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Must Watch: Tuesday, January 22, 2019

πŸ’―  Noel Salas Reviews the Pyzel Shadow, claims the next Stab in the Dark will be released soon and Mick Fanning will be the guest surfer πŸ’―  Some bombs from the last swell πŸ’―  I love this conditions! Practice reading the waves with this vid! πŸ’―  Mako 12 by riot kayaks. One of the cheapest pedal drives on market!!!! πŸ’―  Questioning God and Gold πŸ’―  Feeding My Friend a Hamburger With My Feet! πŸ’―  Surfing the Mountain -- Wingsuit Proximity Flying in Zermatt[6 months ago] [Views: 207253] πŸ’―  Amazing: La Sheriff Alex Villanueva Gets Heat From Americans Sick Of His Illegal Alien 1st Policy πŸ’―  The #CovingtonCatholic KKK πŸ’―  The Mechanics of Deception πŸ’―  TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT FOX NEWS 1/22/19 FOX NEWS NOW January 22, 2019 πŸ’―  Tariffs, Made in America; The US/China Trade War Nears a Conclusion πŸ’―  IJF Refereeing and Coaching Seminar 2019: Day 1 πŸ’―  "He told me" πŸ’―  β€œThis Generation is Triggered” This was a really interesting video I just stumbled across and would love to hear what you all think of it. πŸ’―  H.R.H. Prince Juan De Bagration interview in Israel πŸ’―  Aaron MatΓ© debunks all of RussiaGate πŸ’―  Gordon Dimmack: The purpose of Luke Harding's lies about Assange become clear πŸ’―  THE BUSH PROJECT | Featuring Scott Stevens, Jesse Paul & more πŸ’―  Made a short edit/vlog from Mountain Creek in New Jersey! I finally have front boards down and it feels so nice :) Anyone have tips for progressing into backside lip? πŸ’―  Last Resort With Stan || JANUARY 2019 || THE BALDFACE EPISODE πŸ’―  My review of a Salomon Assassin πŸ’―  Mike Pence Actually Compared Trump to Martin Luther King πŸ’―  Why Donald Trump Jr. Is Worried He Could Be Indicted πŸ’―  UNRIVALED: EARNHARDT vs. GORDON premiers Feb 14 10PM EST on Fox Sports 1 πŸ’―  With the Rolex 24 this weekend, here’s one of my favorite videos of Dale Sr. He looks so relaxed and calm during the onboard shots. The legend. πŸ’―  (OT) Inside Alex Zanardi's BMW Hand Controls for the Rolex 24 πŸ’―  My favorite driver ever, with one of my favorite artists ever in the video for one of my favorite songs ever. Throwback to Jeff Gordon (and DW’s) cameos in Brad Paisley’s Old Alabama πŸ’―  Well, i just found this video today and i am marveled πŸ’―  ''He's like a vacuum cleaner '' Jordan Peterson on doing porn with Joe Rogan πŸ’―  Update on Owen Benjamin's spiral, his friend Stephen Crowder kicks him out after being concerned he's gone off the deep end. Sad, drunken rant ensues. πŸ’―  Jocko Willink and other SEALs speak about their fallen Teammate Michael Monsoor πŸ’―  Joe Rogan Experience #1229 - Richard Rawlings πŸ’―  Bill Burr - So Called White Man πŸ’―  PLAYLAND (Hastings Park) - KENNY VLOGS EP15 πŸ’―  Sliding Around with USD Shadow Trimax πŸ’―  Brexit is an absolute shit storm - The Russell Howard Hour πŸ’―  Bernie Sanders Columbia Speech, South Carolina January 22, 2019 πŸ’―  Germany reaches the Semi Finals πŸ’―  What do you guys think, was germany led by referee? πŸ’―  cop arrests teenager for doing the soulja boy dance in public πŸ’―  How MLK's Assassination was Hidden by William Barr πŸ’―  RACER: Inside Alex Zanardi's BMW Hand Controls πŸ’―  Trump's history of EMPTY promises to the LGBTQ community πŸ’―  What It's Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State πŸ’―  Cop Rescues Kitten from Highway πŸ’―  ICC awards work as added motivation to up one's standards - Virat Kohli πŸ’―  Cracks me up everytime.. oops missed my mark..!!! F*ck it il throw it anyway... πŸ’―  England and Wales Cricket board is live streaming test