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Must Watch: Saturday, November 17, 2018

πŸ’―  How the CАBАL InfiltrΠ°ted Every Aspect of Your Life | WΠ°r on the Аmerican People Part 2 πŸ’―  Brilliant bit by George Carlin πŸ’―  Please save this wrongly accused Male Physicist by signing a petition. πŸ’―  The ACLU Thinks Men Don't Deserve Due Process?! πŸ’―  The Cardinals Fan - a short film based off of the infamous green text! πŸ’―  LIVESTREAM: Australian Baseball League- Canberra Cavalry @ Melbourne Aces πŸ’―  Goldberg is playing Santa Claus in a new Dodge commercial πŸ’―  Ron Killings has only 1,000 views on his new music video. Let's show him some love! πŸ’―  The WWE Anti-Bullying campaign...taken into the realm of Backyard Wrestling - The Following Announcement πŸ’―  Triple H recruits X pac to replace Playgirl centerfold Shawn Michaels in DX πŸ’―  AFL unites Aboriginal Community :-) πŸ’―  Kailan Hill wins by spinning-backfist knockout in just 11 seconds πŸ’―  Ryan Dodd Waterski Jump World Record πŸ’―  Ref stops the game to plead with the fans, "Please, no snowballs." πŸ’―  Harvard lost a touchdown because their running back gave a Yale defender the finger πŸ’―  Indian Soccer Commentator Hilariously Calls Player Getting Hit in the Nuts πŸ’―  Disgraceful behavior by parents after a local youth football game. It’s sad when the kids are the more mature. πŸ’―  Shut the Fuck up, Donnie! πŸ’―  Ana Kasparian Dismantles Corporate Democrats After The 2018 Midterms πŸ’―  How to Save the Humans [ 3:50] πŸ’―  Ranked Choice Voting Works Perfectly In Maine πŸ’―  Exposing Sunset Bay Academy πŸ’―  Explaining Markelle Fultz Free Throw Through the Lens of Pain Science πŸ’―  Molotov cocktail clashes: Thousands march in Athens marking 1973 Greek student revolt - RT πŸ’―  Hatriot Mail: Bleeding Heart NPC Beta Cuck Male Loser - David Pakman Show πŸ’―  Fox News Fearmongers About Insanely Popular Gun Reform - Secular Talk πŸ’―  One dead and over 200 injured in fuel protests across France - euronews πŸ’―  Trump Impeachment Imminent, Avenatti Set Up, Pelosi Staying Alive 11/16/2019 - Progressive News with Tim Black πŸ’―  Corporate Media Ignoring Climate Change In Wildfire Coverage - Secular Talk πŸ’―  Climate change: giant postcard aims to highlight Europe’s shrinking glaciers - euronews πŸ’―  Greece's student heroes remembered - euronews πŸ’―  Govt Seizes Climate "Skeptic's" Land for Keystone XL - David Pakman Show πŸ’―  PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode Nov. 17, 2018 πŸ’―  Trump flies into fire-stricken California - euronews πŸ’―  Special Report: Victims of California Wildfires - RT America πŸ’―  DOJ Mistake Reveals Secret Assange Indictment - RT America πŸ’―  Bill Nelson Still Fundraising Off Rick Scott Florida Senate Recount Despite Defeat By H.a. Goodman πŸ’―  Beware Rich People Who Say They Want to Change the World - David Pakman Show πŸ’―  ON CONTACT: A History of Neoliberalism, Part 2 - RT America πŸ’―  Delusional Tea Party Congressmen Think Their Policy Ideas Are Popular - Secular Talk πŸ’―  President Trump has not visited any US troops in combat since taking office πŸ’―  Jonas - interview - SL Benfica season so far and review of last seasons πŸ’―  SHERIFF GETS AN EARFUL ABOUT HIS EVIL DEEDS, w/ A/V WATCHMAN, 1st Amendment Audit, Rancho Cucamonga πŸ’―  