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Must Watch: Thursday, March 21, 2019

💯  Enjoyed some back country Cascadia shooting this past weekend. 💯  8 THRILLING Natural Water Slides of California 💯  In honor of Jimmy Carter becoming the oldest living President, this Gus Johnson masterpiece deserves a rewatch 💯  Rick Steves' The Story of Fascism (1 hour) 💯  On War and the State 💯  Me and my Dad dudes trying to prove we still got it... 💯  What’s the weirdest or most interesting thing you’ve had to do to get a good shot? 💯  Florida Warm Up 2019: Men's Highlights 💯  Windjammers 2 - Gameplay Reveal Trailer (alpha footage) 💯  Takeshi Kamura - Mind Boggling StuntMen In Badminton 【祝!世界選手権銀】ソノカムの凄技、スーパープレー、ハイライトまとめ 💯  Kyle Busch's biggest wins on his way to 200 total victories | NASCAR on FOX HIGHLIGHTS 💯  "The best tires have Goodyear written all over them" We need an updated version of this commercial! 💯  NASCAR just uploaded this to YouTube: ASMR: Sounds from Denny Hamlin's Daytona 500 winning car 💯  Feelings are Facts 💯  President Trump Tours Ohio Tank Factory: "We are rebuilding the American military" 💯  President Trump Delivers a Statement Upon Departure 💯  🔴WATCH: President Trump Participates in an Executive Order Signing 💯  🔴RARE FOOTAGE: Trump Creating Ring Tones 💯  Spread This Video About Louis Farrakhan Wherever You Can! 💯  Joe Rogan interviews Tim Pool & Jack Dorsey - FreedomToons 💯  Joe Rogan at .5x Speed Is Too Perfect (w/ Sam Harris) 💯  Seattle is Dying 💯  The Alex Jones Experience 💯  Sam Harris Endorses Eddie Bravo For President 💯  Joe Rogan stunt double at 0:24 💯  LGBTQ+ and Polyamory in Animals: Yes, It's Natural | Antonia Forster | TEDxBristol 💯  Man gets Charged by a Gorilla 💯  Remy: Affluenflamation (Californication parody) 💯  How Donald Trump Is Attacking Our Democracy 💯  The Yang Fever 💯  Karol Byrski - SkateinPark 2019 (Roces M12 skates) 💯  3 wheel wizards? 💯  Nielsen v. Preap; Detaining Legal Immigrants Just got Easier 💯  Amnesty launches superhero-themed campaign to protect human rights defenders 💯  Part 2 of amazing southern utah. Freedom on 2 wheels!! 💯  My Rocket 392, scatpack charger 1320! Drifting! 💯  My 260bhp+ Lotus Elise Cup!!! 🔥🔥 💯  The UK Porn Licence 💯  Kara Swisher wants more censorship of YouTube creators 💯  Bernie Opposes the Iraq War in 2002 💯  Beto Completely Backs Off Of Medicare For All 💯  Bernie Sanders Takes HUGE Step Forward 💯  Sam Does A Deep Dive On Beto O'Rourke And 2020 💯  Brexit, it never ends - Countryballs 💯  Why ANY Democrat Will Beat Trump in 2020 💯  What do y'all think about this workout for building strength? 💯  Stinko.News! A New News Show On The Internet 💯  Today in Obama Scandal History: The Bike Helmet 💯  Bernie in 2002: Iraq War Would Be "Terrible Mistake" 💯  Add to the flip flop. “We will lose, and we should lose” 💯  ISIS Is Gone!! 💯  UPDATE: M.I.T. Beams Voices Into Your Head 💯  What's the legacy of Radovan Karadzic? l Inside story 💯  Notre Dame vs Michigan Lacrosse Highlights (2019 NCAA College Lacrosse) 💯  College Lacrosse Weekday Recap & Weekend Preview Fro Week #7 💯  Netanyahu influenced U.S. foreign policy through close ties with Kushner, says author 💯  Salvation Through God's Son, The Lord God Jesus Christ Only--the Good News 💯  Facebook Is DYING And Taking Buzzfeed Down With It 💯  Is Israel An Apartheid State w/Norman Finkelstein 💯  Independent Media are kicking the mainstream media's ass on #Venezuela coverage 💯  Trump Victim Of Witch Hunt Say 50% Of Americans 💯  Beijing 2008 - Anna Pavlova's (RUS) floor routine was a highlight of the all-around final 💯  Long waited Tokyo 2020 torch is here! 💯  Alina Zagitova won the short program at the World Championships 💯  EVGENIA MEDVEDEVA SP Figure skating WORLD championship 2019 💯  Kushner, Inc: Vicky Ward on How Jared and Ivanka’s Greed & Ambition Compromise U.S. Foreign Policy 💯  FINALLY a game that lets YOU hook up with important World Leaders! 