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Must Watch: Friday, August 14, 2020

💯  🔴📽 Live Now (6:55PM) President Trump delivers remarks to the City of New York Police Benevolent Association 💯  Bernie SLAMS Lazy Republicans 💯  Netanyahu speaks at the UN! 💯  Joe Biden can't drive 💯  “How to Hide an Empire”: Daniel Immerwahr on the History of the Greater United States 💯  MASSIVE VOTER BACKLASH as BLM Mob Demands Whites GIVE UP Their HOMES for... 💯  Biden Reaffirms His Hatred Of Medicare For All 💯  Trump Spends The Day Attacking Powerful Women Who Terrify Him 💯  Kamala Birthers IMMEDIATELY Come Out 💯  Fox News Goes Into Billionaire Protection Mode 💯  Rapper Calls Out College Football Hypocrites 💯  Trump Admits He’s Rigging The Election 💯  Trump's Attacks On Kamala Make Her Seem Cooler Than She Is 💯  Michael Cohen Teases A Bombshell Book While Trump Admits He's Slowing USPS To Tilt The Election 💯  PANEL WILDLY SPECULATES: 2024 Polls Show CUOMO, PENCE Leading Ticket. Should We Despair? 💯  McConnell Vacations During Domestic Catastrophe 💯  Why Men (And Women) Didn't Let Women Vote 💯  Feel Stuck in Life? - It's Time to Wake Up 💯  David Goggins Motivation – The “What If” Mindset 💯  How To Make Your 24 Hours Count | Best Motivational Video On Youtube 2020 💯  DMT Activation frequencies 💯  How to be UNSTOPPABLE | Spiritual Wisdom | Motivational | Spiritual Mindset 💯  Great MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES To Inspire Work, Achievement, and Success. 💯  This is to help those who are really having trouble finding happiness in their lives. 💯  How to Be an Overcomer 💯  You Have To Challenge Yourself | Best motivational video 2020 💯  Overcome Eye Contact Anxiety And Feel These Emotions Under The IceBerg 💯  I Hope You Are Doing OK 💯  Do you get constantly get embarrassed easily? Here is a video that will help you understand toxic shame and how it may be affecting you on a daily basis. And how to finally overcome it so you can finally feel worthy and have a deep sense of belonging. Hope it helps! 💯  The most important conversations you’ll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself. 💯  538 Model Projections (11.5 Weeks from Election Day) 💯  There are times when we are ignored by people who mean the world to us. We want them to be a part of our lives. This inspirational poetry is to remind you to just let them go. Be patient for the wonderful people who will want to be with you. 💯  This is a song I recorded, for anyone going through depression. You’re not alone. ❤️ this is my first, of many songs I plan to make, helping others. 💯  Jordan Peterson | How I Treat depression 💯  Hope you would like it the way liked and relaxed listening. 💯  China Threatens Nuclear War | Floods Could Lead to Food Shortage Crisis 💯  Weirdness in the Bubble! 💯  China wants to SHUT ME UP! 💯  What You Should Know About Russia’s Attempts To Undermine Biden’s Candidacy & Help Trump 💯  "TRUMP INTERVIEW" — A Bad Lip Reading 💯  Trita Parsi: Why Trump's Israel Deal Is A Win For Those Pushing Endless War 💯  Joe Biden Accused Of "Enforcing Sharia Law" 💯  PANEL: Bloomberg And DNC Line UP, What It Really Says About Democratic Party 💯  Krystal and Saagar DEBATE: DOJ Finds Yale DISCRIMINATES Against White And Asian Students 💯  Schools Re-Open While Congress Goes On Vacation! 💯  Alex Morse Speaks Out, Plus Kamala Harris as Biden's VP | Useful Idiots 💯  Krystal and Saagar's WINNERS AND LOSERS: Wall Street, MSNBC, Neoliberalism Here For The Long Run 💯  Former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett on Leading the Greens and the inextricable link between class and environmental policies, including UBI and universal housing etc. 💯  How to grow coriander at home| plant life cycle 💯  Official Trailer | All Or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur 💯  A mainstream reporter finally asks the US president if he regrets all of the lying he's done to the American people -- now we can watch his answer. 💯  Not looking for dog fight here, but a civil discussion. I'm pro Basic Income, but welcome opposite views like this. What are your thoughts to Steve Forbes views on Basic Income? 💯  Universal Basic Income debate: Karl Widerquist vs. Marco Annunziata 💯  Judge Tells Trump To Put Up Or Shut Up In Voter Fraud Case 💯  Can America Be Saved? Politics & Art stream 💯  "Do you accept that Kamala Harris is a qualified candidate"? Senior Adv. to US President, Jared Kushner Answers. 