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Must Watch: Monday, September 17, 2018

💯  The Mueller Probe is Officially Doomed: Lisa Page Just Shot It to Bits 💯  Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden go on the attack against Trump 💯  Coulter on the left's futile fight against Trump 💯  Ocasio-Cortez Made the OK SIGN!! Its Time to Ban "👌" Emoji 💯  A minute of surf travels 💯  Driving on Humboldt Bay's North Jetty to check it is Not Advised 💯  Saturday on the French Broad River with our new yaks 💯  Manafort Flips on Trump; Kavanaugh Accused of Sexual Assault: A Closer Look 💯  SAM's fights for JUDO BLACK BELT 💯  Judo doesn't work in the streets? Segata Sanshiro begs to differ. 💯  Daiki Kamikawa - the last Man defeated Teddy Riner 💯  As the election season begins to start its turn to high gear its important to understand “trickle down” =\= “supply sided”. The video is long and there are points you’ll disagree but overall excellent. 💯  Who Is Driving The Cashless Society? 💯  Malmo 2018: The Beauty Of Open Borders (Hint: VOLUNTARYISM WINS BIGOTS!) 💯  High Trust fastlane vs Low Trust congestion: And its effects on the commons. 💯  We are building the tools to allow people to permissionlessly have complete control over their own money, and there is a $50M USD fund to help us do it. 💯  Colby Bryant: #1 KFC All American Hoops Prospect 💯  The White Nationalist Manifesto | w/ Greg Johnson 💯  New Lisa Page Bombshell Testimony Will Paralyze Trump Haters! 💯  Recently made an intro with some of my catches for the past year. Any and all feedback is much appreciated! 💯  The Trump Economy, Debunked 💯  For any of you that might somehow still be for censoring "fake news" 💯  America: The Corporate Empire 💯  Conspiracy Culture : A Leftist Analysis 💯  Marxists vs Liberals on Capitalism- Michael Parenti 💯  Springtime edit in Australia :) 💯  Kazu Kokubo's "Kamikazu" - Official Trailer 💯  "We Tried" - Teaser 💯  Maine U17 girls at 2018 YCC 💯  SLOCORE Southwest Series Highlights 2018 💯  NASCAR TV Opening History 💯  Golfing with Daytona 500 Champion Derrick Cope - TNN interview from 1991 💯  Bobby Allison on Penske's 500th win 💯  Dave Sapienza breaks the pit gate at Riverhead Raceway in a Tour Type Modified 💯  Dale Earnhardt on Letterman after becoming 1990 Cup champion. 💯  "Whitey don't hit another three " 💯  Rohit Sharma waves Sri Lanka Flag 💯  Sanath Jayasuria 130 vs India, 2004 Asia Cup 💯  The Moment You Figure Out What is About to be Demonstrated For The Video 💯  Eddie Bravo Infuriates Joe Rogan in Germany | Joey Diaz 💯  The church of what's happening now:#618 with Jon bernthal. 💯  I'm a Business Magnet (Remix) 💯  Liberal MP Leona Alleslev's unprecedented speech before crossing the floor 💯  The Assassination of an American Prophet and the Missouri Extermination of Executive Order 44 💯  Arrests you probably haven't heard about. OIG audits. 💯  Ben Shapiro Now Named In The Mueller Probe With Paul Manafort #RussiaGate 💯  Owen Shroyer vs. Adam Green (Know More News) LIVE TONIGHT 9/17/18 - 5PM PST - 8PM EST 💯  [China Uncensored] Iran Gets Desperate, Turns to China 💯  Porsche Carrera Cup Sugo 2009 - Chasecam 💯  They Aren’t Rich 💯  Paying customer "illegally" parks at McDonalds 💯  What can the United States learn from Cuba and anarchists about disaster relief? (DisContent Leftist Content Collective video) 💯  The Season 2018 Tufts University - Chapter 4: Competition (JumbosLaxTV) 💯  NCAA Lacrosse 2018: Best Hustle Plays and Goals (LacrosseAnalytics) 💯  Kavanaugh High School Drama, Political Commentary on my Monday drive. #ChristineFord 💯  The Syria Deception: Al-Qaeda Goes to Hollywood 💯  The Amazon Tax Scandal 💯  Martin Klizan vs Evgeny Donskoy Highlights ST. PETERSBURG 2018 💯  Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova vs Aliaksandra Sasnovich | Toray Pan Pacific Highlights 💯  Martin Klizan vs Evgeny Donskoy | St.Petersburg Open Highlights 💯  Stan Wawrinka vs Aljaz Bedene Highlights ST. PETERSBURG 2018 💯  Stan Wawrinka vs Aljaz Bedene | St.Petersburg Open Highlights 💯  Humbert/Tsonga vs Albot/Basilashvili Highlights METZ 2018 💯  One of the most intense collections out there 💯  Mischa Zverev vs Yannick Maden Highlights METZ 2018 💯  Michael Moore Says He's Unsure We'll "Get To 2020 As A Democracy" | The View 💯  Michael Moore's Message To Those Prospering In Trump's America 💯  My friend Mike filmed this part 10 years ago, he's one of my favorite skateboarders and is absolutely insane 💯  Blunt Hardflip to fakie. 