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Must Watch: Tuesday, October 19, 2021

💯  NIH and ivermectin 💯  In COINTELPRO, FBI used anarchism to 'disrupt left', attack Vietnam & USSR 💯  PRIMO RADICAL #249: Aaron Maté 💯  [Yoonyoung Kim] Calm down right after your mistake (Patreon Teaching game) 💯  Eric Rosen: Giant Chess Without Turns 💯  Japan's Ministry of Railways (1871-1949) 💯  Appreciating and Leveraging the Diversity of Political Science 💯  The Pope EVISCERATES Big Pharma, War Profiteers, Greedy Capitalists & More! — The Pope Smokes Dope!! 💯  Being Interviewed by Liberal Cluck | The Housing Market, Inflation, and More 💯  Colin Powell, War Criminal Loved By The Establishment 💯  Does Dave Chappelle Have a Point? w/ Trevor Beaulieu 💯  Congress Threatens To JAIL Bezos For Lies | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar 💯  Don Lemon FIRES BACK At Joe Rogan, Sanjay Gupta REFUSES To Denounce CNN's ‘Horse Dewormer’ LIE 💯  NHL Mic'd Up Fights! 💯  Bernie Sanders And Joe Manchin Go At It Over The Reconciliation Bill | The Daily Show — Seriously, 'Murikkka has broke poor Trevor's brain... And I think it's FaBuLOUS!!! 💯  Facebook Censors Jimmy's Video While Confirming It! 💯  'Sinema Is The Avatar Of All That Is Wrong In Politics' - Journalist David Sirota 💯  Joe Rogan WHINES to CNN's Dr. Gupta About the Media and Ivermectin 💯  I became my school's president and the first thing i did was to put the Giorno's theme as the ring bell. 💯  Florida Panther Back from Near Extinction? 💯  NatorGreen7000's Puzzle. 💯  How to make Low Tech Biochar with an Open Conical "Kon Tiki" Kiln 💯  Why Owning Stuff Is Better Than Working - Abolish Landlords 💯  Why Nestle Is One of the Most Hated Companies 💯  Deets On The Supply Chain Issues #MOSen #Deets2022 #WeThePeople 💯  Rogan on American dad 💯  Don Lemon FORCES Sanjay Gupta To Retract Joe Rogan Apology 💯  Save the Triceratops! 💯  Worst Generation Ever? 💯  Usman Vs Covington 2 Ufc 268 Promo 💯  Andy Dick: Joe Rogan was an angry bully before smoking weed. Maybe he's smoking way less weed and angry again? 💯  Joe on the Outrage Around Dave Chappelle's New Special 💯  Liberal kowtowing pharmacist gets OWNED by patriot in San Antonio 💯  Releasing 750 Million Cloned Mosquitos in Florida 💯  Ethiopia PM Aid is Political Control, Liberian Rewarded for returning $5... 💯  Check out this snowboard winch I made last year. Y'all want one? I can mass produce them pretty easily. If you think there are actual consumers for this, let me know. I'm not very business savvy. I'd be willing to give this prototype away. Let me know if you wanna be a beta tester lol. Enjoy :) 💯  Chris Corning "Teal" Raw Files: Slams, Ragdolls, and general eating of shit 💯  Surfing from drone in SoCal. 💯  Pierre Louis Costes // Tahiti POV 💯  Glenn Greenwald Makes Videos For A Guy Who Spied On Him 💯  Story of serial Rape Case Filer of Gurgaon 💯  Another part time fighter become a world champion this past weekend. Jonathan Gonzalez, who works as a dealer at a casino, beat Elwin Soto to claim the WBO Light Flyweight title. 💯  Ryan Garcia vs Rolando Romero sparring highlights 💯  Eddie Hearn tells Teofimo Lopez Sr. to shut up: "Fuck Bob Arum, who gives a fuck about Bob?" 💯  Abner Cotto with a terrible flop against Javier Fortuna 💯  Thomas Hearns vs. Roberto Duran | FREE FIGHT | Happy Birthday Thomas Hearns 💯  Arthur v Yarde 2 Presser 💯  Terrible Tim Teaches: Rubber Necking 💯  AJ Doesn’t Have The Heart To Be Champion Again - John Fury 💯  Tim Witherspoon takes fan questions from BF24 part 1 💯  The Freedom To Vote Act FINE PRINT: The Freedom To Vote (But Not For Who You Want) 💯  This week, Howie speaks with Madelyn Hoffman and Heather Warburton, ecosocialist candidates for New Jersey Governor and Lieutenant Governor 💯  Howie Hawkins Interviews: Connor Mulvaney, Green Party of Pennsylvania Candidate for Pittsburgh City Council 💯  Looking forward to the tour of England and Scotland coming right up -- especially looking forward to the COP26 protests in Glasgow, and to singing at the rally in London on Saturday, October 23rd against extraditing Julian Assange to the US. 💯  The financialization of the real estate and rental housing markets in the US has turned this country into a dystopian nightmare of poverty and homelessness. In Berlin, they're fighting back against this prospect happening there, as it is already well underway. Let's join them. 