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Must Watch: Tuesday, September 18, 2018

💯  WKND’s new Sir Palmer video 💯  Little new vhs skat edit of my friends and I 💯  Insane Billiard Trick Shot Video. Check this out. Perhaps this one is the best video I have in my collection. 💯  Anderson Cooper shuts down Donald Trump Jr.'s lie 💯  INFOWARS LIED??? 2018 Reporter Contest... 💯  Nrl 2018 - Biggest Hit From Every Round 💯  Summer Hockey Game 8 | Isn't summer Season done!? 💯  Old footage of Conor McGregor wrestling training from 2015... 💯  Brian Ortega - 'Invisible' Combat Jiu-Jitsu, feat. Rickson & Rener Gracie [highlight & film study] 💯  Aljamain Sterling breaks down McGregor vs Khabib, his weight-cut, and his reaction to Zabit's suloev stretch. Plus Jimmy Smith breaks down McGregor-Khabib and Mousasi-MacDonald | Obviously Fight Talk MMA Podcast 💯  In Honor of Kid Yamamoto His fight with K-1 Masato 💯  Luke Thomas on Herb Dean, Bad Stoppages And The Omerta Problem 💯  Just won my first amateur belt! Here's the full fight 💯  Conor McGregor's Best Press Conference Moments from UFC's Youtube 💯  Suga Show Episode #3 💯  Footage Of My 3rd MMA Fight Won 1st Round 💯  The verdict on F1's 2021 concepts 💯  Vettel Sings to Kimi (Finnish Comedy w/ Translation) 💯  F1 feat we will rock you best tribute 💯  Best Onboards | 2018 Singapore Grand Prix 💯  Dream Hoarders:10-15-17 Forum at St. John's Norwood 💯  Is America Dreaming?: Understanding Social Mobility 💯  Education Reduces Social Mobility (Richard Reeves) 💯  2017 Annual Convening: Keynote Address - Richard Reeves 💯  Panel II - Student Response to "Dream Hoarders" 💯  American Forum: Who is Hoarding the American Dream 💯  One Finger Death Punch 2, kung fu fighter inspired coming to Switch. 💯  Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle - Launch Trailer 💯  HQ renders for Smash Ultimate costumes found by SourceGaming, includes previously-unknown Crafted World Yoshi 💯  5 Things You Didn't Know About The First Animal Crossing Game! 💯  N1RV Ann-A Cyberpunk Bartender Action Reveal Trailer 💯  15 Minutes of Luigi's Mansion 3DS - Featuring Co-Op Mode (Direct Audio) 💯  Dragalia Lost - The History of Alberia - Part 1 💯  Dragalia Lost - The History of Alberia - Part 2 💯  Scribblenauts Mega Pack - Launch Trailer 💯  Boss Rushes and Why We Need Power Trips | Boss Battle Breakdown 💯  An awesome nostalgia trip from Goomba Shoes 💯  Puyo Puyo eSports - Tokyo Game Show trailer 💯  Richard V. Reeves on the Myth of Meritocracy 💯  Author shares warning about 'dream hoarders' 💯  In Conversation – Nancy MacLean, Richard Reeves, and Gillian White On "Dream Hoarders" 💯  Dr. Richard Reeves-"Dream Hoarders: How the American Class Systems Works" 💯  "Dream Hoarders: The Dangerous Separation of the..." by Richard Reeves - February 8, 2017 💯  Opening Remarks: The Hidden Rules of Race and Dream Hoarders 💯  Richard Reeves at the University of Virginia on January 24, 2018. 💯  The Hidden Rules of Race and Dream Hoarders - Full Conference 💯  Richard V. Reeves, Author of "Dream Hoarders" (Shelter Rock Forum, UUCSR) 💯  Dream Hoarders: A Book Talk with Richard Reeves 💯  Dmytro Chumak UKR 2018 nationals: 180/220 @ 101.3 💯  [Form Check] Snatch and a couple of pulls. I'm very new and very clueless. Looking to improve any way I can 💯  FULL GAME: Eagles @ Cowboys, 2008 💯  A clip courtesy of ESPN, still following Johnny Manziel as he talks frustration. Discussed on RawMikeRichards 💯  A brand new drug for men who are having trouble adjusting to the #metoo movement. 💯  Simon Lizotte - The Memorial Championships Presented by Discraft Champion (Highlights) 💯  Forehand only Flint Hills Challenge with Pushups for every par! 💯  Match versus Tommy at 2018 Copenhagen Open 💯  Deep Half Guard: Simple Back Take 💯  Onnit Invitational 9 Stream Upload 💯  Rolling With a White Belt | My capoeira started bjj and we got a chance to roll 💯  Driver Testing Video [feedback appreciated] 💯  Please take a moment to rate my swing! 💯  5 Key Exercises You Should Be Doing! 💯  Why Sjws And Anti-sjws Are Bad 💯  We Found Bigfoot! — Dean Phillips for Congress MN-03 💯  Did Trump create an economic boom? Nope: 💯  Started My Own Volleyball Team Need Help!! 