💯  My favorite part from Girl’s Yeah Right. This used to get me so hype. 💯  Chris Joslin's Etnies UNSTOPPABLE Part 💯  The Story of How Amazon Got So Powerful 💯  Getting rid of the Electoral College would backfire SPECTACTULARLY on the Demonrats. I didn't vote for Trump because I lived in safe red state. Make it a direct vote, and the silent majority (like me) come out of the woodwork. 💯  Breaking: Leaked Footage Shows Reddit Admins Plans For T_d 💯  lmao, oh Paul you should have stayed retired. 💯  Shoddy Hockey: Rowing 💯  Ayub Magomadov discusses his training with Conor McGregor and subsequent controversy - translated to english 💯  KSW 45 Promo: Former Champ Michal Materla (26-6) vs. Olympic Medalist Damian Janikowski (3-0) 💯  Alexei Oleinik show how to do ezekiel choke 💯  Scott Coker talks to Eddie Goldman on DAZN and Bellator 💯  The MMA Hour with Ryan Hall, Dan Hardy and Joanna Jedrzejczyk. 💯  Aleksei Oleinik vs. Curtis Blaydes Fight takes an unfortunate turn for the fans 💯  The Disputed Origin Story of the UFC Octagon 💯  Kickboxing legend Ray Sefo is coaching Yana Kunitskaya ahead of her fight at UFC 229 💯  DON'T BURN YOUR NIKES (send them to me) - [Original Song] 💯  Best of Team Radio | 2018 Singapore Grand Prix 💯  According to Marshall Pruett, there are team managers in the IndyCar paddock that questions Zak Brown's future as CEO of McLaren Racing after the end of the 2018 F1 season 💯  Marc Priestley (ex McLaren engineer) "I'm 100% sure Ocon will replace Bottas in 2020" 💯  Super Smash Bros Secrets - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Dazz 💯  Nintendo Switch Online's Cloud Save Debacle (The Jimquisition) 💯  Gal Metal - Trailer 💯  I searched Mevo Bowling on YouTube and found this very unique bowling style. Starts at about 1:40 💯  Abortion Is NOT Murder: Judith Thomson's Violinist 💯  TEDxAmazonia - Diana Whitten | On abortion and Hypocrisy 💯  Mini disc golf world champion 💯  2018 Canadian Nationals - Round 2 Part 1 - Fry, Sexton, Perkins, White 💯  2018 Canadian Nationals - Round 2 Part 2 - Fry, Sexton, Perkins, White 💯  2018 World Championships, R5 B9 (Parody Commentary) 💯  2018 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge | R2, F9, MPO | McBeth, Paju, Ulibarri, Bell 💯  2018 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge | R2, B9, MPO | McBeth, Paju, Ulibarri, Bell 💯  A chill Sunday roll. If I imagine myself a king cobra, Charles is definitely my mongoose counterpart. 💯  Deep Half Guard: Simple Pass 💯  The Moment You Figure Out What is About to be Demonstrated 💯  BJJ doesn't work in the streets? Segata Sanshiro begs to differ. 💯  Brexit explained: what happens when the UK leaves the EU? [Channel 4 News] 💯  3D Blacklight Miniature Golf Course in Nuremberg, Germany 💯  Titleist TS Driver Giveaway (AND A FREE FITTING!) 💯  Yet another swing feedback request 💯  Does Intermittent Fasting Work? ‪Support my girlfriend’s sister’s husband!!!‬ ‪He is a caring father and a Does Intermittent Fasting works? great husband to his wife! If you know of any specific weight loss tips be sure to let him 💯  What a 'no-deal' Brexit could mean for the UK 💯  Me and u/EverettVS doing a podcast talking about the world championships so far 💯  Brexit FAQ: Why Haven't We Left Yet? - BBC News 💯  From Philly to South Carolina - my first two weeks on the road 💯  Philip Hammond: No deal would be 'extremely costly' for UK 💯  Wir Wollen Unsern Alten Kaiser Wilhelm Wiederhaben - Another Monarchist song. 💯  Christopher Hitchens on impeachment 💯  Long cycle (double clean and jerk) PR 2x28kg 40 reps in 5 minutes 💯  A typical outdoor day in Finland 💯  The Quad Tandem World Championships started in the heart of Oregon today! 💯  How to clean & butcher a snapping turtle (whole process) 💯  White Out in Winter Park 💯  Find Buyers For Export In 2018 (Fast!) 