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Scarborough Defends 'No Strategy' Obama: An 'Art of War' Way To Confuse ISIS

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ISIS Barack Obama (US President) Syria (Country) The Art Of War (Book) Strategy (Quotation Subject) Scarborough scarborough contend hold secure uphold prevent fight resist guard oppose retain shield house mine fortify battle foster sustain war nourish avert shelter screen espouse watch hedge insure save bulwark cover cherish take in panoply harm aid deny hurt lose help waste leave quit champion support advocate back assert maintain endorse argue explain justify befriend plead second warrant back up stand by reject ignore blame accuse punish desert resign attack accede accept acquiesce agree allow approve attest to certify defend defer to grant own ratify recognize subscribe to take an oath yield advance advise argue for be in corner bless bolster boost brace up build up campaign for countenance encourage favor further get on bandwagon give a leg up give a lift go for go to bat for go with hold with plead for plug plump for press for promote propose push recommend ride shotgun for root for run interference for say so side speak for spread around stump for tout urge vindicate acknowledge answer back back at you back talk be in touch claim comeback contest counterclaim disprove dispute echo feedback field the question get back at get back to give a snappy comeback parry rebut refute rejoin remark resolve respond retaliate retort return sass say settle shoot back solve squelch talk back top appeal attest controvert demonstrate denote display elucidate establish evince exhibit imply indicate manifest persuade present prevail upon reason show suggest talk into testify witness affirm allege asservate aver avouch avow butt in cite horn in mouth off pop off predicate press proclaim profess pronounce protest put forward shoot off one's mouth shoot one's wad stand up for state stress swear bar blockade obstruct shut in answer barricade no! 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