classics! πŸ’―  Unraveling Trump's Top 5 Lies πŸ’―  Serbia's Democracy Is Being Threatened πŸ’―  Unraveling President Trump's top 5 claims | The Fact Checker πŸ’―  truly amazing vibe in this. One take around the streets of L.A Miles Silvas /// one take πŸ’―  My doc from Montreal's Jackalope festival with Tony Hawk and some other emerging pros πŸ’―  Old guy tries to wack my friend with a cane. Also a switch back lip πŸ’―  Big slams πŸ’―  Double set handrail 5-0 at the Local πŸ’―  My part from Vancouver skate video β€œDad Rock” πŸ’―  Skim And Destroy - Dan Cates πŸ’―  Prager U is Hot Garbage | Political Science Theater 2020 πŸ’―  What really happened πŸ’―  β€œI WAS ABSOLUTELY AFRAID”: Indigenous Elder on β€œMOB MENTALITY” of MAGA Alt-Right Students in D.C. πŸ’―  ICA Cuemakers Contest Judges Edition Public Vote Edit 2 πŸ’―  Ronnie O'Sullivan deliberately misses 147 (a perfect game) because he deems the bonus cash prize to be too little πŸ’―  Couple more 8 ball racks. One good one not so good. πŸ’―  It's been a rough year for my 5th Division team in the Dutch hockey league, but with 0:26 left we scratched out a point in the standings to keep ourselves out of the basement. πŸ’―  Shoddy Hockey: Game 04 - Heads Up πŸ’―  Covington Catholic Students Respond For The First Time πŸ’―  AOC appears on hbomberguy's Donkey Kong 64 trans charity stream πŸ’―  Anthony Pettis talks moving up to fight Stephen Thompson at welterweight | Ariel Helwani's MMA Show πŸ’―  ESPN MMA Presents: Countdown to Fedor vs. Bader Episode 1 | Bellator 214 πŸ’―  18 days away from UFC 234 Robert Whittaker weighs 94/95kg (207/209lbs) πŸ’―  That One Embedded TJ bumped into DJ rubbed his head and ruined any chance of fighting him 1:18 πŸ’―  Wholesome exchange between Michael Bisping and Cody Garbrandt after both losing their UFC Belts at UFC 217 πŸ’―  "At first, I didn't watch women fighting that much, but realistically they fight better then men" πŸ’―  Lewis Hamilton Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014 πŸ’―  Eric July calls out the media for their coverage of the Indigenous Peoples March πŸ’―  Will the NSA spy program Edward Snowden exposed ever be used to undermine or imprison the political opponents of those in power? πŸ’―  [OC] My first console game ever (FutureGrind) just came out for the Switch! πŸ’―  ** Best of Japan ** Super Famicom exclusive games πŸ’―  Tangledeep for Nintendo Switch - eShop Trailer πŸ’―  I made a thing! Are there any bits that you feel I left out? What were your favorite bits of Mario Odyssey? πŸ’―  Alexey Torokhtiy: "You need to start from the basics. Like, 'I am shit.'" (and other weightlifting advice) πŸ’―  Angelica Roos (58kg) 85kg Snatch 106kg Clean and Jerk - 2018 European Championship πŸ’―  Lasha vs Shitty Iranian Fans at Rio 2016 πŸ’―  Covington MAGA teens on abortion due to rape: "It's not rape if you enjoy it" πŸ’―  Happy Tuesday! Sweep to Sub πŸ’―  I got to mix my love of BJJ and filmmaking, and I made this. I'd love your thoughts guys πŸ’―  10 Minute Abs Workout πŸ’―  Coping with Achilles Injuries - Podcast with Physio & Former WR Holder Noel Thatcher πŸ’―  OCR Training Tips - Podcast Interview with World Medalist Conor Hancock πŸ’―  PBA Roth Holam Doubles Championship Telecast πŸ’―  Behind The Scenes At MLS Media Day Featuring Ibrahimovic, Rooney and Schweinsteiger πŸ’―  NFL Funniest Moments of the 2018 Season πŸ’―  Windy putts with my friend πŸ’―  Disc Golf Course Playthrough - Huckleberry Park - Hannible MO πŸ’―  These Two Stretches Will IMPROVE Your Disc Golf Game! (EASY) πŸ’―  The purpose of Luke Harding's lies about Assange become clear πŸ’―  Jimmy Kimmel’s Halftime Tribute to Trump πŸ’―  Covington MAGA teens on