💯  Was Every German Soldier Bad? - A Response 💯  Rowan Atkinson on free speech 💯  Donald Trump Left Speechless After Reporter Corners Him 💯  Connecticut---Election 2020 Countdown 💯  #BILLIONAIRE on #TedTalks explaining why #capitalism is 💯  Outflanking Biden? 💯  Trump Outlefts Democrats with Executive Order 💯  Tulsi destroyed Harris already 💯  The Tulsi Gabbard KO to Kamala Harris 💯  Tucker: There are timeshare sellers more trustworthy than Kamala Harris 💯  10 Stupidest Things Said by Democrats at the Barr Hearing 💯  Former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney: Guccifer 2.0 was CIA 💯  Kamala Harris is a racist who supports Genocide 💯  Joe Biden Choosing Kamala Harris For VP Is A Slap In The Face To Black Americans 💯  David Choe and Anthony Bourdain Visit Sizzler 💯  Tulsi Gabbard on Receiving Backlash Over Calling Out Kamala Harris | Joe Rogan 💯  Joe Rogan Experience #1523 - Joey Diaz & Brian Redban 💯  Survivalist Glenn Villeneuve on nearly starving to death in northern Alaska 💯  If you had a chimp use twitter do you think that chimp would become like the first transgender chimp. 💯  Joe Rogan Experience #1524 - Ron Funches 💯  “The Time Canceler” with special guest star Joseph Rogan 💯  Joe Rogan & Akira The Don - EXPERIENCE | Full Album | Meaningwave (OC by u/akirathedon) 💯  He actually did do an episode with just him and Jamie I feel like we never noticed this. 💯  Mike Pence: "We're not gonna let biden and kamala CUT America's MEAT!" 😂🤣 💯  Cornel West Reacts To Biden/Harris Ticket, Doesn’t Hold Back 💯  Let's talk about work stoppages, generally.... 💯  Krystal and Saagar: New Poll Reveals Biden's BIGGEST Vulnerability 💯  Krystal and Saagar: Rich Get RICHER In Depression & Working Class Suffers, Congress LEAVES FOR WEEKS 💯  Throwback: Jeremy Scahill savagely owns Toure over blindly defending Obama's drone program 💯  Democrats Still Using Russia-Gate As Excuse For Losing! 💯  Trump just asked in his daily press conference (to Biden, about mandating masks): “If a president can order people to cover their faces...what other powers does he have?” 💯  That One Video AntiFa And The BLM Don't Want You to See Because It Explains EVERYTHING 💯  Joe Biden and the Curious Case of the Cognitive Test (Youtube). Good breakdown of the MSM's accusation that Trump is mentally incompetent while giving Biden a a pass. 💯  Bikers get political and IT IS AWESOME. Here's a slice of life and discourse outside of major metropolitan areas. 💯  Becca & Matt Hamilton (USA) blatantly violates 5-rock rule vs Kauste/Rantamäki (FIN) (from WMDCC 2017) 💯  Huge update re Johnny Depp v Amber Heard: Full version of the infamous video leaked to TMZ released! Amber can be heard chuckling as she picks up the phone while Johnny left the room. 💯  Footage from the Fury corner during the Wallin fight 💯  Fight Camp Bubble Trouble ep3: Eddie Hearn with Shannon Courtenay, Eric Donovan & Andy Scott 💯  Camp insider: Dillian Whyte Vs Alexander Povetkin camp. Pt.1 💯  Roamer Angulo upset prospect Anthony Sims Jr. last time out, and on Saturday he returns against David Benavidez on Showtime - Full Fight 💯  Jermell Charlo on Floyd Mayweather, says Floyd gotta stay away from him if he wants to come back 💯  Wahsayah Whitebird, the City Council President of Ashland, Wisconsin and America's Only Elected Communist, endorses Hawkins/Walker 💯  Top U.S. & World Headlines — August 14, 2020 💯  How To Think Like an Organizer 💯  Stimulus Check 2 & Second Stimulus Package update Friday August 14th 💯  A month later after the BLM movement in Washington DC 💯  East Coast fun - "Numbskulls: Hurricane Isaias Road Trip" 💯  How African Leader Omar Bongo ruled Gabon for 42 years 💯  Aaron Boone Lies to Yankee Fans & Media About Aaron Judge 💯  Mr. Trump and his executive order for the Coronovirus Relief Bill 💯  A Conversation with Bruce Smith, FOUNDER/CEO of HYDROW | Rowing Resource... 💯  Favorite kayak location for peace and birding 💯  Kayaking Rudees Inlet Virginia Beach, Virginia GoPro 💯  Yaron Brook Show: The Nature and History of Money 💯  Analysis and opinion on quotes 💯  Yaron Brook Show: Biden & Harris, Chicago Looting as "Reparations", Seat... 💯  Yaron Brook Show: Uber Shrugs In California, BLM Backlash & Should Schoo... 💯  Remember, your ancestors died and were displaced for these colonizers. 💯  Senior US Veteran, Gordon Duff, Claims That Israel Is Behind Beirut Blast. 