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Samus Aran Origins: Metroid's Influences Beyond Alien | Hardboiled History

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Samus samus Aran no origin The Originals originality original Originality metroid Metroid Metroided climate element ambience conditions habitat milieu surroundings ambient medium influences mediums influence Influencer influencer above after ahead apart from as well as at a distance away from before behind besides beyond the bounds clear of farther free of good way off hyper in addition to in advance of long way off more remote moreover on the far side on the other side out of range out of reach outside over over and above over there past remote superior to without yonder close here nearby within reach near beyond exceeding prior to surpassing below deficient inferior across astride athwart away abroad absent afar apart aside distant elsewhere far afield far away far off far remote forth from here hence not present off out of out of the way to one side added to additionally along with also and all as well aside from conjointly else exclusive of extra further furthermore in addition in conjunction with in distinction to in excess of in other respects likewise more more than not counting on the side on top of everything other than otherwise plus secondly supplementary to to boot together with too what's more with the exception of yet beside on top of supplementary at hand handy in reach through beyond the beyond Beyonderful Beyondable beyond it exotic incongruous unusual conflicting contrary estranged opposed remote separate extraneous extrinsic inappropriate incompatible familiar normal usual harmonious akin appropriate native proper foreigner immigrant intruder migrant outsider refugee settler stranger visitor floater greenhorn guest interloper invader newcomer noncitizen squatter blow-in incomer local national citizen countryman cede abalienate abdicate accord alien alienate allow capitulate come across with communicate concede convey deed drop fold fork over give in give up grant hand over leave make over part with relinquish remise renounce resign sign over throw in the sponge throw in the towel transfer vouchsafe waive yield fight hold keep refuse challenge continue deny disallow disapprove maintain oppose reject retain withhold defend gain guard take over win ceded abalienated abdicated accorded alienated aliened allowed came across with capitulated communicated conceded conveyed dropped folded forked over gave in gave up granted handed over left made over relinquished remised renounced resigned signed over threw in the sponge threw in the towel transferred vouchsafed waived yielded won took over defended continued retained maintained fought kept held guarded gained rejected withheld disapproved disallowed denied challenged refused deportee displaced person exile expat expatriate expellee outlander emigrant colonist departer evacuee fugitive migrator outcast pilgrim traveler wanderer wayfarer émigré nationalist emigre estrange antagonize break up disaffect disunify disunite divert divide divorce drive apart make hostile part push away put on the outs set at odds sever split sunder turn off wean withdraw agree combine come connect join stay unite engage marry Aliens crass heartless uncaring unkind unresponsive aloof bloodless coldhearted feelingless hard hard as nails hard-boiled hardened hardhearted imperceptive incurious obtuse stony tactless thick-skinned tough unconcerned unfeeling unsusceptible considerate kind nice aware caring concerned feeling impressionable mindful responsive sensitive touched insensitive deadpan down-to-earth factual pragmatic sober stoic unvarnished apathetic calm cold cold-blooded dry dull earthy emotionless feasible flat impassive impersonal lifeless mundane naked objective phlegmatic plain practical prosaic prosy serious stolid unaffected unidealistic unimaginative unimpassioned unsentimental excited unreasonable emotional histrionic imaginative lively matter-of-fact adamant bullhead callous cold fish dogged firm fixed hanging tough hard-hearted hard-nosed harsh immovable implacable indurate inexorable inflexible iron mean mulish obstinate perverse relentless rigid set in stone stiff-necked unbending uncompassionate uncompromising uncooperative unemotional unimpressible unrelenting unshakable unsympathetic unyielding amenable gentle submissive susceptible yielding obdurate businesslike constructive efficient functional possible practicable rational reasonable sane sensible workable applied both feet on the ground commonsensical doable empirical experimental handy implicit in action in operation nuts and bolts operative orderly serviceable solid sound systematic unromantic usable utile utilitarian virtual workaday working impossible impractical inefficient irrational unattainable unfeasible unlikely unrealistic unsound unworkable incapable inexperienced unproficient unseasoned unserviceable unskilled untrained useless worthless hardheaded logical realistic idealistic prudent real astute commonsense levelheaded pragmatical shrewd unfantastic unwise