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Must Watch: Saturday, May 18, 2019

💯  It Was A Record 84 Degrees Near The Arctic Ocean - Secular Talk 💯  On Contact: Threat of War with Iran w/Codepink's Medea Benjamin - RT America 💯  Find Out If Your Senator OR Representative SUPPORTS Medicare4All? - The New Progressive Voice 💯  Washington ENDS Personal Vaccine Exemptions - David Pakman Show 💯  President Trump Is Correct And Was Never Warned That The Fbi Was Investigating General Flynn By H.a. Goodman 💯  Bernie 2020 Rally in Birmingham, Alabama 💯  Montgomery, Alabama, Town Hall 💯  PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode May 18, 2019 💯  Live Stream: MSM Sockpuppet News Clowns Are Public Enemy Number One! - Lionel Nation 💯  Live: Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Final — follow all the latest updates - euronews 💯  Black Guy Feels Safer in China Than in the US - David Pakman Show 💯  Andrew Scheer: Conservatives will not reopen abortion issue - FactPointVideo 💯  Mike Pence Whines Over How Hard It Is To Be Christian - The Majority Report with Sam Seder 💯  Should Teachers Talk Politics in the Classroom? - David Pakman Show 💯  Eurovision 2019: Five highlights from the Grand Final as the Netherlands claims victory - euronews 💯  Cory Booker Really Just Compared Elizabeth Warren To Trump - The Majority Report with Sam Seder 💯  Does David Tell the Audience What They Want to Hear? - David Pakman Show 💯  Dear Beto: Stop Wasting Your Time And Just Run For Senate - The Majority Report with Sam Seder 💯  William Barr And John Durham Are Waiting For The Inspector General's Recommendations By H.a. Goodman 💯  BuzzFeed Christens Soph a 14-year-old "Far-Right Star"│█║▌ 𝙼𝙰𝙽𝚈 𝙿𝙴𝚃𝙴𝚁𝚂⁵⁵ 💯  Who exploited the presidency the most? Narrated by Andrew Yang 💯  Let's Get Ecological! Economy & the environment 💯  Why basic income cryptocurrencies will never work 💯  The Progressive Case for Replacing the Welfare State with Universal Basic Income 💯  My Q&A Interview with Forbes About Universal Basic Income 💯  A Fair Appraisal of Andrew Yang's UBI Proposal: Pros & Cons 💯  Miyata QuickCross Hybrid Bike - First Ride and Impressions 💯  NHL Suspension Compilation (part 1 of 7) by CanucksFan27. Channel has best NHL compilation vids 💯  7 Reasons Why the Uranium One Scandal Won’t Go Away | Epoch Times 💯  AOC Brilliantly Explains How Ronald Reagan Was Racist ( I didn't realize that Reagan announced his candidacy for president in an obscure little town where three civil rights workers were killed and did it using racist, segregationist code.) 💯  A small number of highly influential people are destroying democracy 💯  Heavy Car Deadlift 💯  Martins Licis - World Record Farmers Attempt - 5 Weeks Out To World’s Strongest Man 💯  Deontay Wilder shouldn't be punished for his 'gladiator's mentality' - Max Kellerman | FIRST TAKE 💯  Sugar Ray Leonard on Skip & Shannon talking Duran fight, mental aspects of boxing, and Pac vs Thurman (Great listen) 💯  Joe Joyce v Bermane Stiverne (Full Fight) 💯  ALL ACCESS DAILY: Wilder vs. Breazeale | Part 4 | Sat, May 18 on SHOWTIME 💯  Wilder vs. Breazeale: Prelim Undercard - Free Official Stream 💯  Jesse Ventura: Legitimate criticism of Israeli government policies is not anti-Semitism 💯  Enjoy your government subsidized 5g lads! 💯  Jacob Rees-Mogg LBC Show - Labour & Tory Brexit Talks 💯  The Dark Knight predicts 5g technology 💯  Bernie Sanders says "niggardly" 💯  Nigel Farage Hosts Brexit Party Campaign Rally In Edinburgh 2019 💯  Exploring Christianity with a Conservative Christian Pastor | Bearing the How Podcast | Civil Discourse 💯  Burger King ENCOURAGES Political Violence. 💯  Joe Rogan Experience #1299 - Annie Jacobsen 💯  Terror And Conspiracy // How 9/11 Influenced A Generation 💯  Exploring Christianity with a Conservative Christian Pastor | Bearing the How Podcast 💯  [Freedom Toons] Liberal Media Bias: The Facts 💯  [1791L] The Soph Shut Down 💯  Activists Have Taken Over Journalism. Only partial facts are reported on to benefit the writer's opinions. Mainstream journalism is dead. 