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Must Watch: Monday, September 20, 2021

πŸ’―  Benny Milam's Summer Dream πŸ’―  Goth Nite πŸ’―  Joona Saikkonen | Stuck In A Labyrinth Remix πŸ’―  He Surfed Lance's Right Alone For 3 Months πŸ’―  Explained: US Soccer's Women's Team get equality and call it a PR-stunt. -- Laughable. πŸ’―  Put a lot of time trying to put thoughts into words. Why is it so bad to be a guy? πŸ’―  Thor Bjornsson & Larratt Post Fight Interview πŸ’―  Oleksandr Usyk vs Derek Chisora (31/10/2020) πŸ’―  Sub mascot Malinaggi commentates new DAZN doc on Usyk / Loma πŸ’―  Peter Fury Gives Aj Vs Usyk Fight Prediction πŸ’―  Skysports Adam Booth interviews Anthony Joshua over a chess match. πŸ’―  Usyk arrives in the UK ahead of Joshua fight πŸ’―  Logan Paul on who hits harder, KSI or Floyd Mayweather Jr. πŸ’―  Terence Crawford on Mikey Garcia vs Teofimo Lopez | esnews boxing πŸ’―  THROWBACK: ITS ON - Gennady Golovkin enters the ring after Canelo Alvarez's win to ANNOUNCE THE BIG ONE πŸ’―  Teofimo Lopez - Offensive Breakdown Analysis πŸ’―  ESBC Fighter Announcement - Around the World (12 New Additions) πŸ’―  Derrick James Feels Caleb Plant Can Beat Canelo "he Can Win! Team Usa All Day!" πŸ’―  Germany's Greens: From 'anti-party party' to political player | DW News πŸ’―  Price Hike and Humor. πŸ’―  The real reason Annamie Paul went to British Columbia : Nardwuar vs. Annamie Pauline (Canada) πŸ’―  Daughter says media misinformation contributed to dad's Covid-19 death πŸ’―  [OC] The World's Highest Paid Athletes - 1990/2021 πŸ’―  A calm Lake Michigan except for the Port Sheldon Bubbler πŸ’―  Exploring the small marsh creeks of NJ πŸ’―  Kayak Surfin' at Metompkin 2021 πŸ’―  ARI’s CEO announces Ayn Rand University, a major expansion of ARI’s educational offerings πŸ’―  Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on Ayn Rand, art, and making money πŸ’―  "Stop! Where will we live?" cries a Palestinian girl as Israel demolishes her home. πŸ’―  Robbie Parker speaks to the press just over 24 hours after his six-year-old daughter was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting (December 15th, 2012). πŸ’―  The Destruction of Iraq πŸ’―  The 3 ULTIMATE Champions of UK Nationals 2021, and how they got there πŸ’―  Running an Ultimate Taster Session - Felix talks through how to run the perfect taster session for beginners joining university ultimate clubs πŸ’―  heres a cool illusion πŸ’―  Vaccine Mandate FLIP-FLOP! Biden, Fauci, Pelosi Opposed Mandates Last Year, But Not Anymore πŸ’―  A Mask-Free AOC and Her Boyfriend Attended to by a Team of Masked Servants. The Science of COVID permits elites to be mask-free indoors, while their servants must have their faces covered with cloth. πŸ’―  β€œA million Iraqis are dead because you lied, my friends are dead because you lied, you need to apologize!” - Iraq war veteran Mike Prysner confronts George W. Bush at his red carpet event πŸ’―  President of Croatia: We will not be vaccinated anymore | Covid-19 πŸ’―  Werkin Hard!! | Left Alone Talking πŸ’―  Remembered watching olympic karate and seeing this guy throw his way to a silver medal (& ofc its an Azerbaijani doing throws in karate) πŸ’―  Grasping Grappling: Kayla Harrison’s Rolling Armbar (2.5 minutes ? πŸ’―  ninja warriors.. newaza class πŸ’―  Amazing throw from Mongolian sumo wrestler Hoshoryu πŸ’―  A TRANS-Vaccinated Person. The LATEST Trans Community πŸ’―  Joe Rogan Quickly Beats COVID--Establishment OUTRAGED! πŸ’―  Why Decentralization Matters - Big tech companies were built off the backbone of a free and open internet. Now, they are doing everything they can to make sure no one can compete with them πŸ’―  On FDA's official Booster debate - Presenter states vaccines have increased heart attack rates by 4x, and led to 150,000 deaths πŸ’―  Dr Robert Willner Injects "HIV" into himself on TV πŸ’―  The Gang Wants Every Account/transaction Worth $600 πŸ’―  The Great Texas Freeze of 2021 πŸ’―  Australian Senator openly threatening the unvaccinated in live tv interview πŸ’―  Robby Soave: Political Elite FLAUNT Covid Hypocrisy At NY Met Gala, Working Class Remain RESTRICTED πŸ’―  Line 3 Pipeline Proves that Biden's Climate Talk is Empty πŸ’―  Wealth Inequality Explained Through J. Cole's "Brackets" πŸ’―  Glenn Greenwald: "Media will never admit Russiagat lies" πŸ’―  