💯  Flip Flop of the decade 💯  The European union blocks US beef, says it poses increased risks of breast cancer and prostate cancer 💯  Smile Jim, you're on candid camera 💯  getting high and getting munchies in Toronto 💯  The World Design of Metroid Prime [Game Maker's Toolkit] 💯  Cuphead Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer 💯  RAD - Reveal Trailer 💯  Nintendo Japanese Commercial Analysis (featuring Fire Emblem Three Houses) 💯  Nuclear Throne has been released for Nintendo Switch 💯  The Red Lantern - Announcement Trailer 💯  Blaster Master Zero 2 - Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch) 💯  My Friend Pedro - "Full Throttle" Trailer 💯  Creature In The Well Announcement Trailer 💯  Bloodroots - Announcement Trailer 💯  Lost Ember Announcement Trailer 💯  Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer 💯  My Video on Charging Accessories for the Switch 💯  My roommates and I new bench press PR’s!! I hit 128 kilos for the first time! 💯  Check out this home workout brothas! 💯  Jim Jeffries, filmed on hidden camera, jokes about killing muslims, and cuts guests dialogue to take it out of context 💯  Mic'd Up Mason part 2 - GoPro Edition 💯  Nashville Predators sign Make a Wish Kid Asher Collier | Day 1 💯  New Bench Press 1RM with my roommates! I hit 152 kilograms for the first time! 💯  Must see Crazy Abs in the end 💯  Short couple clips from last summer 💯  Unstoppable | skate film 💯  Andy Mac - Triple Eight Welcome to the Team edit 💯  Go Pro Skate Pov | Pedlow Skatepark 💯  cctx skateboarding chubbers Allergies 💯  “For Huck’s Sake” Skate video out of OKC 💯  This is crazy. Last trick in Wet Brain video. 💯  Watch Parks pt.2 💯  How to Jump Rope Like A Boxer 💯  Guy fights old man in gym. 💯  A new fitness/food review vlog 💯  Day 78 Workout Motivation back/biceps/core 💯  28 year old Chael Sonnen teaches a front headlock for MMA (circa 2005) 💯  In light of his recent fight announcement, let's re-live a classic Cowboy Cerrone moment 💯  Chael Sonnen breaks down Jorge Masvidal’s slick combo against Leon Edwards 💯  MMA Pros Pick - Justin Gaethje vs. Edson Barboza (UFC Philadelphia) 💯  Crowd Reaction to Jorge Masvidal putting Darren Till to sleep. 💯  Ariel Helwani analyzes UFC bantamweight title future, Thompson vs. Pettis | In The Cage | ESPN MMA 💯  UFC Nashville Aussie & Fancy Breakdown 💯  Brundle's huge crash - 1996 Australian GP 💯  [OT] Nico Rosberg and Felipe Massa go karting in Monaco 💯  For those who were wondering what a doc about the front runners looks like: Channel 4's 2017 Review: Hamilton vs. Vettel 💯  Footlock rules explained for whitebelts 💯  How Jiu Jitsu improved my Magic 💯  Tomiki/Shodokan Aikido Competition Footage 💯  Anyone see this choke before? 💯  How to 💯  An old Pepsi ad with the Indian Team for the 2003 WC 💯  Yuvraj's inclusion will allow Rohit to open - Zaheer Khan 💯  Federer vs Thiem Indian Wells ATP Finals 2019 - Courtside 💯  What Andy Roddick has been up to 💯  [TBT] NRL 2011 Finals Week 2 Highlights: Wests Tigers V Warriors 💯  [TBT] - Matt Cooper’s try saver on Christmas Queen 💯  [TBT] SBW breaks Joey's jaw 💯  [TBT] The Wiggles pay tribute to USA rugby league & Joseph Paulo 💯  [TBT] NSWRL Grand Final 1966 * StGeorge vs Balmain 💯  [TBT] The ‘Sydney Final’ of 2009 - Canterbury v Parramatta 💯  Commerical for the Sexton firebirds 💯  Throwback: When Obama Gave Away The Farm On Healthcare 💯  No Laying Up, alternate shot, Sully, Tron, Big Randy, and Justin Hueber. Amazing on-course commentary by a surprise tour pro, and Swing Vision by Konica Monilta breakdowns by an absolute legend! Don't want to spoil it. Just watch and enjoy. 💯  Yellow Vest Unrest: French Anger and Police Brutality on the Streets of Paris 💯  American Muslims Contemplate Taking Up Arms In Self Defense 💯  MSM didn't make this front page news because it does NOT support their gun control objectives. 💯  Officer Catches Children From Window Of Burning Building 💯  PART TWO: Teaching to Transgress 💯  How Hate Movements Recruit, And How To Help Prevent It 💯  So many sick moves!!! [FR] 💯  FILTHY Fake Hit Set | Eric Loepkky 💯  Every Throw from Dwayne Haskins' Pro Day 💯  Niall Ferguson vs Ralph Nader: Immigration  Go Back 1 Day: Wednesday, March 20, 2019