💯  Your Democracy is a Sham and Here's Why: 💯  Sexists, Incels, and MGTOWs: An Interview With Kevin Logan | Shit Island #9 💯  Pete Buttigieg advises an 11-year-old girl on how to deal with her bullies 💯  Trump Fights Censorship With Political Bias Reporting Tool 💯  Andrey Malanichev Total 1080kg/2381lb EUROPE CHAMPIONSHIP WRPF 💯  Why Powerlifters Should Go To Therapy – Joe Sullivan | elitefts.com 💯  Reds v Waratahs | Super Rugby 2019 Rd 14 Highlights 💯  Lions v Highlanders | Super Rugby 2019 Rd 14 Highlights 💯  Stormers v Crusaders | Super Rugby 2019 Rd 14 Highlights 💯  Blatant Disregard for History Is Making America STUPID Again 💯  This is RIO: Grumari, Prainha e Praia da Macumba 1999 💯  2 groms surfing Vero Beach at sunset 💯  South China Sea threatened by 'a series of catastrophes' 💯  Local Kayaking Trip - Heybridge to Mersea Island (England) 💯  Judo Highlights TBILISI GRAND PRIX 2019 💯  Proof That Keanu Reeves Is the Nicest Man in Hollywood 💯  MST3k (Style) [] KICKBOXER FROM HELL 💯  Scrooge McDuck on Inflation 💯  Top Clips of the Week: Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Elizabeth Warren, & More! 💯  Season in Sixty Seconds POV - Mount Seymour BC 💯  Super stoked on the longest season I’ve ever had!!! Here’s a quick recap! 💯  How To Back Side 180 On A Snowboard!! 💯  The Problem with David Attenborough's Our Planet: Green Capitalism 💯  Never Trust a Politician - Anarchist Anti-Electoral Activism in Australia 💯  Interveiw with Re-education About the action outside the Dekalb County jail, police violence, and the arrests featuring 2 of the protestor, one of the being one of the arrestees. Takes place at 4 pm Eastern 1 p.m. Pacific 💯  Brexit: Endgame - The Hidden Money, with Stephen Fry 💯  What is rent-seeking? What should we do about it? 💯  A Quick Guide to Taiwan 💯  Why Don't You Support Israel? 💯  TEP Finals Highlights 2019 - NKolakovic 💯  Today marks 98 days until kickoff! Let's remember the last 98 yard pass in FBS football. This throw back in 2016 accounted for over 2/3 of Florida's passing yards in their 16-10 victory against LSU! 💯  AOC's PERFECT Response To A Republican Defending Big Pharma 💯  Joe meets Donald Trump 💯  This is a 360 video from the ground to space for my man Edgy Brah 💯  The biggest problem in your life is also the biggest solution in your life. It starts and ends with you 💯  Has Joe ever had a guest like this on before? Awesome interview with former Colombo mobster Michael Franzese 💯  You Can't Watch This | Online Censorship Film Review 💯  Cork problems, Tipperary age profile and Maor Fóirne antics 💯  The Hitch Series | Dulce et Decorum est (Anti-war poem) 💯  Donald Trump's Foreign Policy About-Face: Top-4 Explanations 💯  Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: War with Iran would make Iraq War 'look like a cakewalk' 💯  Alex Jones Is... Alex Jones - Impaulsive Ep. 60 💯  Sustainable Australia's Clifford Hayes gives his first speech in the Legislative Council (Upper House) of the Victorian Parliament - Feb 2019. 💯  New podcast where I talk about my history with skating 💯  Stanley Park Hill Bomb + Gimbal - Vancouver BC 💯  New Video! Skate Mail & The World's Best Inline Skate Tool? 💯  Kenny Scherf // Park Boi 💯  An Interview with Lawrence Ingraham from Back to Blading 💯  Why Walmart Failed In Germany 💯  Kids That Never Got Spanked - Buddy Brown Actually it's damn good. 💯  Patrice Oneal schools brawd on funny - Back when Truth reigned supreme that a comedian was brought in to challenge a leftist intellectual. 💯  After 9/11 Trump wanted to re-build Twin Towers bigger & taller 🌎 💯  Dating somebody Anti-Gun 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 💯  A month or so back, an ecocommunist terror attack in NZ led to widespread gun regulations. Now, coincidentally, MZ joins the Belt and Road Initiative. Nothing to see here folks. Nothing at all. 💯  BBC Grills Carl Benjamin Sargon of Akkad Over "wouldn't even rape" Jess Phillips Comments 💯  Nigel Farage in Dudley 💯  EU Elections: Another UKIP interview train wreck 💯  Farage in Edinburgh: 'Political class in Scotland stunned' - Brexit Party Rally, 17.05.2019 💯  What it’s like winning BRONZE at NATIONALS 💯  Hondurans Protests US Puppet Gov & Privatization - Get Shot, Gassed & Beaten Down, MSM Silent 💯  The HITCH Series | Collectivized By Capital (Christopher Hitchens) 💯  US lifts steel and aluminium tariffs on Canada and Mexico 💯  Trump's Un-American Immigration Plan 💯  Bernie Sanders & Tulsi Gabbard Sound the Alarm Over Trump's Anti-Iran Warmongering 💯  Robert Mueller Reveals New Unredacted Information Re: Obstruction 💯  FALSE arrival at the MOON 1969 video of the filming revealed by WIKILEAKS 💯  Alabama near-total abortion ban is dangerous.  Go Back 1 Day: Friday, May 17, 2019