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Salt Brine Better For Icy Roads, Bottom Line

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aot conservation correspondent brine vermont salt Salt SALTS salt SALT saline blue drink deep ocean alkali salt water vinegar marinade sea water Davy Jones's locker Poseidon's realm brine briny main middle the high seas bathe immerse pickle season souse steep bounding main briny deep high seas pond puddle sea seaway seven seas sink tide abundance expanse lake multitude number plethora profusion sheet splash surf swell waves deluge dip douse drench drown duck dunk impregnate marinate preserve seethe soak sop submerge submerse waterlog wet condiment flavor flavoring relish savor sodium chloride spice taste zest salt Brine superior improved choice greater larger fitter bigger finer worthier worse sicker tinier improving well recovering mending cured healthier less ill stronger more longer raise beat excel cap help amend top mend best block harm hinder injure worsen impair damage ruin cease impede stop fail lower reduce lose check hurt halt alter ameliorate better change elevate enhance fix lift make up for modify pay one's dues rectify reform remedy repair revise right square be victorious conquer exceed outdo outplay outrival outrun outshine outstrip overcome overtake overwhelm shoot ahead of subdue transcend triumph vanquish whip advance advantage aid assist avail be good for build contribute to do for one do the trick favor fill the bill further improve make a killing make it pay pay off profit promote relieve serve succor work for beat up blank blast bulldoze clobber cream deck drub flax floor get the better of knock off lambaste let have it lick master outclass prevail put away shoot down shut down surpass take care of take down tan thrash total trash triumph over trounce wallop waste wax whomp whop wipe wipe out wipe the floor with zap button down button up can clinch cob complete cover crest crown do to a T eclipse finish pass put the lid on surmount top it off trump wrap up benefit Better being now since after during pro toward to go to as long as cause considering for for the reason that inasmuch as seeing that whereas as a result of as things go by cause of by reason of by virtue of due to for the sake of in as much as in behalf of in that in the interest of in view of now that on the grounds that over owing to seeing thanks to through backing in agreement on the side of supporting all in all all things considered because everything being equal forasmuch as in consideration of in light of insomuch as pending taking into account accept advocate appreciate approbate approve back be in favor of be on one's side buck for champion choose commend cotton to countenance encourage endorse esteem eulogize fancy flash on go for hold with honor incline lean toward look up to opt for patronize pick praise prize regard highly root for sanction single out support take a liking to take a shine to take to think well of tilt toward value accordingly and so consequently ergo for this reason hence in consequence in that event on account of on the grounds then thence therefrom thereupon thus to that end whence wherefore behind favor therefore FOR polar raw freezing chilly frigid cold glacial frosty arctic biting bitter chill chilling gelid glaring shivery algific iced rimy sleeted warm hot stony steely cool frozen icy nippy bleak brisk sharp wintry depressing discouraging dismal dispiriting distant emotionless formal hateful hostile indifferent reserved solitary standoffish uncompanionable unemotional ungenial unhappy unresponsive unwelcoming withdrawn blowy breezy crisp drafty fresh hawkish icebox penetrating snappy Siberian algid below freezing below zero benumbed blasting boreal brumal chilled cutting frore have goose bumps hiemal hyperborean inclement intense keen nipping numbed numbing one-dog night piercing severe sleety snowy stinging two-dog night apathetic cold-blooded dead impersonal imperturbable inhibited inhospitable joyless lukewarm matter-of-fact passionless phlegmatic reticent spiritless unconcerned undemonstrative unenthusiastic unfeeling unimpassioned unmoved unsympathetic Icy icies ICY lane course track route drive trail street subway way artery line avenue pike drag alley byway admittance approach connection contact door entrance entree entry entrée ingress introduction key open arms open door passage path road access accession advance advent coming drawing near gate landing nearing reaching boulevard canal conduit corridor duct highway pathway sewer thoroughfare tube channel exit outlet parkway promenade foyer hall lobby lounge meeting place rallying point concourse Roads Road ROAD last radical basement primary base basic ground basal lowest top floor bed seat belly basis sole rest foot nadir depths heart origin pith soul source stuff marrow root cause end tail rear butt tush bum rump fanny front behind bottom buttocks derrière posterior bedrock footing groundwork infrastructure pedestal seating stand substratum substructure support underpinning cellar crypt excavation furnace room storage subterranean room underbuilding understructure vault resting place backside breech can fundament Bottom BOTTOM Bottoms edge streak figure dash score