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Must Watch: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

πŸ’―  Do you think this could catch on? πŸ’―  Tom Randall hikes Bachar Cracker in flip flops πŸ’―  "The People" - Osama al-Amir [Upto Montage] πŸ’―  Kamala Harris explains her neoconservative views on the US-Israel relationship to AIPAC (2017) πŸ’―  Nathan Phillips Reveals TRUTH About Viral Protest Video πŸ’―  Undercover video shows grim reality of homeless warming centre Citynews Toronto πŸ’―  Ray Dalio - Davos 2019 πŸ’―  Geopolitics of Brazil - KJ Vids πŸ’―  Donald Trump is Spider-Man πŸ’―  Buzzed "If True " & "Impeachment " Montage πŸ’―  Joe Rogan Has Adam Greentree Explain Australian Gun Laws πŸ’―  147 Madness πŸ’―  Vietnam Veteran: Americans Can't Handle the Truth πŸ’―  Jim Jefferies -- Gun Control (Part 1) -- repost, but worth it πŸ’―  Longboarding over railroad tracks.. and other stuff.. πŸ’―  Some chill riding before sunset πŸ’―  Backlund wins it in OT vs the Hurricanes with a beautiful in and out move πŸ’―  JG Pageau joins β€œThats Hockey” while warming up πŸ’―  Great jokes in here from Roy Halladay's 2017 Canadian Baseball HOF induction speech. RIP Halladay. Congrats to his family on his 1st ballot baseball HOF nod. πŸ’―  In honor of Roy Halladay making the Hall of Fame, here’s a video of the standing ovation he got in his return to Toronto. He went on to pitch a complete game and get the win 5-3. πŸ’―  Had the honor of editing this spot that aired directly after this years induction announcement. Let me know what you fans think! πŸ’―  LIVESTREAM: ABL Wild Card Game- Canberra Cavalry @ Melbourne Aces πŸ’―  Was Gillette's soy loving, testosterone hating leftist #MeToo bull$h*t ad just a well designed marketing move that we all fell for??? πŸ’―  Jeremy Vine Thanked For Cutting Off Owen Jones - β€˜Thank GOD you cut Owen Jones off!’ πŸ’―  Historical Materialism & The Marxist View Of The State πŸ’―  Silicon Valley Tech Billionaire is Claiming β€œThe Holocaust Never Happened” πŸ’―  Rhett & Link from Good Mythical Morning attempt wrestling moves πŸ’―  2010 Drew McIntyre with the IC Title is sooo different It's like they aren't even the same person. 9 Years are a long time but still, some people haven't changed as much as him. πŸ’―  To those who watches Cultaholic & their Graded videos, here's this week's Smackdown Live Graded. πŸ™‚ πŸ’―  Le Salaire Γ  Vie (Bernard Friot) πŸ’―  Chris Brown accused of rape. Why do women blame the victims? πŸ’―  FBI sabotages socialists and progressives as policy πŸ’―  The Capitalism of Jake Paul (an edgy critique) πŸ’―  Fourth quarter thrillers | Freo vs St Kilda, round 21, 2005 πŸ’―  The late great Roy Halladay was inducted into the baseball HOF today. Here's his induction speech into the 2017 Canada baseball HOF, 5 months before his death. πŸ’―  Russell Westbrook drops Damian Lillard πŸ’―  CIA is AstroTurfing the Younger Dryas Impact. Diehold Foundation YouTube channel is obvious COINTELPRO pushing the CIA poleshift propaganda. Here is why: πŸ’―  SHOCKER: FBI Admits Sabotaging Progressive Politicians As Policy! πŸ’―  Death Cars. Mysterious vehicles that have killed the most people throughout history. πŸ’―  8 Financial Realities That Are Making Americans' Lives Terrible πŸ’―  Trump Has Been Posting Altered Photos Of Himself... Because Of Course He Has. πŸ’―  Hiking to Potato Chip Rock in San Diego πŸ’―  A broader point about Gillette I have yet to see πŸ’―  Pay attention, "toxic masculinity" pundits. πŸ’―  Toxic Femininity? Heather Heying πŸ’―  7: Do we need the Electoral College? Podcast πŸ’―  Remembering Rockets-Clippers Game 6 heroics by Corey Brewer and Josh Smith πŸ’―  Dragan "double-double" Bender posts 13/10/2 and posterizes Karl Towns πŸ’―  Stephen Curry Explains His Slip & Airball πŸ’―  [The Jump] Jackie MacMullan doesn't expect the Celtics to make any trades: "Celtics are banking on Gordon Hayward returning to form by the playoffs." πŸ’―  Stephen Curry