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Must Watch: Sunday, July 25, 2021

💯  [Eng Sub] Miku-sensei: "Moe-chan is lewd" 💯  『Utawarerumono Lost Flag』Special Summer Program with Taneda Risa, Akasaki Chinatsu, and Gibu Yuko 💯  Hondo Kaede no Oshigoto Radio #6 💯  #16『Hoshimachi Suisei・Tadokoro Azusa Heikousen Scramble』 💯  Reina Ueda Talks About Her Lewd Clothes [ENG Sub] 💯  Tanda Hazuki Samples the D4DJ × Sweets Paradise Collab Cafe Menu 💯  Kusunoki Tomori「Taruhi」 💯  Mizuki Nana and Miyano Mamoru Do the『ABC Taisou』Dance 💯  Eating cereal again, but this time, it's CHEERIOS!!😁 [Uchida Shu] 💯  KonoFan LIVE! #16 💯  『Fate/Grand Order Chaldea・Radio Station Plus』#237 💯  Ogura Yui「Heart Forest」MUSIC VIDEO 💯  one reason why kimetsu VAs (and me) love the fandom | [hoshi Subs] 💯  Bandoro Seiyuu Collection #5 | [Nishio Shigure] 💯  【RADIO】Ogura Yui no yui * room #213 💯  Otsuka Sae’s 4 years as a street musician (2010 - 2014) | [EiEn Subs] 💯  Onishi Aguri「Hatsukoi Colors」MV Making Digest 💯  22/7 Livestream Vol. 11 Penalty Games [AdibSenpai] 💯  Nakashima Yuki × Amasaki Kohei MF Bunko J「Gimai Seikatsu」PV 💯  [Honkai Impact 3rd] Cooking with Valkyries S2 Japanese-Dubbed -- Episode 1: Sakura Sake at Dusk 💯  [Eng Sub] Akari Kito doing what you normally do when you see a figurine - A Couple of Cuckoos 💯  Namikawa Daisuke bullied while reading romantic lines 💯  Third Party Power: Ajamu Baraka on Black Lives Matter, Cuba, and Resisting Empire 💯  Krystal and Saagar: Bill Burr SOUNDS OFF on CNN, Mainstream Media 💯  The night crawler 💯  How does a democracy become a dictatorship? How does a republic fall? How does liberty die? 💯  Mario Party 1 Retrospective 💯  Late Shift (2016) - The Best FMV Game? 💯  New Nintendo Switch Games Announced - Week 4 July 2021 💯  Jordan moves to town! 💯  Santorini Parkour POV [pk] 💯  [Parkour] Bit of editing for a training afternoon as reunited tracers friends. Nothing too fancy. We just enjoyed our time and I made it for us to watch and remember. English subtitles available, even if not very useful. 💯  I ended up homeless in Spain - On the plus side, I used the time to train a lot! 💯  Voter Regret: Tactical Democracy, Negative Voting and Dissonance 💯  220kg squats for 3 sets of 5 reps @83kg 💯  100kg overhead press for 5 sets of 2 @83kg 💯  The Eerie Predictions of MGS2 💯  Bill burr debates internet outrage culture with british interviewer (actual video title is disingenuous i think) 💯  Newport Beach to Huntington Beach, California Bike Ride | Awesomely Fun! 💯  How Skateboarding, Surfing, and Climbing Became Olympic Sports | World Debut 💯  We tried outdoor climbing for the first time with Little Chamonix! Had an amazing time, and will definitely be back for more! 💯  Ross Bongo (V8) - Gold Bar, WA 💯  Why Ten Sleep should be your summer sport climbing location: 💯  Jan Hojer being honest about speed climbing (and Micheal Mawem and Alexi Rubstov) 💯  Quest for the Best Ep. 2: The Ice Caves [Independence Pass, Colorado] 💯  How to Sport Climb Like an Olympian ft. The Try Guys 💯  Finally, after months of training, getting over a fear of falling, poor conditions and a finger strain rehab, completed my first outdoor 7a Rubicon. Worth every minute. https://youtu.be/VMCeNaQDK2U 💯  A critique of nationalism 💯  Hiking 140km alone through Sarek, the Last Wilderness of Europe (Sweden) 💯  First solo hike, Blefjell, Norway 💯  Freestyle skateboarding 💯  Youngest Olympian Sky Brown life story and fame 💯  The best lesson I've ever seen on rotation and weight transfer in the golf swing. Danny Maude is the man. 💯  Biden Ramps Up Drug War As Hunter Walks Free 💯  YouTube Enforcing “Thought Crime” Censorship 💯  Friend who is way too into a niche sport 💯  Saagar Enjeti: Carl Sagan's DIRE Warning Comes True As Americans Have Less Friends 💯  Justice Democrat Leaves Dem Party For The People's Party 💯  FBI Instigated Kidnapping Plot Of Michigan Governor 💯  Our Favorite Media Screwups: NSO Spyware Scandal Ignored, Ben & Jerry’s Controversy ELEVATED 💯  2-Rail Kicks Using Parallel Lines with Jennifer Barretta and Rollie Williams 💯  Lil' Chris "Spot Shot One Pocket" Challenge 💯  Straight Pool 66 Ball Run 💯  9Ball Break and Run 💯  Ronnie O'sullivan Vs Saqib Nasir Latest Tournament Watch Now!! 