegan jonah keen eyne quean whine go wagon jug wine gone away caffeine cappuccino espresso brew decaf decoction demitasse ink java mocha mud perk battery acid café café au lait café noir forty weight hot stuff jamocha varnish remover coffee joe Joe lolsob wane wan wanner warner vane wain warn wine whine wen wean waned wanes eyne when waken way winer wanned warned van win won vainer wand wans want weenie whener whiner wiener winner aone bane cane jane lane mane pane sane wade wage wake wale ware wave ways vain vine wing wino worn wains warns way in a one Wayne lolsob wayne Waynes affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the lolsob The appearance display fair pageant parade presentation program spectacle array expo exposition fanfare fireworks grandstand manifestation occurrence pageantry panoply pomp representation shine showboat showing sight splash view dullness concealment hiding reality truth picture play movie drama production act comedy film flick carnival cinema entertainment burlesque motion picture impression seeming profession affectation pretext air simulacrum illusion sham semblance pose effect ostentation front pretense likeness face guise make-believe grandstand play rear back quiet exhibit reveal sell offer produce demonstrate present streak supply unfurl flaunt sport brandish blazon flash submit spread proffer attend afford expose wave unfold unveil flourish stage disport mount bare arrive vaunt lay out put on show off trot out showcase deal in lay bare set out leave alone abandon close take cover veto refuse deny dissuade withhold suppress hide conceal disclose register appear prove establish explain get reach show up project indicate note determine teach mark come illustrate materialize emerge loom evidence point divulge proclaim discover manifest assert clarify evince elucidate instruct get in make out turn up be visible blow in make known make the scene ostend put in appearance testify to leave depart miss lose fail confuse secrete disappear obscure disprove give bestow dispense accord confer act with see lead conduct shepherd route direct escort guide steer pilot misguide neglect mislead attitude bit chaser dissimilation fake false front feigning performance phony posture put-on show shuck and jive simulation soft soap stall stance stunt sweet talk rest suspension stoppage repose inertia inactivity idleness cessation adduce cite point out advertise acquaint advance advise announce apprise ballyhoo beat the drum for bill boost build up circularize communicate declare drum endorse get on soapbox for hard sell herald hype inform make a pitch notify pitch plug press agent promote promulgate puff push put on the map soft sell sponsor spot tout uncover unmask keep secret secret halt discourage hurt decrease deceive disapprove bottle up advertises clue clue in fill in give the word keep posted lay it out let in on post put next to put on the line put on to report tell tip off update warn keep quiet pretend lie betray trick fool delude advises lolsob shows cameos jams games jamas jammies gams cameo jambs dames fames jades jakes japes lames names tames comes camest gamest jams games jamas jammies cameos gams jambs dames fames jades jakes japes lames names tames comes James lolsob jame behind closed doors by stealth clandestinely confidentially covertly furtively hush-hush in camera in confidence in holes and corners in secret in strict confidence insidiously intimately obscurely on the QT huggermugger force dash juice intensity initiative endurance liveliness application animation fortitude effectiveness might exertion life efficacy fire ardor activity efficiency moxie hardihood drive forcefulness enterprise muscle birr impotence uselessness helplessness dullness powerlessness indolence inefficiency idleness inability ineffectiveness indifference lethargy laziness inactivity apathy incompetence weakness get-up-and-go protectorates productivities precooked foods aggregate fruits precooked food activity business deal design enterprise job plan program proposal scheme strategy task venture adventure affair aim assignment baby blueprint concern exploit feat intention matter occupation outline pet proposition setup thing game plan fun idleness inactivity indolence unemployment avoidance inaction calculate predict propose forecast see estimate envisage envision devise image contrive predetermine visualize feature extrapolate draft frame intend reckon chart diagram contemplate purpose imagine arrange delineate conceive cast gauge think vision map out keep cave in forget neglect disbelieve ignore disregard disorder destroy disorganize extend poke pout protuberate lengthen prolong jut protrude overhang stand out stick out beetle be conspicuous be prominent hang over pop out push out stretch out thrust out abbreviate shorten launch shoot propel fling hurl pitch transmit heave take receive activities act avocation bag ballgame bit deed endeavor entertainment game hobby labor pastime project racket scene stunt trip undertaking work zoo sluggishness immobility profession hate laziness inertia vocation calling case circumstance duty employment episode event hap happening incident interest mission obligation occurrence office function proceeding province pursuit question realm responsibility subject topic transaction irresponsibility surrender affairs adapt adjust agree to come to terms compromise concert construct decide determine direct establish get act together get ready hammer out a deal harmonize iron out lay out line up make a connection make ready manage negotiate organize prepare promote provide pull a wire pull things together quarterback resolve schedule set stage settle shape up tailor work out work out a deal disturb disagree unfit upset confuse scatter mix up disperse derange disarrange ruin waver hesitate arranged projects lolsob Projects verities caritas verity merits vestas riatas rotas writs vistas reatas verrugas vets virtus veriest varieties writes berets erratas rites grits lariats vents vests verandas heritors rewrites varietal veerings verifies verilies varies trites visits vomits various where ats went as re writes Veritas veritas
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