💯  Found Bike Underwater While Treasure Hunting In River! (Recovered After 1 Year) 💯  Launch Your Business for Future Growth 💯  The Elite Is Driving The Cashless Society 💯  Answering Jake Tapper's 'How Will You Pay For It?' Deficit Trolling Of The Left 💯  Humans or Profit? 💯  How We Pay for Medicare for All: An In-Depth Breakdown (w/ Andrea Witte) 💯  Jake Tapper Tries To Ambush Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (TYT destroys his smears) 💯  Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of "Changing the World" 💯  Sekulow: No hearing needed if Kavanaugh accuser won't appear 💯  I very sad video :( 💯  Ted Koppel Tells Sean Hannity He Is Bad For America TO HIS FACE| 💯  Corporate Pollution, Age of Consent, BAME Actors - podcast 💯  I Just Made a New Analysis Video on the Bouncing Attack 💯  ‘Semi-Auto Rifles Kill Twice As Many as Other Guns’ & Other Irresponsible Headlines | A New Study 💯  Quantum Darts QD600 24g darts review 💯  I finally collected enough video for a full part I am happy with! 💯  Intercept Report Reveals Senate Ignored Federal Court Employees Willing to Testify Against Kavanaugh 💯  How Global Warming and Arctic Ice Melt Intensifies Hurricanes 💯  YAHANGALA |SRI LANKA - The Mountain with unique shape of a bed 💯  Geo-economics of Saudi Vision 2030 | Caspian Report 💯  How to clean a top rope anchor 💯  Jason Chaffetz: The deep state is real 💯  Bill O'Reilly | NSN | 9/17/18 | Brett Kavanaugh Allegations 💯  Crazy UK Labour MP Suggests Banning Closed Forums Online to "Stop Hate" 💯  BUSTED: ACU Chairman Calls Out The MSM For Dishonestly Fact Checking Trump 💯  REKT: Women For Trump Guest Hammers CNN's Cuomo Over Kavanaugh Obstruction 💯  Viktor Orban Challenges Macron as Nations Stand with Hungary! 💯  The Dalai Lama vs. Pope Francis on Immigration! 💯  Obama HUMILIATED On LIVE TV After Top Feminist BLASTS What He Did To President Trump 💯  Russia, Turkey announce deal on demilitarized zone in Syria 💯  Judge Napolitano on if Kavanaugh's nomination is in jeopardy 💯  Your daily reminder that gun rights aren't Republicans vs. Democrats, but pro-rights vs anti-rights. Just because politicians claim to be on one side, doesn't mean they won't flip whenever it's convenient. 💯  Has Trump fixed the economy? No, of course not: 💯  Angry Alex Higgins 💯  "Funny" video about the gender death gap. 💯  Bettina Arndt: Riot squad called in to protect me and my audience at Sydney University 💯  SJWeekly #13 (September 16th 2018) - MAKING IT UP EDITION 💯  I just released a two-part video of my recent skate trip through England! Check out "DISMAL" 💯  With 15 days left, here's Matt Martin telling Steve Ott how he really feels about him. 💯  If you've never watched Jack Hughes play, watch this shift-by-shift video of his two-goal performance against Youngstown of the USHL last March. See what the hype is all about. 💯  With 15 days remaining until the regular season, here’s elite sniper Tanner Glass roofing a no look backhand GWG on Carey Price in the 2017 playoffs 💯  Is this the sickest intro to a hockey game yet? Luleå vs Brynäs SHL first game of the season! 💯  (NEW) Jordan Peterson 18 September 2018. 💯  Deep State Unmasked: State Dept on Hidden Cam "Resist Everything" "I Have Nothing to Lose" | Project Veritas 💯  VIDEO: Yelich's second cycle (9/17/18) -- ALL HITS 💯  [MLB] Glove/Off: Nolan Arenado vs. Matt Chapman 💯  The Real Wage Gap Number Revealed 💯  Jake Roberts recalls Stu Hart's dangerous sleeper holds on WWE Story Time 💯  09/18/18 CMLL Arena Puebla (Ultimo Guerrero, LA Park and HdLA Park vs Rush, Bestia and Cavernario) 💯  Teddy Hart on Bruce Hart and Brian Pillman mistreating their students. 💯  Anderson Cooper shuts down conspiracy theorist who posted picture of him "faking" the depth of the flood waters 💯  A Promo for Japan's latest superfight: Undefeated kickboxing star Tenshin Nasukawa versus Japan's best MMA fighter and UFC veteran Kyoji Horiguchi! 💯  A Jim Jordan Speakership Could Save 2018 for Republicans 💯  Lisa Page: No evidence of collusion before Mueller appointment 💯  Hiking to Hidden waterfalls on the Cape Otway Coast- Australia 💯  I was violated and intimidated for open carry by LVMPD September 14th 2018 💯  Friendface! 