💯  Anatomy of Gable Steveson: Journey to the Tokyo Olympics | Full Documentary 💯  Japan Threatens South Korea to Seize Dokdo Island 💯  Kai Kamaka gambling big on himself with short notice Danny Chavez fight 💯  Main Event breakdown by Michael Bisping(SPOILER) 💯  [SPOILER] Artem Lobov vs. Denis Berinchek 💯  The Weasle breaks down the main event (spoiler) 💯  How The World Reacted To Hamilton and Verstappen's Collision 💯  Watched the sprint race start opposite the pits, could see Verstappens brakes on fire, awesome view though. 💯  Unique Closed Guard Arm Submissions 💯  Yoko Tomoe Nage. One of the most efficient Judo Throws and definitely one of the best Sutemi Waza in Existence. I love Sutemi Waza, because it's win-win: Either you fall, or you offer me leg exposure. 😅😎🤩💪. Watch it, please kindly comment and subscribe if you like it. ❤ 💯  The different styles of guard (Lachlan Giles) 💯  Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger: "I no longer trust the website I created." 💯  Jimmy Dore: AOC Will Be Primaried From The Left Via Pelosi 💯  'Anti-Romantic' : TXT (투모로우바이투게더) Enhanced Main Hidden Instrumental Vocals ❤️ 💯  Any After School fans? - Weekly Cover :) 💯  Me and some friends did a vocal cover of LOONA’s Paint The Town (PTT) 💯  I did a tutorial for Taeyeon's pastel makeup in 'Weekend'! 💯  2seok being buddies & chaotic 💯  Korean Ex President covered Dynamite. 💯  The boyz album unboxing Q and Sunwoo BYOK 💯  BTS - Permission To Dance - by Jays - V, Jungkook, Jimin, RM, Suga, Jin, J-Hope - Army - Mochi 💯  Emotional K-pop Girl Group First Wins (Compilations) 💯  TWICE (필스페셜) - Alcohol Free, Cover 💯  I Like You - Cho Jung Seok (Hospital Playlist 2 OST) Piano Cover 💯  Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) 'Scream' - Drum Cover just because Deukae comeback is near! 💯  Get Out of My House - Hyuna ft. 10cm【ENG Cover by Esmay and Yuexiao】 💯  Bad refereeing mistake from the O'Sullivan vs Nasir match the other day 💯  steven universe lofi theme song :) (i made this song) 💯  Let's Play Steven Universe: Soundtrack Attack 💯  President Reagan’s and Prince Charles Toasts at a White House on November 9 1985 💯  Kissing You, Metal Cover 💯  210722 Taeyeon x Chong Kun Dang Healthcare (CKDHC) allatME Collagen 3270 CF (15”) 💯  [ENG SUB] 210709 MBN News Interview - Yuri talks about completing Bossam Steal the Fate [보쌈운명을훔치다] 💯  Yuri TV - Adieu Bossam! The day I filmed the poster for Princess Sugyeong! 💯  210723 Yoona’s So Wonderful Day - Yoong-hind | I know I’m pretty 😎(?) On set at the Y Magazine editorial shoot 💯  210724 Yuri Han TV - [Yuri’s Winning Recipe 2] EP.3-1 Girls’ Generation member whose cooking skills rank 8th place in group (sweet pumpkin sandwich, with Hyoyeon) 💯  To the (Semi-)Final we're all wishing for: An Oh-Szilagyi Compilation. 💯  The Controversial 13-13 Touch, Bazadze vs Szilagyi 💯  Cool, funny, non-partisan look at the whole Clinton conspiracy - nice if ur looking for entertaining, long form content 💯  Ilhan Omar Goes After Biden For Bombing Somalia 💯  Former President Trump: 'We are becoming a COMMUNIST COUNTRY!' 💯  Why does this bowler have so much chalk on his nose and lips? (Google didn't help) 💯  Best Run out Miss in cricket History 💯  Lobster tails 💯  210721 Yeri & Hongseok - Kang Hanna's Volume Up Radio (Full Ver.) [RAW] 💯  210723 Seulgi - The Wise Music Encyclopedia EP. 13 [ENG SUB] 💯  210724 Red Velvet 3rd Concert [La Rouge] VCR Highlight [ENG SUB] 💯  A song that's marginally about throwing darts 💯  Angry Price 🤣 💯  A Day In the Bay | San Francisco, Calfornia 💯  My SF local band just released our first music video! Check it out :) 💯  Novak interview in spanish, Novak the linguist 💯  Here's a list of all Singles medalists at Olympics. 1988-2016 💯  Wawrinka best backhands from the 2015 FO Final vs Novak 💯  Umag 2021 SF Highlights: Ramos-Vinolas vs Alcaraz; Gasquet vs Altmaier. High quality matches 👍 💯  The Open Recap - Colin Morikawa is Champion Golfer of the Year 💯  3M Open| Best Bets| DraftKings Lineups| Full Tournament Breakdown 💯  „Akkor is meg fogom fogni a barátnőm kezét, ha illegális lesz a melegség” 💯  The Oddities were over on Heat. 💯  Every Pounce by Monty Brown on TNA Impact in 2004 💯  Public access pro wrestling tv show. Hilarious, dated, and very east coast. 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