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Scientists Create Device To Emulate Kidney Function

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UPI.com reports that A team from Binghamton University has created a reusable, multilayered and microfluidic device that emulates human kidney function.


Renal function Emulator Physiology Kidney Microfluidics Glomerulus (kidney) Pre-clinical development Porosity Human Filtration Gretchen Mahler Courtney Sakolish Binghamton University Press Release Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering Glomerulus Organ-On-A-Chip Biomedical Engineering Renal Function Biotechnology UPI analyst chemist expert physicist examiner tester lab technician prober Scientist scientist scientists geek nerd phd engineer one-man-show physics biology chemistry mathematics experimenter crazy research science experts baffle baffled magnets icp fucking magnets miracles juggalos build conceive constitute construct design devise discover establish forge form found generate initiate invent make organize plan produce set up shape spawn start actualize author beget coin compose concoct contrive effect erect fabricate fashion father formulate hatch imagine institute invest occasion originate parent perform procreate rear sire bring into being bring into existence bring to pass cause to 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