💯  (4K) A weekend at San Isabel National Forest, CO 💯  Professor Rory Truex: "Xi for life? What does it mean for China and the World?" 💯  Nearly 40 Minute discussion on how the media is treating Botham Jean. 💯  Dallas off outy cop walks into neighbors house killing him, judge signs search warrant to look for drugs in victims house to cover it up 💯  North Face RockTrip 2017- Megos, Honnold, Segal, Wright, Balderramos all in one trip 💯  US Special Forces trad climbing Trump's prototype southern border walls. 💯  Turning Point V8. Finally got the send tonight 💯  How to get the Best Results from Contacting Your Representatives 💯  Kings And Generals released a video on the Arab Sassanid wars 💯  The Joy of Hating White People 💯  76 year old Barry Stark playing Kyren Wilson. 💯  End Blood Rituals - metzitzah b’peh 💯  Jordan Peterson does another TV interview in the UK, meets the male equivalent of Cathy Newman. Interview goes similarly and has the same outcome. 💯  Major national news show has story on male victims of sexual abuse. 💯  Based Dalai Lama | w/ David Duke 💯  Doing a standing mini-ollie on Bananarama 💯  Video of neo-liberal asshat Jack Tapper asking radical leftist shit stain Alexandria "Crazy Eyes" Ocasio-Cortez questions she can't answer. 💯  Why I Support White Nationalism | Greg Johnson 💯  #17 Valeri "The Spaniard" Kharlamov, Lighting Lamp Lovingly 💯  Preseason Game 1 2018 Opening Ceremony 💯  Critiquing All 30 MLB Stadiums - Secrets and Hidden Gems 💯  2009 VIDEO | Should I get back involved? (I'm in the red shorts) 💯  Test big boot compilation 💯  Gulak [For A Better 205 Live] 💯  Grand Sumo: September 2018 Tournament, Day 8 💯  Two 5 Star Basketball Prospects GO At Each Other!! two top 5 basketball prospects Kyree Walker and Terrence Clarke go at each other at the First ever MSHTV Alumni Game 💯  Joe Lieberman on John Kerry's talks with Iran 💯  Dallas Cop Murders Black Neighbor And Fellow Cops Search Victim's House For Drugs 💯  LeBron James locks down DeMar DeRozan - 2016 NBA ECF 💯  James Harden and Steph Curry would like you to forget this: 💯  One Last Dance... - Dwayne Wade 💯  Lance Stephenson 13-11-12 against Memphis 💯  Mickael Pietrus was crazy 💯  [November 20th, 1993] A 21-Year-Old Shaquille O'Neal records 24/28/3/1/15 to lead the Orlando Magic to a two-point win over the New Jersey Nets. 💯  🇪🇹 Is Ethiopia on a path to inclusive democracy? | Inside Story - Al Jazeera English 💯  Dozens dead as Typhoon Mangkhut rips through southeast Asia - euronews 💯  Caller: Are Power Dynamics a Form of Statutory Rape? - David Pakman Show 💯  Breaking: Kavanaugh Accuser Goes Public- Nomination in Jeopardy? - The Majority Report with Sam Seder 💯  Russia's Zhirinovsky Goes Ballistic For Being Called A Jew: I am Russian And You Go To Israel! - Russia Insider 💯  Alex Jones' Deplatforming is NOT a Free Speech Issue - David Pakman Show 💯  Active Measures - insightful view into geopolitics between US / Russia 💯  Mike's Parody of Ron DeSantis' Campaign Ad - The Humanist Report 💯  Media Blackout Surrounding Lisa Page Testimony! - WeAreChange.Org 💯  Lyon: Dancing parade for peace - euronews 💯  The New War is So-Called "Religious Freedom" - David Pakman Show 💯  Russian Folk Music That Will Thrill You! Part VII - Russia Insider 💯  Breaking: Fbi Could Not Prove Trump Russia Collusion Before Mueller Probe States Lisa Page. By H.a. Goodman 💯  PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode Sept. 16, 2018 💯  Caller Has Unclear Question About Race-Based Religions - David Pakman Show 💯  #LionelNation🇺🇸Immersive Live Stream: The Electronic (Re)Lynching of Brett Kavanaugh - Lionel Nation 💯  Should Social Media Free Speech Be Enforced by the Government? - David Pakman Show 💯  OOPS! Trump Spent FEMA Hurricane Money On More Child Cages - The Majority Report with Sam Seder 💯  Feinstein Tried To Sweep Kavanaugh Rape Allegations Under The Rug - The Majority Report with Sam Seder 💯  How to Actually Help "3rd World Countries" - David Pakman Show 💯  Republican Not Sure Her Opponent Is A REAL Native American - The Majority Report with Sam Seder 💯  Cop Murders Black Neighbor And They Search HIS House For Drugs - The Majority Report with Sam Seder  Go Back 1 Day: Sunday, September 16, 2018