💯  "What is capitalism (and why is it bad?)" Dutch podcast from Onderstroom, is now also available on Youtube! 💯  Job Interview 2021 💯  Why Are Record Numbers Of Americans Leaving Their Jobs? 💯  Shell CEO called out over companies horrible climate change reputation 💯  A classic 💯  Tom Scott shows us how a country with high gun ownership and low gun violence incidents handles guns sanely 💯  A trip around Matiu Somes island, Wellington, NZ 💯  Most unique place I've had lunch while Kayaking. 💯  Yaron Brook vs Richard Wolff, Capitalism vs Socialism Debate 💯  A new way to experience the story: Anthem | VideoBook 💯  Renegade Cut : The Proud Boys [Documentary] 💯  Gamergate is where the online right developed much of its toxic ideology and personality. This retrospective goes over Gamergate's history and the consequences of the hate movement 💯  Pharmacist won't fill ivermectin prescription for idiot 💯  Dave Rubin Humiliates Himself On Newsmax, Pretends To Know What Occam's Razor Means 💯  As Boris Johnson’s Brexit lies continue to unravel this shocking compilation must be seen 💯  MACHINE HEAD - Bulletproof (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) 💯  Gamecock Ultimate Fall 2021 Roster 💯  USA Pro Championships Highlights 2021- NKolakovic 💯  Highlights: Colonels @ 2021 Great Lakes Regionals 💯  102 Ways to Throw a Flying Disc 💯  Sockeye vs Truck Stop | 2021 Club Pro Championships Final | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS 💯  New York City protests against vaccine mandates 💯  Refreshingly Honest Billionaire Says Media Purchase Will Be Used For Propaganda 💯  Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan - Hollywood Antivax Rally 💯  I think Bill Burr's 2nd 'real' wave conspiracy holds more weight 💯  Whenever I think I'm getting good at Judo, I remember there are secondary school students in Japan that could grind me to dust. (23rd Kinshuki high school judo taikai footage) 💯  What are your thoughts on this call during Jarrell v K. Deguchi at the Paris Grand Slam? 💯  Incredible sukashi from Sasaki 💯  "Don't Tread on Us" -Corsican Nationalists to France 💯  5 steps to recovery - Tenth Amendment Center 💯  COVIDPass - World Economic Forum 💯  Noam Chomsky on the Afghanistan war, the new cold war with China, climate crisis and the practical realisation of anarchism | Eftertryk Magazine | Oct 8 2021 💯  One Year Since Bolivia's October 18th Triumph 💯  Radical History of US Labor Struggle 💯  The AUKUS military partnership summarised 💯  ProD2 Round 7 - Best 5 tries ! 💯  Whitehouse under the microscope and the biggest problem of the URC. 💯  Gluten free Buckwheat Banana muffins 💯  Pakora Kadhi Recipe • Punjabi Kadhi Pakora • Pakoda Kadhi Recipe • Vegetarian Curry • Kadai Curry 💯  Banana Stem Recipe 💯  The most useful Viburnum for the Winter. 3 Storage Methods. 💯  Simple Mushroom Curry 💯  New quick recipe with less ingredients easy to make, quick, and so damn delicious "Crispy Veg Bites"! 💯  Bench Press pause reps 102 kg 4 sets 5 to 8 reps & Slingshot 124 kg 💯  Squat - 585 x 1 @ 218 BW - I finally hit it after all this time, never though I'd be here. 7 months of trying and working... 💯  No Spotter Raw BENCH Press ALL PAUSE REPS 190 lbs × 10 -11 reps × 4 sets + Slingshot 220 lbs × 10 reps bw 213 💯  A song I wrote about needing validation from others and the anxiety that comes with that! 💯  7 actions to AVOID to calm anxiety. 💯  Join me on my YouTube channel where I’ll be talking about all things anxiety & recovery!! ❤️❤️ 💯  Join me on my YouTube channel to learn about the 4 trauma responses 😁✨ 💯  A really calming 4K walk through the English countryside 💯  How To Do Deep Breathing Exercises For Stress Relief (3 Most Important Aspects) 💯  “At this time, feeling connected to nature is more important than ever” 💯  How Cesar Recovered from Derealization and Anxiety 💯  60 Minute Guided Breathing Exercise for Anxiety Relief. If you start the video now, in one hour you'll be feeling nice and relaxed 💯  Hope this helps as many people as possible :) 💯  [Autumn] Mountain Water Stream (part 2). White Noise. Mountain Waterfall... 💯  Mountain waterfall in the forest. The sounds of the forest and the river... 💯  A video poem about my relationship with anxiety and how I experience it. 💯  7 Hours Of Heavy Rain In The Forest | Perfect For Sleeping, Studying, And Relaxing 💯  22 years old and lost in life.  Go Back 1 Day: Monday, October 18, 2021