Military abusing kids, not sure on what part of Latin America this takes place. I couldn't make out the words, please translate if you know that language. πŸ’―  2 Criteriums, 2 Leadouts - Red Kite Final πŸ’―  Matt Whitaker - Why Trump Replaced Sessions with the Huckster Acting DOJ Head πŸ’―  It's a shame this man didn't have a chance to play the All Blacks today and try to add another chapter to this video. πŸ’―  Scotland vs South Africa Highlights (8 mins) πŸ’―  We worked really hard on this animation to better explain what YourCascadia is, and why it's so urgent that we make it happen! Please give it a watch and a share! πŸ’―  Not sure if this has been posted before, but Gov Matt Bevin’s statements on the what is responsible for the increase of school/mass shootings is pretty spot on. πŸ’―  "But in other countries, police are trained to de-escalate without lethal force" πŸ’―  KORE Essentials has their new upgraded line of Belts & Buckles coming out this Black Friday πŸ’―  E-Bike Choppers (EBC) Test-Ride Amsterdam πŸ’―  Miami Beach PD Rescue Stuck Kitten πŸ’―  Some Crazy Celebrations πŸ’―  AMAZING Echenique in Pro Pro Recco vs SM BPM πŸ’―  AT&T: Net Neutrality "A Disaster" πŸ’―  Northwest England Pro boxer Dan catlin wins by stoppage in 3rd round. Full fight. πŸ’―  Wilder v Fury - Coaches and team-mates -> behind the scenes πŸ’―  Errol Spence & Terence Crawford come face to face and go at it over who's the real champ. πŸ’―  Johnny Tapia vs Danny Romero 1997 πŸ’―  Ennis vs Serrano round 2 πŸ’―  Garry Kasparov: Fight for Liberty | Real Time with Bill Maher πŸ’―  Debate culture in German: Wolfgang Bosbach shows up Volker Beck πŸ’―  Debate culture in German: Wolfgang Bosbach makes Volker Beck stutter πŸ’―  Why Are Millennials So Miserable? πŸ’― is a decentralized free speech social network πŸ’―  Does Child Labor Help Children in Poverty? πŸ’―  Passionate Soldier Reveals What He Saw In Vietnam πŸ’―  Feel The Beat - β™« Shuffle Dance Electro House πŸ”₯ πŸ’―  The truth behind Trumpnomics and the America First policy πŸ’―  Confessions of a KGB Agent... Video from 1983 hits home today. πŸ’―  Voter Fraud Declassified: The Serious Need for Voter ID? πŸ’―  Top 5 Ways Leftists Sexualize Kids | Louder With Crowder πŸ’―  Makers and Takers in the Global Economy πŸ’―  Clark Dean 2018 U19 Male Athlete of the Year - Golden Oars Speech πŸ’―  Best promo of 2018? πŸ’―  Nearly One Million Felons Given the Right to Vote. Is This the Beginning of a Movement? πŸ’―  Some surfing in Spain this summer πŸ’―  WSL - Nazare Big Wave Challenge - HIGHLIGHTS πŸ’―  Ben Shapiro REACTS To Michael Avenatti Getting Arrested - Ben Shapiro calls Avenatti a hypocrite πŸ’―  Federal Judge Releases Benghazi Evidence – Hillary Goes Into Complete Panic πŸ’―  This PROVES that @CNN covered up truth on #Benghazi to win election for Obama πŸ’―  Why Blockchain Fintechs and Banks MUST Collaborate πŸ’―  Interview with Garrett Graff, investigative journalist: What Does Robert Mueller Have On Donald Trump? πŸ’―  Perfect The Craft: Morote Seoi Nage πŸ’―  Joe Rogan equates knowing Judo to having cannons coming out of your body πŸ’―  Interview with creator Bill Ottman πŸ’―  Rep. Eric Swalwell | Real Time with Bill Maher πŸ’―  Hachimura is in *awe* of his educators: Q to Rui: "What's it like when you hammer it home?" A: "I didn't