💯  Protecting Human Rights 💯  Our body - their choice? NFW! Sign up at #YouFirst 💯  A CIA whistle-blower comes forward with a jaw dropping story about pedophile rings and organized kidnappings for elite clients in America. 💯  Apple banned Fortnite. Fortnite replied recreating a commercial of Apples from the 80's that did not age well. 💯  Give this thing a gun and make it remote controlled. Drop them out of drones into enemy territory. 50 million ‘operators’ are already being trained via Call of Duty warzone. 💯  Imagine this, connected to a global wifi and satellite system, which has access to all of your phone data, armed and a whole police force of them 💯  Creepy Joe Biden Exposed 💯  Been looking for footage of this forever!! WCBU2017 - USA vs PHI - Mixed Division. Insane PHI comeback from an 8-2 deficit to get the win. Taken from a Facebook live but its better than nothing! 💯  Forest City State Tournament Highlights 2019 💯  Opi does big things on Scandal's D line in the 2014 National Final 💯  Hi guys. Here's a core conditioning circuit for judo as used by a member of the Great British squad. Do you think it's even worth spending time on specifically training your core? If so, how do you do it and what are your favourite exercises? If not, why not? 💯  Judo VS Japanese Jujutsu (structural differences) 💯  Is that freedom I hear? In America? Better shut this down quick 💯  Reason number 19651 why you guys in US should never give up your guns 💯  Biden's pick 💯  Should you vote for Biden in a safe state? 💯  2020 Dem platform: Radically transform the federal courts 💯  Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Hold First Joint 2020 Campaign Event 💯  Prof Eric Kauffman on how far left orwellianism has spread into the liberal mainstream, which in turn fuels a move by sections of the silent majority towards the populist right. Never has this felt so apt. 💯  Fantastic video about our country right now and what we need to think about 💯  The Dark Horse Dual Plan. Thoughts? 💯  How to Be a Woke White Person. This is cutting satire. While it would be good to help the world, many people are putting their energy into hating people, calling them racist, shaming them and worse just to score 'woke' points. As he says, actually helping people doesn't offer the same kudos. 💯  Kamala Harris' Criminal Justice Record - Joe Rogan Experience 💯  Gregg Popovich nails this Donald Trump impersonation 🤣🤣🤣 💯  The BBC Are Pushing Their Globalist Agenda on KIDS 💯  Josef Stalin: Speech of the 19th Party Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Oct 1952 💯  "We Must Learn to Do Economic Work" by Mao Tse-Tung. Audiobook of Classic Marxist Speech from 1945 💯  "Political Indifferentism" by Karl Marx. Audiobook of Classic 1873 Marxist/Socialist/Communist text. 💯  Russian elders describe their life in the USSR 💯  Something we all know; but even more pressing of a fact as this shit show of an election draws nearer. Two heads of the same beast. Voting for the lesser of two evils for the last 50 years has gotten us to where we are now. And it will only get worse. 💯  Wahsayah Whitebird, City Council President of Ashland, Wisconsin & America's Only Elected Communist, endorses the Hawkins/Walker Left Unity Campaign 💯  Not an entirely unreasonable request. 💯  Another episode of The Aussie Rugby Show, lightish still on insight but full of bantz. 💯  Knowing Better about the state of the US Postal Service. 💯  Psychiatrist Explains What's Wrong with Trump, Biden's Speech 💯  There's No Tyranny Like Petty Tyranny 💯  China softens as US announces Clean Network | WeChat and TikTok’s infiltration overseas 💯  An Edit from my First Few Weeks on the Tides - Also my E-Fise Entry - Vote for me Please! 💯  Great music video with rollerblading in it 💯  CENTENNIAL SKATEPARK in Markham, Ontario Rollerblading with Drone in 4K 💯  AOC's BRILLIANT Response To Trump's Racist and Sexist Attack on Her 💯  The jump shot with both legs makes it possible to throw over a block with a short run-up. In this video, you get an introduction and different exercises to improve the jump shot with both legs. 💯  Trumps Executive Order - Dissect Some Heck 💯  Chip in Quarter. WTF? 💯  Classic lines are classic for a reason; Gunsight Notch, Seneca Rocks, WV 💯  Hang Out With Your Wang Out 💯  Chaos by the Bay: The Truth About Homelessness in San Francisco  Go Back 1 Day: Thursday, August 13, 2020