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Sadhguru discusses inner engineering

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Visionary and teacher Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev came to Dubai to give thousands a crach course on happiness. See more at: http://gulfnews.com/gntv


Gulf News gntv Dubai United Arab Emirates World News Headlines sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev indian yogi guru meditation inner engineering self improvement character inner peace peace visionary spirituality adjure sahara adhere savagery stagger staggers satire sugary said hi stature adhoc set figure surgery badgerer secure suture sea dog a degree sea dogs set a figure had care ad hoc had a care Sadhguru Pseudocoup argue confer consider debate deliberate examine explain review take up altercate canvass confabulate contend contest converse descant dispute dissertate figure groupthink jaw moot sift ventilate weigh bounce off compare notes consult with discept discourse about dissert exchange views on get together go into hash over hold forth kick about knock around put heads together reason about thrash out toss around agree ignore neglect be quiet give in give up close constitutional essential familiar focal inherent innermore inside interior internal intestinal intimate intrinsic inward nuclear exterior external outer outside physical central concealed deep-rooted deep-seated emotional esoteric gut hidden individual innate intuitive personal psychological secret spiritual subconscious visceral repressed unrevealed viscerous center at halfway point centermost deepest equidistant inmost inner innermost intermediary intermediate mean medial mid middlemost midpoint midway edging extreme peripheral marginal bordering axial basic cardinal centric centroidal chief dominant foremost fundamental important key leading master median middle midmost omphalic outstanding overriding paramount pivotal predominant primary prime radical ruling salient significant umbilical inferior unsubstantial secondary subordinate extra auxiliary additional unimportant nonessential insignificant inessential trivial minor Delphic abstruse acroamatic arcane cabalistic cryptic deep heavy hermetic inscrutable mystic mystical occult orphic private profound recondite sibylline public common obvious known heartfelt instinctive involuntary natural spontaneous unthinking material built-in characteristic congenital connate distinctive elementary fixed genetic immanent implicit in the grain inborn inbred inbuilt indigenous indispensable indwelling ingrained inherited integral integrated latent native original part and parcel resident running in the family subjective unalienable acquired incidental added superficial learned extrinsic Pseudocoup Inner inners construction manufacturing arranging authorizing building constructing handling implementing organization organizing systematization planning design architecture structure metallurgy blueprinting structures installations surveying architectonics engineering complicity abetment agreement collaboration collusion complot concurrence confederacy connivance guilt guiltiness implication intrigue involvement machination manipulation partnership noninvolvement innocence refusal ignorance logistics coordination masterminding plans strategy Pseudocoup Engineering gulfs glumness gruffness glens glutens goldens selfness gladness glibness gelidness guiltiness gilings gleaners clones gloves goofiness gullions clovens gulf basin bay bayou bight cove firth harbor slough sound whirlpool crevasse hiatus hollow rent chasm pit abyss cavity cave split breach opening void gap rift separation cleft gulch expanse shaft well depth ravine distance depths closure solid closing juncture abysm bottomless pit gorge gulf fissure hole bowl concavity depression dip ewer lagoon pan pool pot sag sink sinkage sinkhole tub valley vessel washbasin washbowl watershed rise increase anchorage arm estuary fiord inlet loch mouth narrows strait angle loop noose road blank emptiness hollowness interstice interval lacuna nihility nothingness nullity omission preterition pretermission skip tabula rasa vacancy vacuity vacuum womb continuation fullness fill Gulf Pseudocoup gülf account advice announcement broadcast data disclosure message report rumor 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A-RAB emigrates emulates imitates amritas emanates emeritus emotes orates emaciates aerates emits enumerates immigrates erratas numerates emeralds imbrutes iterates operates emirate Pseudocoup Emirates wildness worlds wordiness worldliness oldness boldness coldness wild ones weldings wooliness weirdness wardens wilderness woolens goldens wordings world wars wholeness world cold ones earth nature cosmos creation macrocosm microcosm sphere star universe heavenly body terrene everyone realm race group division humankind humanity class everybody human race province life business area system field domain atmosphere memory ambience pursuits matters Homo sapiens flesh human species man mortality people society world being actuality animation journey living presence reality subsistence vitality inanimate deadness abstract galaxy macrocosmos megacosm solar system star system living world totality death ruin destruction creations existence breath continuance continuation duration endurance entity essence hand one is dealt individuality lifing permanence perseverance rat race real world something survival the big game end Pseudocoup World caption title header heading leader screamer scarehead news account advice announcement broadcast bulletin cable cognizance communication communiqué copy data description disclosure discovery dispatch enlightenment exposé eye-opener front-page news headlines hearsay intelligence itemization knowledge leak lowdown message narration news flash particularization recital recognition release report rumor scandal scoop specification statement story