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Must Watch: Tuesday, December 7, 2021

πŸ’―  Second place is the first loser - Armory crit, Sydney. πŸ’―  Ultra Running Tips with... Ian Sharman πŸ’―  On | Solace – Running the Alps in 30 days – Karel Sabbe's Via Alpina FKT πŸ’―  Trails Without Words - When you've had a shit week and just want to go run someplace which speaks to you πŸ’―  Running Across the Great Salt Lake πŸ’―  The anthem of Juventud Uruguaya de Pie, a far-right Uruguayan organization which was absorbed into the infamous Uruguayan military dictatorship of 1973-1983: πŸ’―  SHOCK: Modern Day SLAVERY Uncovered In South Georgia | We used to have strong unions that took care of this shift. πŸ’―  Orthopaedic Surgeons Talk Jack Eichel's Cervical Spine Surgery & Controversy πŸ’―  My friend is making an animated short film using Unreal Engine πŸ’―  What if Murphy's Law was a real person? πŸ’―  The horse ate the grass and lay down on the ground, but it started to be bitten and had to get up again. πŸ’―  A brief look at a life without smartphones 20 years ago πŸ’―  2006, I was 18, freshly graduated, and paid $300 to direct my first major label video. It shocked us by receiving A Grammy nom for Video of the Year. Despite the hundreds of clips I’ve directed since, it still holds a place in my heart. πŸ’―  Groucho Marx - The Seven Cent Nickel πŸ’―  Wood Carving - A Working Car Engine πŸ’―  Man's own defence lawyer conspires with the prosecution and the judge to get him arrested πŸ’―  Completely normal version of Take On Me πŸ’―  The way "The Wonder Years" takes the tone of an episode from strife and conflict to reconciliation and love, while displaying some truly phenomenal acting, is really quite amazing. This show handled complex topics in SUCH a mature manner. πŸ’―  Life Beyond 3: In Search of Giants πŸ’―  SOLVED 21 Year Old Missing Persons Case (Erin Foster & Jeremy Bechtel) πŸ’―  Pearl Harbor happened exactly 80 years ago. This documentary follows the event minute by minute. πŸ’―  A Tree a Minute: planting 1440 trees in a day πŸ’―  1.3 Million Likes and no dislikes. This song must be a banger. πŸ’―  Triple Spiral - 15,000 Dominoes πŸ’―  Conan: "Okay. Wait a minute. Let's just talk". Penn & Teller hilariously scared the bejesus out of Conan. πŸ’―  ...And We'll Do it Again πŸ’―  The Animaniacs poke fun at the big bang theory πŸ’―  This piece of Youtube history is now redundant because of the new dislike policy πŸ’―  Over 150 Videos Gone - My Response to Toei Animation & YouTube (Totally Not Mark) πŸ’―  ZSU 57-2 is scary πŸ’―  Man calls Scammer from his own phone, and confronts him why he does this to innocent people. πŸ’―  100 Navy Seal Burpees and 100 24kg KB Goblet Squats. Very Tough Routine! πŸ’―  Incredibly talented trumpeter playing the star spangled banner with a ridiculously high note at the end πŸ’―  LJN History & Movie Games (Episode 200) - Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) πŸ’―  YouTube and Toei Animation are destroying Totally Not Mark's career with their abusive demonization system. He is being betrayed by the company that made his childhood and what his channel is all about. Spread the word. πŸ’―  THE CURE stop motion animation cover of The Lovecats πŸ’―  The Beatles having fun during their recording of Let it Be (1969) πŸ’―  What does it mean to teach about neurodiversity at school? πŸ’―  RAD - Mac Miller Knock Knock πŸ’―  This is my kingdom Come πŸ’―  Lessons I Learned studying Car Flippers #sidehustle πŸ’―  Artists before & after selling their souls πŸ’―  Toronto photographer recounts moving to New York at 50, meeting the love of his life and & witnessing 9/11 πŸ’―  The Christmas Song πŸ’―  A song I recorded after a heartbreak called What Love Is Made Of. What do you guys think? πŸ’―  LIFE BEYOND 3: In Search of Giants. An exploration of intelligent alien life πŸ’―  A short film about a switchboard operator πŸ’―  Introduction to the the Oxus Civilization πŸ’―  [4:11] When the Party has run its Course πŸ’―  Don Rickles in Dirty Work improvised insults πŸ’―  Woke CIA πŸ’―  How NASA'S Webb Telescope Will Transform Our Place in the Universe πŸ’―  THIS is how you do a diaper Party! Burnout compilation πŸ’―  Just a guy playing on a shovel with strings. πŸ’―  Recently departed OU football coach Lincoln Riley allegedly fled to USC for fear of SEC competition. Alabama and Georgia fans trolled him during his live interview Saturday. πŸ’―  Sabotaging your sister's "Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge" by putting in Mentos before she does it. πŸ’―  We get to watch both a human and animal die inside πŸ’―  Running a half marathon with no training - sub 3 project- episode 5 πŸ’―  Tim Heidecker Releases HILARIOUS Joe Rogan Parody!!!! πŸ’―  If You Fail The Plan, You Plan To Fail πŸ’―  Staying out of trouble, retirement tips, and pulling trailers for steak ... πŸ’―  Losing high expectations so you're never disappointed πŸ’―  The Competition Between China and the U.S. - Global Capitalism with Richard Wolff | Prof Wolff takes a look at where the United States and China are competing, and how they are influencing the rest of the world. Only time will tell what