know that I could do those kind of things. Honestly, I don't know what I can do to go to a higher level. But the coaches always told me 'you can do this', and, if I tried, I could do it [laughs]" πŸ’―  The 2018 Midterms Made Trump Look Like a TOTAL LOSER πŸ’―  Christopher Hitchens recites W.H Auden's "August 1968" πŸ’―  13 year old Kailey Bogart snowboard and surf highlight reel β€” what do you think? πŸ’―  CWG 013 Ep1 πŸ’―  Trip to Slovenia! Snowboarding at Vogel in the Julian Alps πŸ’―  USA Under-24 East Coast Tryouts: Highlights πŸ’―  In honor of tomorrow’s game here’s Otto in yankee stadium for the 2010 pinstripe bowl πŸ’―  Trump’s Border Troops Have Nothing To Do πŸ’―  Live Streaming link. World no 1 Match πŸ’―  Denny Hamlin holds back tears after winning the Homestead Pole πŸ’―  Atlantis Discovered in Southern Spain | Ancient Architects πŸ’―  Inb4 Joe goes on about the mudslides. His house isn’t out of the shitter yet. It’s surrounded by loose burned up soil in the hills. πŸ’―  Secret Project Two, Josiah Blee πŸ’―  Monologue: Burning Down the House | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) πŸ’―  Ann Widdecombe's take on the #MeToo Movement. Thoughts? πŸ’―  Steve Waugh 150 vs India Walking in at 45/3 πŸ’―  Dravid 233 vs Australia, 2nd Test 2003, Adelaide πŸ’―  Do you think Kallis is GOAT? πŸ’―  Kohli's Maiden test 100 πŸ’―  This is pure inspiration. πŸ’―  ATP Finals Preview & Predictions: Is Anderson Djokovic's Biggest Threat? πŸ’―  Dominic Thiem - Best Shots In Madrid 2018 (HD) πŸ’―  Great match point save by Tommy Paul in Champaign last night. πŸ’―  Free Game Friday - Elias v ElShorbagy - "It's all happening, such an exciting game!" πŸ’―  Beyond - Journal πŸ’―  Friends Skate Some Out of The Way Spots In The Highlands of Scotland πŸ’―  Love watching Lizzie and Jordan tearing it up. Lots of new talent as well πŸ’―  Krook Nollie Flip Out Nick LaBoy πŸ’―  Anthony Lopez πŸ’―  Nick McDonough Front Rail Nose Grind πŸ’―  Lucas Exequiel πŸ’―  Richie Randhan NWI πŸ’―  Pod Save America Humiliated After Contributor Outed As Soros Smearing Hack πŸ’―  May's Proposed Brexit Deal Explained - Explaining Brexit πŸ’―  Why You Need to Talk to People That Disagree with You πŸ’―  Voting Is Not About Self-Expression: TMR Caller πŸ’―  Luke Thomas On The One Championship Weight Cut Situation πŸ’―  Jackson Wink coaching is trash. Didn't prepare Mike Perry for Cerrone's BJJ. πŸ’―  Tijuana Mayor: "Caravan is filled with violent criminals, drug addicts who are attacking local Mexicans and families at the beach." πŸ’―  2018 Season Summary πŸ’―  2019 F1 regs - The Scarbs Overview by Peter Windsor πŸ’―  Surprised this wasn't posted earlier πŸ’―  [OT] I beat Max Verstappen | F1 Challenge ~ Supercar Blondie πŸ’―  Celebrate PokΓ©mon: Let’s Go! with Pikachu, Eevee and a familiar song πŸ’―  Warframe Direct Feed Gameplay & Interview πŸ’―  PokΓ©mon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and PokΓ©mon: Let’s Go, Eevee! - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch πŸ’―  Kirby Star Allies: Wave 3 Update – Magalor is here! – Nintendo Switch πŸ’―  Civilization VI - Great Moments on Nintendo Switch - Launch Trailer πŸ’―  A more critical review of Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee πŸ’―  New Zealand Parliament legalises gay marriage and sings a