abortion in terms of rape: "It's not rape if you enjoy it" πŸ’―  This is an easy tip to fade the golf ball πŸ’―  Golf Pro Lyfe - Mon 21 Jan πŸ’―  My friends and I decided to visit Top Golf in Austin while visiting the city. Of course all we did was see how many times we could hit the black target. I also got a pretty cool down the line shot out of it. πŸ’―  Strapped is B-A-C-K and in the Big 🍎 (NLU) πŸ’―  FBI Agents Reveal Strains of the Shutdown in News Conference πŸ’―  What It Takes to Become a Millionaire πŸ’―  [PK] ROOF CULTURE CLERMONT is out! πŸ’―  training with one leg = good rest? [PK] πŸ’―  [PK] PLAYLAND (Parkour & Inline) πŸ’―  [FR]My Best Parkour. πŸ’―  Is Donald Trump Being Targeted By "THE DEEP STATE"? πŸ’―  Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Debunks Myths About A 70% Marginal Tax πŸ’―  Belarusian model Anastasia Vashukevich Fights To Escape Russia, Oleg Deripaska's Reach πŸ’―  Trump has turned press conferences into a ritual of hate πŸ’―  As Trump's Shutdown Enters Day 32, Is There An Off Ramp? πŸ’―  Government Shutdown begins showing its Energy Effects πŸ’―  Clean Your Darts! Hulk Dart VLOGs "Bonus Clip" πŸ’―  Perfect leg from 1001! 17 perfect darts, 176.6 Avg. πŸ’―  One80 ReFlex Conversion Points Video Review - 130 Average And A Couple 180's πŸ’―  -10 celsious sleep in car skiing πŸ’―  Hypersmooth vs Gimbal comparison | GoPro Hero 7 vs FeiyuTech WG2 | in 4K πŸ’―  This Is Your Brain On Stale Air - Tom Scott (make sure your work place is well Ventilated) πŸ’―  I'm a furloughed National Park ranger making a video a day through the shutdown. Today: Carrizo Plain National Monument, California's hidden gem with only 30,000 annual visitors πŸ’―  Video of our 10 day trip to Lomsdal-Visten National Park, Norway πŸ’―  Irshalgad, Monsoon Trek, Panvel πŸ’―  Imperial Accounting, the Theory of Labor Aristocracy, and AOC's Tax Extravaganza πŸ’―  America At Risk: A History of Consumer Protest πŸ’―  Jimmy Webb - Sleepwalker (8C+/V16) (feat. Daniel Woods and Keenan Takahashi) πŸ’―  3rd Person Beta w/Gopro πŸ’―  The MOST UNIQUE spot for bouldering you'll see in a while! πŸ’―  Pro Arm Wrestler Devon Larratt Tries Rock Climbing πŸ’―  Seven Summits Overview - The Ultimate Challenge πŸ’―  On this day we honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. πŸ’―  Fox news refuses to discuss UBI on an economic level or even sociopolitical level, instead UBI is "immoral" πŸ’―  Qatar deepens ties with Mexico amid blockade πŸ’―  TRT exclusive interview with senator Lindsey Graham. πŸ’―  #MAGAKIDS HOAX: Top 3 Lessons! | Louder With Crowder πŸ’―  It’s funny how rappers went from dickriding Trump to criticizing him once he went up against the party of their record label overlords πŸ’―  Masters 2019 | Shot of the Championship πŸ’―  Silicon Valley Tech Billionaire Claims β€œThe Holocaust Never Happened” πŸ’―  "The Government Shutdown Should Last FOREVER! - Here's WHY with Jeffrey Tucker" πŸ’―  Aaron MatΓ© debunks RussiaGate πŸ’―  Made a quick edit of the weekend shenanigans πŸ’―  Absolute brawl between Mathieu Olivier (Milwaukee Admirals) and Alex Gallant (Chicago Wolves) πŸ’―  Evander Kane Chops Mike Matheson In The Head With A high Stick πŸ’―  Non-hockey fan watches Conor McDavid highlights. πŸ’―  Colorado Avalanche Coach Jared Bednar vs. Lorne Toews | WHL Fight 11/16/91 πŸ’―  Maybe the biggest issue of our time, largely ignored. AnCaps need to understand the implications of this. πŸ’―  Ghost Gunner P80 - Defense Distributed πŸ’―  How the Worldwide Far-Left Seeks Power πŸ’―  Escaping hyperinflation with cryptocurrency at Church's Chicken in Caracas, Venezuela πŸ’―  Rene Dupree shares his thoughts on Cena πŸ’―  When Eddie