strategies will determine the future of this relationship. πŸ’―  Why you don’t hear about the ozone layer anymore πŸ’―  Sen. Whitehouse Questions Witnesses on Guantanamo Bay πŸ’―  EXPOSED: US STUNNINGLY Dishonest In Iran Talks | The Kyle Kulinski Show πŸ’―  Biden Bringing Back Trump's HARSHEST Immigration Policies | The Kyle Kulinski Show πŸ’―  How Tucker Carlson's Patriot Purge Rewrites History πŸ’―  What would Kickstarter be like if it was more honest? πŸ’―  Client Consultation ROLEPLAY πŸ’―  Chess at 1400 elo - indepth! πŸ’―  Andrea Botez Gets Revenge on Magnus Carlsen | HIGHLIGHTS | Game 4 & 5 πŸ’―  White Hung Mate πŸ’―  Watch Nepomniachtchi Die Inside πŸ’―  When the chess gods are talking (Magnus and Nepo discuss game and then zoom in Maurice Ashley in between them) πŸ’―  Fabiano says that 2300 could have played better than Ian πŸ’―  My younger brother (12) explaining how to use a chess board πŸ˜‚ I love him πŸ’―  Made a video of my favorite local ride πŸ’―  Group ride in Moscow interrupted by a drunk carshare moron πŸ’―  Handcycling around Edinburgh, Scotland πŸ’―  Mental Illness and Class | Capitalism is Killing Us πŸ’―  Riding the China-Laos Railway 中老铁路 + Lao Hit Song "One Belt One Road" δΈ€εΈ¦δΈ€θ·―εŽ»θ€ζŒ Eng Sub δΈ­ζ–‡ε­—εΉ• πŸ’―  Pence didn’t trust the Secret Service on Jan 6th to drive him out of the Capitol grounds & feared he was in the middle of some sort of conspiracy. πŸ’―  Losing a second game is never the best way to make up for losing the first. Trust me, I did it - Vishy Anand πŸ’―  Magnus Carlsen accidentally touches a Piece πŸ’―  Syria claims Turkey's southern territories: Turkish army is alarmed πŸ’―  Worker Democracy (Unlearning Economics) πŸ’―  The Social Democratic Policy Tournament | Week #1 Highlights πŸ’―  Jacobin Connects the Dot: Biden is Personally Corrupt πŸ’―  Chris Bowen addresses the National Press Club on Labor's climate policy πŸ’―  Parenti being based... πŸ’―  Plague rat David Morrill sent anonymous letters with β€˜I know where you live' pictures to school board members and faces no charges β€” then he publicly boasts on local TV news. πŸ’―  Kyle Kulinski caught Fabricating story πŸ’―  Cursed Video of Trump for Japanese CPAC Released πŸ’―  Trump Statement Barely Intelligible, Hilariously Correct πŸ’―  So… This Is The REAL REASON Trump Was Banned | Russell explains the farting crow. πŸ’―  I made a video exposing another fake Instagram growth service πŸ’―  Zanny needs to reenact this meme… please… πŸ’―  zanny continues to feed the horrible destiny 2 addiction πŸ’―  When I stayed up until 11 playing rythim games and I snap back to reality: πŸ’―  Learning with Dave: Oxford University πŸ’―  The Job Ad VS Actual Job πŸ’―  A Day in Mandated NYC - Documenting Recent Medical Related Protest and Racial Tensions in NYC πŸ’―  Chicken Little πŸ’―  Facebook was always a bad name, now with their Meta rebrand, it's downright dystopic. Billionaires pushing virtual reality, orbital tourism, and New Age spirituality to escape the absolute hellscape they've created. What do you think of this? Feels to me like we're in a low budget scifi movie. Rip. πŸ’―  Nonviolent Resistance Against Multinational Corporations πŸ’―  Drew Carey on why he supports a 'universal basic income' πŸ’―  Facts | Noam Chomsky πŸ’―  12 hour JRE parody by Tim Heidecker πŸ’―  January 6th Prisoner Interview From Solitary Confinement - EXCLUSIVE πŸ’―  Joe says Seattle is a 3rd world country. Meanwhile, the town he lives in is dealing with tons of violent crime. πŸ’―  Tim Pool Visits Infowars, Maximum Cringe Ensues πŸ’―  USA: God's Country or Home to Religious Extremism? | Christianity in America Documentary πŸ’―  Why are We So Much Chubbier than Other Apes? πŸ’―  Luis Elizondo on unidentified aerial phenomena, extraterrestrials and the Pentagon's UFO programme πŸ’―  David Morrill sent anonymous letters with β€˜I know where you live' pictures to school board members and faces no charges β€” then he publicly boasts on local TV news. πŸ’―  GoPro Snowboarding Pow Day l Andromeda Face l Stevens Pass πŸ’―  That Curling Show: Brendan Bottcher and Darren Moulding πŸ’―  Alien Surf Girls. What else is there to say. πŸ’―  Some surf to start your Monday from the run of swell in SC last week πŸ’―  Surfing above Stingrays in Huntington Beach πŸ’―  The Government Is Not Us - No Control at Southern Border πŸ’―  Everything You Need to Know About Racist Roads πŸ’―  Man in Mexico convicted of gender based political violence for opposing abortion. Does anyone know anything about this case? I couldn't find anything online. πŸ’―  Announcing 2022 Beyond Order Tour πŸ’―  Societies are striving to label men as criminals in order to silence the... πŸ’―  Santa Inc - The Most Hated Show On TV? πŸ’―  Victims of shellshock, post WW1. Yet another male 'privileged' ignored in dialogue of historical privilege/oppression πŸ’―  Greatest post fight interview in history πŸ’―  Floyd Mayweather goes off on Ryan Garcia and Canelo. πŸ’―  Joe Louis vs Buddy Baer, I πŸ’―  Rocky Lockridge - Champion to Homeless πŸ’―  Relentless: Lomachenko | Full Episode πŸ’―  (Fighting Words?) Terence Crawford Disrespects Errol Spence Jr!  Go Back 1 Day: Monday, December 6, 2021