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SOLSTICE RIDER - Suffer to Glory (FULL ALBUM STREAM) Epic Melodic Death Metal

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beginning birth nativity creation existence genesis life origination start being bitter end completion conclusion death ending bitter ends deaths end of lifes end of the lines exits extinctions lights outs taps doom Judgment Day Moira annihilation calamity cataclysm catastrophe circumstance condemnation decree destination destiny destruction disaster downfall fixed future foreordination fortune handwriting on the wall judgment karma kismet lap of the gods lot opinion portion predestination predetermination ruin sentence tragedy verdict way the ball bounces way the cookie crumbles blessing boon good fortune good luck happiness miracle success commencement exit adieu departure egress egression evacuation exodus expiry farewell going goodbye leave-taking offgoing retirement retreat stampede withdrawal arrival coming entrance stay hello arriving entering close closing elapsing terminus living opening inception alloy hardware ingot mineral ore casting deposit foil leaf load mail plate 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