Guerrero won a Royal Rumble match on Smackdown to earn a shot at Brock Lesnar's WWE Championship [1:56] πŸ’―  Because of problems with filming, PWA has there first show of the year for free. This includes Jonah rock last PWA match. πŸ’―  Working class hero takes matters into his own hands when his boss doesn't pay his wage πŸ’―  86 years young Dennis Skinner is on fire during NHS debate, Speaker Bercow calls him INDESTRUCTIBLE πŸ’―  A Coup in Progress? Venezuelan Foreign Minister Decries US & Brazil-Backed Effort to Oust Maduro πŸ’―  Thomas Piketty + Frederic Lordon: Does Capitalism Deserve a Good Lesson? (English Subtitles) πŸ’―  Chapo Trap House, Ad Homs, and Leftist Logic πŸ’―  Carreno Busta has a meltdown after being beaten in a 5 setter against Nishikori πŸ’―  Mom walks out after Jacob Copeland signs with Florida πŸ’―  Ronnie O'Sullivan deliberately misses 147 (a perfect game) because he deems the cash prize of Β£10,000 to be too little πŸ’―  Jerry Kelly makes an eagle putt after slicing ball into lava. πŸ’―  Legendary - "The Ballot or the Bullet" πŸ’―  Kamala Harris vs Donald Trump 2020 Election Prediction (Performance in the General Election) πŸ’―  This Silicon Valley Tech Billionaire Claiming β€œThe Holocaust Never Happened” πŸ’―  Sweden's feminizing boys with genderless schools πŸ’―  Gillette apparently believes the best a man can get is a castration. πŸ’―  How Southerners React to Gillette's New Commercial - (Not in The Way You'd Expect) πŸ’―  The war on men - Australian feminists' gender war πŸ’―  Bernie Sanders Urges Democrats to Oppose Military Industrial Complex πŸ’―  Empire Files - Democrats Praise War Criminal Mattis πŸ’―  Klay Thompson UNREAL Shooting 44 Pts, 10-11 3PM! 2019.01.21 Warriors vs Lakers | FreeDawkins πŸ’―  Philip DeFranco lied about the MAGA Catholic students (Native American incident) πŸ’―  Pence's Trump-MLK Comparison Doesn't Add Up πŸ’―  Live: Mueller Spoke To Trump Team After Debunked Buzzfeed Report On President Telling Cohen To Lie By H.a. Goodman πŸ’―  Gesture of solidarity as teachers strike worldwide - RT America πŸ’―  26 Billionaires Have More Money than Half the World - RT America πŸ’―  How MLK Really Died – Lawyer Speaks Out - RT America πŸ’―  Bloody Loss For US; β€˜We can’t Beat Taliban’ – NATO General - RT America πŸ’―  Public health campaign sparks controversy over racism claims in New Zealand - RT πŸ’―  Trump's 2nd Wall Speech Even More Ridiculous Than 1st - David Pakman Show πŸ’―  Thomas Piketty - Frederic Lordon 2015 Debate English Subtitles πŸ’―  Unpacking The Nathan Phillips vs Covington Boys Confrontation - Progressive News with Tim Black πŸ’―  Kamala Harris announces 2020 Democratic presidential nomination run - FactPointVideo πŸ’―  'This isn’t for me!' - Sailor breaks ranks at Ecuadorian Navy initiation ceremony - RT πŸ’―  πŸ‡»πŸ‡ͺ Venezuela says rogue officers arrested, bases under control | Al Jazeera English - Al Jazeera English πŸ’―  BC Speaker releases report detailing allegations of public funds misspent - FactPointVideo πŸ’―  Burkina Faso : l'Γ©conomiste Christophe DabirΓ©, nouveau patron de la Primature - euronews πŸ’―  Zimbabwe union leader arrested - euronews πŸ’―  Zimbabwe : arrestation du patron du syndicat Γ  l'origine de la grΓ¨ve gΓ©nΓ©rale (avocats) - euronews πŸ’―  Burkina Faso: Christophe Joseph Marie DabirΓ© is new PM - euronews πŸ’―  "Low Energy": Donald Trump Works Less Than Most Americans πŸ’―  The government is using vaccines to make your kids liberal πŸ’―  Native American Man Heckled By EMU Students Speaks Out - The Revered Vietnam Era Marine Recon Ranger Veteran Elder Nathan Phillips' Breakthrough Performance (2015)  Go Back 1 Day: Monday, January 21, 2019