telecast telegram telling the goods tidings word history question truth ignorance suppression concealment silence tiding Headlines Pseudocoup Headline headline Head-line adjure sahara adhere savagery stagger staggers satire sugary said hi stature adhoc set figure surgery badgerer secure suture sea dog a degree sea dogs set a figure had care ad hoc had a care Sadhguru Pseudocoup gives idea gives devil canvassed gives do gives five jogging suit jogging suits gives over gives odor gives odds gives idea of jag jager gag gig jig aggie gaga gage jagging jagged jog jug cargo jags jaguar jigger jogger magi cage jack jake agog baggy quaggy saggy cadge cagey gauge jacky judge gags day gig Jaggi Pseudocoup jaggi vaster was due wayside vised vast viseed vested wasted vesture waste visited was side versed waster vastly viscid wastes wast due wast use stave stive stove wast of was duty was feet was move wast over vest voiced wast was tune wast for was over wast even wast evil was sad was odds was due to was fate wast off was true wast move was out of Vasudev Pseudocoup American Indian Amerind Amerindian injun Native American Indian indian Pseudocoup indians fakir mystic swami guiding light guru master mentor sage teacher yogi student Pseudocoup Yogi master teacher tutor authority leader sage guiding light pupil student follower geek computer geek techie computer expert computer specialist analyst accountant couch doctor examiner guru head shrinker inquisitor investigator number cruncher psychiatrist psychotherapist questioner shrink therapist authorities bible CEO arbiter aristocrat big cheese big shot big wig boss brains brass buff city hall connoisseur czar egghead establishment exec executive expert feds front office governor ivory dome judge kingfish kingpin law power elite pro professional professor pundit scholar specialist textbook top brass top dog top hand upstairs veteran virtuoso whiz wizard greenhorn rookie amateur proletariat ignoramus commander administrator captain chief commandant director don head head honcho head person higher up lead-off person mastermind officer point person ruler skipper top banana worker employee engineer hacker programmer ace adept artist artiste doyen graduate hot shot old hand old pro phenomenon proficient shark novice apprentice Pseudocoup Guru introspection reflection rumination self-examination concentration deep thought pondering quiet time brainwork cerebration cogitation contemplation deliberation meditation excogitation judgment thinking thought process ignorance consideration speculation neglect disregard disdain conception apperception appreciation apprehension clue cognition communing comprehension conceit concentrating concept considering deliberating design dreaming envisaging explanation exposition fancy image imagining impression inkling intellection interpretation mental grasp musing notion perception philosophizing picture plan realization representation speculating thought version abortion being misunderstanding truth fact concrete death reality conceptions ambition intention purpose reverie study avoidance slight rejection Meditation Pseudocoup engineering endangering unrecognizing end angering unwrinkling un recognizing unregenerate un wrinkling afferent neuron un regenerate inner self self-improvement Pseudocoup self improvement ascetic automatic autogenous automatous autonomic 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coetaneousness coevality coincidence concurrence conformity conjunction contemporaneousness simultaneousness synchronicity difference refusal agreement chime comity concert concordance consensus consonance goodwill rapport tune understanding unison disunity hostility Pseudocoup Peace ambitious grandiose idealistic introspective lofty noble quixotic radical starry-eyed daydreaming dreaming ideal idealist imaginary musing utopian abstracted astral chimerical delusory dreamy exalted fanciful fantastic illusory impractical in the clouds otherworldly pretentious prophetic speculative unreal unrealistic unworkable unworldly moderate real practical realistic unromantic seer prophet zealot dreamer romantic enthusiast mystic stargazer theorist daydreamer Don Quixote castle-builder romancer realist airy dainty diaphanous flimsy fragile frail frivolous immaterial intangible light rare rarefied tenuous thin vaporous visionary volatile weightless wispy heavy stuffy oppressive closed close burdensome arduous bold challenging demanding difficult elaborate energetic exacting formidable hard impressive industrious severe strenuous weak easy calm unassuming satisfied fulfilled content facile celestial remote sidereal stellar stellular augural divinatory fatidic fatidical foreshadowing mantic ominous oracular predictive prophetical sibylline telling vatic vatical chimeric chimeral delusive fantastical hallucinatory illusive imagined made-up notional phantasmagoric phantasmal phantasmic absurd fictional mythical unfounded wild Visionary Pseudocoup incorporeality otherworldliness unearthliness devoutness religiosity holiness religiousness piousness spiritualty devotion adherence adoration affection allegiance ardor attachment consecration constancy dedication deference devotedness devotement earnestness enthusiasm faithfulness fealty fervor fidelity fondness intensity love observance passion piety reverence sanctity service sincerity spirituality worship zeal neglect inconstancy negligence carelessness animosity dishonesty treachery enmity disloyalty lethargy indifference coolness apathy hatred dislike disregard hate disrespect godliness pietism asceticism beatitude blessedness divineness divinity faith grace humility inviolability purity righteousness sacredness saintliness unction venerableness virtuousness wickedness agnosticism sin atheism goodness hallowedness mercy sacrosanctity solemnity religionism coldness unsteadiness insincerity Pseudocoup Spirituality
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