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Scientists invent a SELF-CLEANING metal that repels water and dirt

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Is this the end of washing up? Scientists invent a SELF-CLEANING metal that repels water and dirt It is one of those dreary tasks we would all prefer to avoid.


end washing up Scientists invent SELF-CLEANING metal repels water dirt analyst expert examiner prober chemist tester bones doc general practitioner healer intern medic medical person medico physician professor quack scientist specialist surgeon ace adept artist artiste authority buff champion connoisseur conqueror doctor doyen doyenne genius guru maestro maven old hand old pro past master prima donna pro professional proficient pundit real pro sage savant shark victor virtuoso whiz whiz-bang winner wizard analyzer clinician experimenter investigator academic augur bookish person bookworm brain critic disciple egghead gnome grind intellectual learned person learner litterateur person of letters philosopher pupil schoolchild student teacher tool wise person master researcher scholar fashion devise bear produce design forge find fake execute compose form author make hatch ad-lib wing project jam plan imagine coin mint frame improve cook up make up ruin raze end lose miss fail hurt stop 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rectification ablution bathe cleansing dirty clothes laundering rinse scrub shampoo shower cathartical purgative purifying civilizing clarifying cultivating elevating focusing honing improving perfecting polishing sharpening wash refinement cathartic refining scrubbing Cleaning alloy ore ingot load plate leaf foil mail vein bedrock boulder cobblestone crag crust earth gravel lava lodge mass metal mineral pebble promontory quarry reef rubble shelf slab slag crystal gem grain jewel masonry rock stonework batten bit block bollard chock spur support wedge wood metalliferous earth native mineral parent rock unrefined earth unrefined rock blende bronze copper gold iron lead platinum silver tin zinc stone cleat Metal one such this which who that one a distinct a further a separate added else farther fresh further more new one more other some other that aforesaid akin alike analogous comparable corresponding equivalent like parallel said similar such a one such a person such a thing suchlike the like aforementioned already stated here previously mentioned the indicated the present the aforementioned one the one in question the thing indicated this one this person but imagine supposing and that whatever whichever another what if thats That Repel drink rain aqua H2O tears soak wash thin wet hose damp dirty dry bath clean cleanse dip douse dunk flood imbathe imbue immerse moisten rinse scour scrub shower soap sponge steep submerge suffuse tub water aqueduct bottleneck channel choke point conduit course cove ditch duct estuary firth trench watercourse bedew besprinkle dabble humidify spray sprinkle adulterate alter attenuate cook cut decrease deliquesce diffuse diminish doctor doctor up irrigate lace lessen liquefy mitigate mix moderate modify needle phony up plant qualify reduce shave spike temper water down baptize bathe drench duck lave lower pitch plunge slop slosh souse splash submerse dribble drivel froth ooze run slabber slaver slobber spit water at the mouth canal 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AND soil muck mud stain filth mire smut crud slime dregs gook gunk dreck scuz purity fraud honesty pureness morality dust earth clay loam news rumor talk buzz beguilement betrayal blarney boondoggle cheat circumvention cozenage craftiness cunning deceit deceitfulness deceptiveness defraudation dirt disinformation dissimulation double-dealing dupery duplicity equivocation falsehood fast one flimflam fraudulence guile hokum hypocrisy imposition insincerity juggling legerdemain lying mendacity pretense prevarication snow job sophism treachery treason trickery trickiness trumpery untruth aspersion backbiting backstabbing belittlement black eye calumny character assassination cheap shot denigration depreciation detraction dirty laundry disparagement dump dynamite hit knock lie low-down dirty obloquy opprobrium scorcher slam slap in face slur smear tale traducement vilification deposits draff lees residue settlings slag waste ashes cinders dust bunnies flakes fragments gilings granules grime grit ground lint loess powder refuse sand soot alluvium clod coast compost deposit dry land fill glebe gravel humus land marl mold peat moss shore sod subsoil surface terra firma terrain terrane topsoil turf X-rated materials adult literature adult materials obscene art obscene literature porn sexually explicit art soft porn deception defamation erotica Dirts Dirt top edge term point stump tip bound stub spire tail prong cusp head foot heel neb nib bottom cause origin opening start means birth closure finish result outcome issue cease close payoff curtain finale upshot terminus target closing finis expiry omega windup sign-off wrap-up source forfeit failure neglect defeat goal object drift mark reason intent purpose objective design side lees scrap share dregs bit piece core whole base demise doom ruin passing quit halt stop wind up drop wrap up delay settle expire resolve achieve crown abolish wrap abort give up sew up top off bear open keep die depart wane desist lapse create grow go 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by put away put to use run out of run through squander throw away utilize wash up wear out bankrupt decrease dig into diminish dry up evacuate impoverish reduce suck dry undermine weaken bleed dry disperse run out take last of ante up consume disburse dish out dispense distribute foot the bill fork out lay out pay out put out shell out splurge spring for throw money at dispatch dispose of washing up ablutionary bath maundy lavage laving lavabo wash administration bed-making cooking domestic art domestic science dusting home economics homemaking housecraft housekeeping ironing laundering management mopping sewing stewardship sweeping washing ablution absolution atonement baptism bathing catharsis depuration disinfection distillation expiation expurgation forgiveness grace lavation lustration purgation purge purifying rarefaction rebirth redemption refinement regeneration salvation sanctification all there authoritative canonical dependable fair faithful fly hanging together holding together holding up holding up in wash holding water kosher legal legit loyal orthodox proper proven received recognized reliable reputable safe sanctioned secure significant solid solvent stable standing up tried-and-true true valid bathe cleaning cleansing dirty clothes rinse scrub shampoo shower antisepsis brushing deodorizing prophylaxis purification sanitation scouring scrubbing shampooing sterilization tidying housework sound laundry Washing
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