furrow band stripe bar rule crease limit groove inside fun speech lane group track train route list street way series path border order road row file rank seam array axis trench scar ridge length mark crack string tier drain thread column queue block wire cable position program system course approach practice ideology polity scheme avenue method field job work area forte trade racket hobby race family breed strain stock word card note patter lead clue spiel pitch goods wares produce touch follow adjoin bound rim verge skirt cut fix draw march trace abut join align fringe range place center mix up ignore strip forget divide lose unline stuff cover fill quilt wad bush face panel ceil ancestor antecedent antecessor blood breeding derivation descent extraction forebear forefather foregoer foremother forerunner genealogy heritage house kindred line lineage origin parentage pedigree precursor primogenitor progenitor source ancestry forebears forefather/mother boulevard canal conduit corridor duct highway passage pathway sewer thoroughfare tube bandage bandeau belt binding bond braid chain circle circuit copula cord fillet harness hoop ligature link manacle ribbon ring rope sash scarf shackle snood stay strap tape tie truss dashboard sequence succession background heritance legacy station status antecedent(s) artery bank birth lines Line AOTS AOT aots care saving upkeep neglect waste aegis auspices conservation custodianship guardianship keeping management observation preservation protection safekeeping salvation superintendence trusteeship tute-lage ward wardship watch bionomics avarice avariciousness carefulness economy forehandedness good management miserliness moderation niggardliness parsimoniousness parsimony penuriousness providence prudence scrimping stinginess thrift thriftiness aliment alimentation alimony allowance bacon bread bread and butter carrying continuance continuation food keep livelihood living nurture prolongation provision repairs resources retainment salt subsistence supply sustaining sustainment sustention wherewithal canning conservancy curing defense evaporation freezing guard perpetuation pickling preserval refrigeration safeguard safeguarding safety security shield storage support sustentation tanning upholding armament armor assurance barrier buffer bulwark camouflage certainty charge cover custody fix guarding insurance invulnerability protecting reassurance refuge screen self-defense shelter stability strength surety tutelage umbrella ecology frugality maintenance writer reporter pen pal stringer epistler Xerox akin allied analogous approximate associated carbon copy cognate comparable concurrent correspondent corresponding dead ringer ditto double duplicate equal equivalent even facsimile identical indistinguishable kindred like look-alike matched matching mated parallel proportionate related resembling same same difference similar spitting image undifferentiated uniform alike consonant convertible homologous interchangeable ancillary attendant attending coinciding collateral concomitant contemporaneous contemporary coordinate incident satellite simultaneous synchronous analyst annotator announcer critic expositor interpreter observer pundit reviewer sportscaster accepted coincident collective communal communistic community commutual congruous conjoint conjunct constant corporate customary general generic in common intermutual joint mutual popular prevailing prevalent public reciprocal shared social socialistic united universal usual well-known widespread complemental completing completory conclusive correlative crowning fellow integral integrative interconnected interdependent interrelated interrelating paired commentator common complementary saline blue drink deep ocean alkali salt water vinegar marinade sea water Davy Jones's locker Poseidon's realm brine briny main middle the high seas bathe immerse pickle season souse steep bounding main briny deep high seas pond puddle sea seaway seven seas sink tide abundance expanse lake multitude number plethora profusion sheet splash surf swell waves deluge dip douse drench drown duck dunk impregnate marinate preserve seethe soak sop submerge submerse waterlog wet condiment flavor flavoring relish savor sodium chloride spice taste zest salt Brine Vermont vermont spice zest taste alkali savor brine flavor relish hate antacid caustic soda salt beef up carve clean cure cut cut down dress joint liquidate slaughter smoke stick advantage allowance amends atonement benefit bonus bread consideration counterclaim coverage damages defrayal deserts earnings fee gain honorarium indemnification indemnity meet pay payment payoff premium profit quittance reciprocity reckoning recompense recoupment redress reimbursement remittal remittance remuneration reparation reprisal requital restitution reward salary satisfaction scale settlement shake stipend take take-home wage catsup dressing gravy horseradish ketchup mustard pepper salsa sauce seasoning dry fire harden keep kipper pickle preserve steel temper balance bottom line emolument gate groceries in the black income lucre net piece of the pie proceeds receipts return revenue takings wages butcher compensation condiment Salt SALTS SALT
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