song. πŸ’―  This Is John Galt Speaking #19: Tory disunity, Brexit and health πŸ’―  Lu Xiaojun Of China Sets New Weightlifting World Record (2018 World Weightlifting Championships) πŸ’―  I am loving this simple sneaky side control wrist lock!!! πŸ’―  My finishes from the 10pEclipse Quintet Style Tournament πŸ’―  Black Belt Shoulder Mobility | Mobillity Training ft. Billy Edelen πŸ’―  Not sure if this has been posted but, this Erberth Santos highlight reel had me so hyped. What a monster. πŸ’―  Matt Thornton, 4th degree black belt entirely changes my BJJ mount game in under 30 minutes πŸ’―  Bjj life changing trick πŸ’―  Jiu Jitsu Technique Study - Felipe Pena 411 Counter vs Gordon Ryan πŸ’―  Khashoggi's last interview πŸ’―  Tennis in Full Drag πŸ’―  (Health & Fitness program) Click Link in description to learn more πŸ’―  In Appreciation of MLS' YouTube Channel πŸ’―  Some crowd footage I captured at the last Atlanta United match vs NYCFC πŸ’―  23 Goals of the Year (1996 - 2018) πŸ’―  DEBATE: Should Facebook and Twitter Censor Themselves? πŸ’―  I just wanted to know what you guys think about this πŸ’―  NFL Game-Winners in Bad Weather πŸ’―  How Nick Chubb’s 92-yard Touchdown Led the Browns to a Win in Week 10 | NFL Turning Point πŸ’―  Conversation with NFL Agent Matt Dodge (15:56). Neat angle where Matt also represents MMA athletes as well πŸ’―  A conversation about the state of politics and political discussion on Joe Rogan's podcast. πŸ’―  Hillary's Revenge, Running Again! - YouTube πŸ’―  How the Nationalist Populist Right Will Capture Europe! πŸ’―  The Grandfather of Paleoconservatism(An interview with Paul Gottfried) πŸ’―  Saskatchewan Trivia with Vegas Golden Knights πŸ’―  It's almost 2019. Why do we still work 8 hours per day? (video) πŸ’―  A Perspective on Applying Socialism to Underdeveloped States in America πŸ’―  Taxation is Theft? | BadMouseProductions (12:44) πŸ’―  Slavoj Ε½iΕΎek - On Jordan Peterson, Cultural Marxism, Christianity and Western Culture πŸ’―  [Video] Anti-Fascist graffiti in Poland πŸ’―  After 15 years of keeping my score in my head I created a disc golf scorekeeper notebook, I hope you like it! πŸ’―  Ive seen multiple "winter is here how do I play?" sorts of posts, so heres Whyzer Words on winter play! πŸ’―  An "In-Depth" Video Analysis - Will Schusterick πŸ’―  Georgia Secretary of State candidate John Barrow's ad is called "Bite Ya." He's in a runoff election now so it must have worked at least a bit. πŸ’―  I thought this was a thing you would only do in some casual pickup games πŸ’―  Bone-dry dusty dirt, 30-Celsius heat; cyclocross in Southern California! πŸ’―  Dr. Plotkin, the grandfather and an authority of vaccines says he is okay with telling a parent that DTaP and TDaP do not cause autism after reading the IOM conclusion that "the evidence is inadequate to prove or disprove the DTaP/TDaP causes autism" πŸ’―  Project blue beam is in full effect πŸ’―  There's studies on infrared light being used to read minds and more. The iPhone X uses infrared light to flood 30,000 dots onto whoever's using it's face id. This is more than a coincidence. πŸ’―  Mississippi's Republican senator Cindy Hyde Smith: Suppressing "liberal" votes is a "great idea" πŸ’―  How much is enough? πŸ’―  California Roadtrip - Wingin’ It  Go Back 1 Day: Friday, November 16, 2018