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SNP to seek Scottish independence vote after election victory - Al Jazeera English

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SNP Peccadilloes snp explore follow investigate pursue chase comb delve dragnet fan fish hunt inquire mouse nose prowl quest ransack root scout scratch be after beat the bushes bird-dog bob for cast about delve for dig for ferret out fish for go after gun for leave no stone unturned look about look around look high and low run after search for search out sniff out track down ignore shun answer find neglect reply undertake offer essay assay aim struggle endeavor strive aspire to have a go at forget laze request solicit entreat query invite petition beg find out angle (for) aim for connive conspire contrive hint look for maneuver plan plot scheme seek try for angle for cast about for angled angles angling ask angle appeal apply beseech bite bum call for charge claim command contend for crave demand file for hit hustle implore impose knock levy mooch order plead pray promote requisition sue supplicate touch urge tell give repudiate insist disapprove disclaim deny SEEK Peccadilloes seeks Seek Scottish Peccadilloes ability autonomy self-determination self-government self-reliance self-rule self-sufficiency separation sovereignty aptitude autarchy license qualification home rule dependence inaptitude subordination determination assurance backbone boldness bravery certainty certitude constancy conviction courage dauntlessness decision dedication doggedness dogmatism drive energy fearlessness firm-ness fortitude grit guts hardihood heart independence indomitability intrepidity nerve obstinacy persistence pluck purpose purposefulness resoluteness resolution resolve self-confidence single-mindedness spine spunk steadfastness stiff upper lip stubbornness tenacity valor willpower start beginning vacillation spinelessness disinterest timidity wavering hesitation doubt irresolution idleness indifference fear weakness cowardice diffidence indecision emancipation deliverance delivery enfranchisement liberation liberty release setting free restraint imprisonment hold free hand carte blanche free choice free course free play free scope free will freedom full scope latitude leeway one's choice one's discretion one's initiative self-direction independency abandon abandonment bent compass discretion elbowroom exemption facility flexibility free rein full play full swing immunity indulgence laissez faire laxity margin opportunity own accord play plenty of rope power prerogative privilege profligacy rampancy range rein right rope scope sweep swing unrestraint impotence responsibility incompetence inability extreme limitation individuality air character complexion difference discreteness disposition dissimilarity distinction distinctiveness eccentricity habit humor identity idiosyncrasy individualism ipseity makeup manner nature oddity oneness originality particularity peculiarity rarity seity selfdom selfhood selfness separateness singleness singularity singularness temper temperament uniqueness unity unlikeness way normality similarity sameness likeness usualness Independence ballot choice majority poll referendum tally franchise nay plebiscite suffrage ticket will wish yea aye secret ballot show of hands yes or no elect grant propose choose determine recommend return establish declare enact opt suggest pronounce effect confer second enfranchise judge cast ballot cast vote go to the polls put in office abstain veto refuse deny condemn affirmative always continually okay vote negative alternative appraisal choosing cull cup of tea decision determination discretion discrimination distinction druthers election evaluation extract favorite finding free will judgment opportunity option pick preference rating say substitute variety verdict volition weakness rejection hate indecision choices decide adjudge adjudicate agree arrive at conclusion award call shots cast the die cinch clinch come to agreement come to conclusion come to decision commit oneself conclude conjecture decree draw a conclusion end figure fix upon form opinion gather go down line guess have final word make a decision make up mind mediate purpose reach decision resolve rule select set surmise take a stand tap defer plant start begin wait put off procrastinate postpone hesitate delay grow unsettle commence waver decides accept admit appoint decide upon designate go down the line mark name nominate opt for optate pick out prefer receive settle settle on single out take vote for offer give dismiss disallow dispute ignore reject Vote Peccadilloes afterwards later subsequently back back of behind below ensuing hind hindmost in the rear next posterior postliminary rear subsequential succeeding thereafter before afterward after another time ensuingly eventually intra late latterly post hoc soon then thereon ultimately earlier previously beforehand afterward\u002Fafterwards a while later at a later time by and by in a while on the next day aback abaft aft astern backward final following in the wake of rearmost rearward tail beginning first future preceding front at the heels of at the rear of bringing up the rear eating the dust in the background in the wake later than off the pace trailing paid beyond above ahead apart from as well as at a distance away from besides beyond the bounds clear of farther free of good way off hyper in addition to in advance of long way off more remote moreover on the far side on the other side out of range out of reach outside over over and above over there past remote superior to without yonder consecutive chronological connected constant continuing continuous going on in order in turn increasing logical numerical one after another progressive running sequent sequential serial serialized seriate seriatim succedent successional successive understandable uninterrupted broken interrupted intermittent infrequent discontinuous afters Peccadilloes After appointment ballot balloting decision poll primary referendum selection alternative choice determination franchise judgment option polls preference ticket vote-casting allotment approval assigning authorization certification choosing commissioning delegation deputation designation election empowering installation naming nomination ordination promotion rejection refusal appointments plebiscite polling slate tally appraisal cull cup of tea discretion discrimination distinction druthers evaluation extract favorite finding free will opportunity pick rating say substitute variety verdict volition vote weakness hate indecision choices culling deciding exercising judgment making a choice making up one's mind picking separating Peccadilloes Election achievement advantage defeat gain grand slam hit sweep triumph winning ascendancy bull's-eye conquest control destruction dominion killing laurels overthrow prize subjugation superiority supremacy upset clean sweep defeating feather in cap hole in one mission accomplished the gold upper hand failure forfeit loss inferiority subservience weakness accomplishment acquirement acquisition act actualization attainment completion consummation contrivance creation deed effectuation effort enactment encompassment execution exploit feat fulfillment masterpiece performance production realization stroke success tour de force victory neglect unfulfillment negligence misfortune miscue injury idleness achievements blue ribbon award championship cordon bleu crown cup decoration first prize palms trophy comeback improvement rally rebound resurgence return revival action adventure coup enterprise stunt venture rest passivity inaction stoppage repose inertia cessation inactivity surrender luck big break blessing break fluke fortunateness godsend good luck happiness health in the cards karma kismet luckiness lucky break occasion opportunity profit prosperity run of luck serendipity smile streak of luck weal wealth win windfall bad fortune unhappiness disadvantage bad luck poverty sorrow sadness Victory English Peccadilloes english
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