aggresively throws basketballs at James Corden πŸ’―  True Peace: A Koan πŸ’―  πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Cardiff City footballer Sala onboard plane that disappeared | Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ US Senate to vote on Thursday on ending government shutdown | Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  British business lobby group fears "irreversible damage" | #GME - euronews πŸ’―  Zimbabwe Protests: reports of widespread violence across the country | #GME - euronews πŸ’―  Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan holding talks in Moscow | #GME - euronews πŸ’―  πŸŽ₯ Oscar nominations: Netflix nabs nomination for 'Roma' | Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Missing Footballer: Emiliano Sala's plane disappeared over The Channel | #GME - euronews πŸ’―  EU to warn against schemes selling 'Golden Visas' to the wealthy | #GME - euronews πŸ’―  Fears hard border may return to Ireland after Brexit | #GME - euronews πŸ’―  Davos Day 2: GDP, emerging markets and "ocean economy" on the agenda | #GME - euronews πŸ’―  πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Moscow talks: Erdogan to discuss Syria with Putin | Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Euronews takes you on a ride on the Davos Bus | #GME - euronews πŸ’―  Who's on the Davos Bus? Networkers, 'global shapers', and 'the best bus ride in Davos ever!' - euronews πŸ’―  France summons Italian ambassador over deputy PM's Africa comments - euronews πŸ’―  The EU Commission warns against schemes selling 'Golden Visas' to the wealthy | #GME - euronews πŸ’―  Dyson HQ’s move out of Britain adds to Brexit jitters - euronews πŸ’―  Oscars 2019: Netflix makes its mark and Lady Gaga gets a Best Actress nod - euronews πŸ’―  πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ Mexico pipeline blast: President promises end to fuel theft | Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Aaron Sorkin Bashes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Progressive Youth - The Majority Report with Sam Seder πŸ’―  European Union plans to play 'asteroid billiards' in new space programme - euronews πŸ’―  Independence and the Iraqi Kurds | Al Jazeera World - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  Reading of an article of the connection of capitalism to mental illness. πŸ’―  How has Ancelotti Tried to Adapt Sarriball at Napoli? πŸ’―  Burnie Sanders defending gay soldiers in 1995 πŸ’―  Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. - April 4, 1967 - Beyond Vietnam: A Time To... πŸ’―  The Case for Private Roads πŸ’―  Relaxing bike build video. 2019 Stumpjumper evo πŸ’―  That advert everyone is gonna post during the 6 Nations πŸ’―  Comedian Josh Pray Gets an Austin Elite Rugby Jersey πŸ’―  It's actually frightening πŸ’―  Danny Cipriani's England Debut πŸ’―  Making a series of the history of every nhl team in under 5 mins or less! πŸ’―  Navigate Nimbly! The Great Meme War Is On The Horizon. πŸ’―  The World is going insane πŸ’―  A Smile is Stronger than a Fake Narrative πŸ’―  Weight loss while training for ultra - Episode 15 πŸ’―  Iron Mike Tyson – A Day in Catskill Cus D’amato Boxing Gym - 1986 πŸ’―  Floyd Jr. insults Larry Merchant in a post-fight interview (Mayweather vs Ortiz) πŸ’―  Gervonta Davis vs. Abner Mares: Preview | Feb. 9 on SHOWTIME | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING πŸ’―  Larry Merchant gets upset at Mexican mariachi music πŸ’―  The Ultimate Moment With Arnold Schwarzenegger - Martins Licis πŸ’―  Teacher makes joke, student gets offended, teacher was fired πŸ’―  interesante - not support for ben πŸ’―  The Assassination Games: Pelosi's Pin-Headed Plot To Presume The Presidency πŸ’―  PROTESTER SCREAMS Then Rethinks : Change My Mind | Louder With Crowder πŸ’―  MAGA Teens Invited by Native American to Meet & Talk!!! (Haha NO THANKS) - LESSONS LEARNED! πŸ’―  A surprise to be sure.  Go Back 1 Day: Tuesday, January 22, 2019