💯  Cannon Beach in 4K (UHD Raw Footage) 💯  Great song about wealth inequality and modern life 💯  Orlando Magic Season Preview 💯  LeBron James's last two wins as a Cleveland Cavalier: 46-11-9 in 46 minutes, 35-15-9 in 48 minutes. 💯  With 10 days to go before preseason starts, here is David Robinson getting 10 blocks, 10 assists and 10 rebounds in a quadruple double performance. (the last quad double recorded in the NBA) 💯  Are Collins and Murkowski Depraved Enough To Confirm Kavanaugh After Today? - The Majority Report with Sam Seder 💯  Obama Convinces Ohio's Richest Republican to Leave Party - David Pakman Show 💯  In 1942. Vice President Henry Wallace Spoke of a "Century of the Common Man" A Time Where a Democratic and Collective Ownership and Control of the Fruits of Their Labor Would Compose Their Economic Makeup, A Time Where Human Decency and Equ 💯  Trump Jr. Goes Full Moron, Mocks Kavanaugh Accuser With Crayon Drawing - The Majority Report with Sam Seder 💯  #midterms2018: Trump Declassifying Fisa, Fbi Texts Help Gop Keep House And Senate During #midterms By H.a. Goodman 💯  South Korean President Moon Jae-in visits Pyongyang - euronews 💯  Idlib Buffer Zone: Putin and Erdogan announce humanitarian "buffer zone" in Syria - euronews 💯  US - China Trade War - euronews 💯  German spy chief Hans-Georg Maassen under fire - euronews 💯  🇺🇸 Calls grow to delay Kavanaugh vote amid sex assault allegations | Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English 💯  SpaceX reveals identity of the world's first lunar space tourist - euronews 💯  🇸🇾 Idlib assault on hold as Russia, Turkey agree on buffer zone | Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English 💯  South Korean President Moon's first ever visit to Pyongyang - euronews 💯  Scallop Peace: UK and France agree to new fishing regulations - euronews 💯  Orban Turns East: Hungarian PM to meet Putin in Moscow - euronews 💯  Needle scare in Australia - euronews 💯  Trump defends Kavanaugh after sexual assault allegation - euronews 💯  🇺🇸 Florence: North Carolina's rivers still rising after record rain | Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English 💯  🇺🇸🇨🇳 US slaps tariffs on $200bn of China goods as trade war escalates l Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English 💯  Higher Minimum Wage Boosts Pay Without Reducing Jobs - New Study - The Jimmy Dore Show 💯  🇮🇶 Iraq close to running out of water l Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English 💯  Russian Il-20 downed by Syrian air defense forces - MoD - RT 💯  Keegan-Michael Key as Mourinho's anger translator 💯  Inter v Tottenham: The Exploitation of Space 💯  Michael Moore Says He's Unsure We'll "Get To 2020 As A Democracy" 💯  Tulsi Gabbard SHUTS DOWN Jimmy Dore's 3rd Party Ideas 💯  Sam & Michael React to Paul Manafort & Michael Cohen Going Down 💯  PRO14 Highlights: Zebre vs Cardiff Blues 💯  Great behind the scenes of the AB’s dresser after the SA’s loss. 💯  Why The Irish Don't Do The Haka 💯  All Blacks v Springboks Review | The Rugby Championship 2018 | The 1014 Rugby 💯  1014 Springbok vs All Blacks review 💯  Congress is Solving the Opioid Crisis? What’s in the “Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018” 💯  An interesting video about a Tour de France stlye road race 💯  This Bicyclist Just Pedaled 184 MPH. Really. 💯  fixie tricks (t-pose + pepe trigger alert) 💯  Life of a Zebra 💯  NHL Franchise Misery Index for 2018 - The Hockey Guy 💯  ON RawMikeRichards, Grant Fuhr talks about his new doc called "Making Coco" 💯  Top 10 Water Polo Goals of the Olympic Games 💯  Theotrice Chambers - 5'2 Bantamweight Power Puncher Was One Of The Smallest Kronk Fighters Of All Time - Sensational KO1 With A Near Double Knockdown 💯  Rummy's Corner on GGG-Canelo - a fair and thoughtful analysis of Canelo's victory 💯  Dmitry Bivol (Дмитрий Бивол) Career Highlights - 'HAVE NO FEAR' ᴴᴰ || Лучшиe моменты и нокауты 💯  Hillary Clinton's flip flops: from same-sex marriage to TPP 💯  Two women who dated Kavanaugh speak out 💯  Huge Fire In The Residential Building On Chicago Suburbs 💯  Foxfur and Semjase (2011) [6:31] 💯  Elon Musk Criticizes Donald Trump 💯  U.S Israeli War Crimes under fire! Bolton Vs. ICC 💯  China-Russia military drill deepens Western concerns - YouTube 💯  Kavanaugh And Accuser To Testify In Public  Go Back 1 Day: Monday, September 17, 2018