fanciful insincere dark disciplined dispassionate earnest low-key lucid no-nonsense quiet restrained sedate serene solemn somber staid subdued abstaining collected composed constrained cool eschewing forgoing grave inhibited reserved steady clear-headed drab imperturbable pacific severe soft toned-down unexcited unruffled agitated boisterous cheerful excitable flippant frivolous funny happy light nervous trivial troubled unimportant upset annoyed friendly worried drunk immoderate inebriated flinty grim steely strict ascetic astringent bitter forbidding rough austere bullheaded by the book cruel disciplinary dyed-in-the-wool frowning hang-tough hard-core hard-line hard-shell mortified rigorous stubborn unsparing easy flexible lenient bland mild smiling tolerant stern expressionless frigid blank chilly hostile indifferent merciless pitiless unforgiving warm draconian exacting scrupulous stringent dead set dour iron-fisted oppressive picky prudish punctilious puritanical set square stickling straight strait-laced stuffy unpermissive uptight easygoing facile tractable uncertain desperate fierce narrow resolute stiff terrible refractory savage arbitrary confirmed drastic ferocious hard-bitten hard-shelled headstrong immutable intractable pugnacious ruffianly ruthless taut unalterable uncontrollable unmanageable vicious violent pliable pliant controllable delicate fragile tender impervious unaltered unimpressed untouched casual laid-back not influenced proof uninfluenced unstirred affected changed moved refined sophisticated unnatural reticent along for the ride blah chill glacial going with the flow listless marble passionless rolling with the punches undemonstrative unexcitable unimpressionable passionate hard-headed level-headed locked-in pertinacious pigheaded standpat willful stupid careless indurated inured toughened blind to case-hardened deaf to impenitent insensate insensible insentient soulless spiritless torpid compassionate interested merciful sympathetic tough-minded stubborn as a mule sentimental cold-hearted compassionless impassible insusceptible lifelike natural true true-life truthful naturalistic barbarous brutal inhuman stony-hearted unmoved stonyhearted giving demonstrative decisive purposeful resolved single-minded steadfast strong-willed tenacious bent decided pat persevering settled bent on buckled down constant intent mean business on ice set on strong-minded unfaltering unflinching unhesitating unwavering irresolute undetermined weak changeable indefinite undecided unfixed hesitating vacillating wavering determined plainspoken common unsensible folksy funky homey simple bawdy coarse crude down down and dirty down home home folk homely indelicate lowbred lusty ribald robust uninhibited unrefined cultured elegant detached distant haughty standoffish above apart laid back loner lone wolf offish putting on airs secluded solitary stuck up supercilious unapproachable unfriendly uninterested unsociable uppity withdrawn sociable bleak painful acrimonious angry antagonistic disagreeable distressing grievous inclement intemperate intolerable rancorous resentful rugged unjust unpleasant vengeful pleasant seasoned accustomed benumbed habituated prepared steeled contemptuous disdainful impenetrable impious inaccessible irreverent resistant unashamed unrepenting unsubmissive brutish intolerant softhearted militant staunch stand-pat ungiving punitive rude sharp comfortless cussed discourteous gruff hairy uncivil ungracious wicked agreeable good inexact wonderful courteous peaceful pleasing polite smooth warmhearted hardboiled hardboiled eggs past antiquity yesterday yesteryear ancient times bygone times days of old days of yore good old days old days olden days future account annals biography record relation story tale autobiography diary epic journal memoirs narration narrative prehistory recapitulation recital report saga version ABCs annal blow-by-blow bulletin chronicle detail explanation history lowdown make play by play run down score tab take the picture the whole picture archives publication records background accomplishments acquirement actions atmosphere attainment aura backdrop breeding capacity credentials cultivation culture deeds education environment framework grounding practice preparation qualification rearing seasoning tradition training upbringing ignorance foreground backgrounds acquirements atmospheres attainments auras backdrops breedings capacities cultivations cultures educations environments frameworks histories practices preparations qualifications seasonings traditions trainings upbringings foregrounds recountal register annotation answer breakdown brief cause comment commentary confession definition demonstration description details display elucidation evidence example excuse explication exposition expression gloss illustration information interpretation justification meaning mitigation motive note rendition resolution sense showing significance specification statement summary talking telling vindication writing question quiet silence concealment hiding vagueness complication
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