I made a compilation to Pete Seeger's "Solidarity Forever" πŸ’―  Iraq Vet Disrupts George W. Bush’s Speech πŸ’―  Cuba & the US: A tale of two prison systems πŸ’―  five on the scoreboard FIFTEEN ON THE RICHTER SCALE πŸ’―  Nurse (who fucked around to find out) fired for refusing the COVID vaccine. πŸ’―  Iraq Vet Disrupts George W. Bush Speech, Sept. 19 2021 πŸ’―  The Black Baseball Team from Memphis that you've probably never heard of πŸ’―  Russell Howard compares News Coverage Of the Taliban in The US vs. in The UK πŸ’―  APPLE CINNAMON CAKE whole-wheat and eggless πŸ’―  FABULOUS DESSERT !! Make this incredibly delicious quick easy delce πŸ’―  "Onion Biryani"- simple and versatile rice side dish with left over/fresh rice & few ingredients can be prepared in less than 15 mins! πŸ’―  Vegan Bacon Recipe - Wheat Starch Bacon! πŸ’―  Cheesy leek and potato pie/ How to make cheesy leek and potato pie/ easy... πŸ’―  Hari Mirchi Ka Paratha Recipe | Green Chilli-Stuffed Paratha Recipe | Ho... πŸ’―  You have some cookies! Make this wonderfully quick and easy dessert that is incredible! πŸ’―  Banana ghee roast πŸ’―  "Masaledar Paneer"- dabha style rich and creamy paneer recipe with spices and yogurt! πŸ’―  217,5KG DEADLIFT THAT WON ME 3rd PLACE AT NATIONALS 18 -93kg SUB JUNIOR πŸ’―  How A Village Keeps India's Handmade Shuttlecock Industry Alive | Still Standing πŸ’―  Michael Sussmann indicted in relation to Russia probe πŸ’―  Setup a Computer, Inside Your Computer (Virtualization) πŸ’―  Kenji’s Updated Oven Friend Wings - in a pellet smoker πŸ’―  How to make Vegan Pillsbury Pumpkin Sugar Cookies πŸ’―  1 Minute Microwave BROWNIE ! The EASIEST Chocolate Brownie Recipe πŸ’―  Nigeria Tech Expert Dies after Winning $125 Million Contract, France Tri... πŸ’―  Keto Choco Almond Fat Bombs | Low Carb Recipes #keto πŸ’―  how do you eat your black glutinious rice? πŸ’―  Have you tried Cheng Teng before? πŸ’―  Watch Listen Consume Rollerblading News πŸ’―  The secret garden πŸ’―  Patrick Wiencek fast break vs. Flensburg πŸ’―  Yahia Omar VeszprΓ©m vs Psg Handball 2021 All Goals & Assist πŸ’―  Conservative Truck Rants in 1920 πŸ’―  Chinese Vlogger Cries After Seeing a Bank | Patriotism Gone Amok? πŸ’―  The police and the People fight in Melbourne πŸ’―  Kayakers lose control in drainage ditch πŸ’―  "Beyond Expert" - The trail sign says it all πŸ’―  DeSantis Denies Hearing Vaccine Conspiracy from 2 Feet Away πŸ’―  how old men get out of cars πŸ’―  Glenn Hughes on Holy Ground, Letting Go of Fear, and a 2022 Dead Daisies Album πŸ’―  Debbie Gibson on The Body Remembers: "I'm somebody who likes to flip the script" πŸ’―  Custom-erotica writer specialising in the most extreme and fucked up niches talks about being paid to write stories about ultra-specific fetishes like dinosaurs eating pregnant women, zombies cannibalising people, etc. & what impact doing this as a full-time job has had on him. πŸ’―  ABC reporter's new book reveals how Trump still celebrates Jan. 6 πŸ’―  Darrell Waltrip's Time Capsule: 1971 GMC Hauler Packed FULL of NASCAR History (Museum Grade Stuff) πŸ’―  [Brock Beard] Rise of the Field Fillers Episode 8 - Andy Belmont Racing πŸ’―  Interesting conversation about 1 lug nut usage in NASCAR from 2008 Samsung 500 πŸ’―  Putin: Who created ISIS πŸ’―  Inflation Is Always Monetary Mismanagement - Professor John Hearn Talks With Daniel Lacalle πŸ’―  A helpful aggregation of the climate crisis- the economic consequences of this are undeniable πŸ’―  Conor Mckenna's AFL tribute video, definitely worth the watch. Kid was really good, just goes to show the potential he has for gaelic football. I believe we haven't seen him play to his best since his return. LINK BELOW πŸ’―  NEXT KERRY MANAGER: Keane, O'Connor or Moynihan? Assessing the main candidates πŸ’―  Omagh-based startup TV station, New Ireland TV, has just released a "Fans' View" of the All-ireland Final weekend to Youtube - from the buildup around the county to the homecoming in Healy Park. See anyone you know? πŸ’―  The Game - The Story of Hurling - Episode 1 πŸ’―  [Video] Capitalist Realism Is Not Enough by Pamphleteer πŸ’―  my favourite anarchist music. πŸ’―  Anarchist Women πŸ’―  mono talk πŸ’―  Chinese Development in Global Perspective πŸ’―  Hugo Turner on the Bolivia Coup and radical research  Go Back 1 Day: Sunday, September 19, 2021