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Must Watch: Monday, January 27, 2020

💯  Leaked voice message of medical staffer in China, "The infection more horrible than reported" 💯  'Cartoon Trump's Impeachment Trial Kicks Off' Ep. 301 Cold Open | Our Cartoon President 💯  Pam Bondi drops a MOAB on Democrats 💯  Trump Team Impeaches Hunter Biden During Senate Trial Ending Vice President's 2020 Campaign 💯  Since the allstar game was in St. Louis. Here's a short video telling the story of Wayne Gretzky's short stint playing for the Blues 💯  The History of Objects Thrown On The Ice 💯  Soycialists Of America 💯  USMNT will 'no doubt' qualify for 2022 World Cup - Bruce Arena | ESPN FC 💯  How Occupy Wall Street fueled Bernie's rise 💯  Another Study Proves Medicare For All Will REDUCE Healthcare Costs & Save Money 💯  Budgeting for beginners 💯  The Fed's Swan Song: The mother of all financial disasters 💯  Keiser Report: All Rescue Roads Lead to the Elite (E1492) 💯  2020 Cash Envelope Stuffing | January 2020 Check #3 | Cash Envelope System | Dave Ramsey Inspired 💯  How to Survive the 21st Century | DAVOS 2020 💯  #metoo: Six reasons why men don’t report sexual harrassment & rape. 💯  Choices & Dedication 💯  The Power Of Clarity 💯  2020 Impeachment News - Actress sends clear message to Trump detractors 💯  Mark Levin: Dems' impeachment case has been an embarrassment - Must Watch! 💯  How MERS Coronavirus Spread around the World (2012-2018) 💯  Coronavirus Becoming China’s Chernobyl as Nations Begin Closing Their Borders! 💯  Democrats In Full on PANIC MODE As Party Fractures And Voters REFUSE To "Vote Blue No Matter Who" 💯  Ten minutes of hard to swallow truths for our democratic friends 💯  MSNBC calls team “Los Angeles Niggers” during live broadcast about Kobe’s death 💯  Staring contest between Wider and Fury | Video 💯  TYSON FURY on How MASTURBATION Helps MENTAL HEALTH !! 💯  'Kubrat Pulev is a BIT PAST IT, EASY OPTION for Anthony Joshua', says Daniel Dubois 💯  Tyson Fury finds his American accent with The Schmo 💯  Tyson Fury could still be impacted by Deontay Wilder’s knockdown – Timothy Bradley | Max on Boxing 💯  January 26, 2002 - Shane Mosley vs Vernon Forrest I 💯  Anthony Joshua’s prediction for Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury II 💯  How Ali Dismantled Southpaws - Fight & Technique Breakdown 💯  January 27, 1988 - Carl “The Truth” Williams vs Rodney Frazier 💯  The modern Industrial Workers of the World 💯  Here's why Joe Biden is called "Creepy Uncle Joe" 💯  Julius Maddox benches 342 kg/755 lbs (WR) 💯  Pain and Injury Roundtable w/Jordan Feigenbaum, Mike Israetel, Greg Nuckols, Michael Ray, Eric Trexler, and Omar Isuf 💯  Reykjavik International Games Powerlifting meet live stream followed by Weightlifting at 2pm GMT 💯  Zeb Powell Wins Gold in X Games Knuckle Huck 💯  Mont Tremblant Trip 2020 💯  Fridge Xgames Complete Run, right before the WTF..! 💯  They're just like a missile! 💯  How the CIA Stole a Soviet Submarine During the Cold War 💯  Leaked footage found of the Astros apology video 💯  Highest MLB Opening Day Payrolls 1988 - 2019 💯  Not curling... but imagine making this draw! 💯  On the water rowing included as an event in a Crossfit competition this weekend! 💯  Saw the street erg and realized r/Rowing doesn’t know about the Rowcycle. 💯  Sea kayaking & wild camping in Northumberland, England earlier this week 💯  HOW TO COPY your favorite FISHING LURES (CORVINA) 💯  How Israel Exploits the Holocaust to Justify War Crimes Against Palestinians 💯  Not all Jews support Israel: Anti-Zionist rabbi 💯  The Untold History of Palestine & Israel 💯  Anti-Zionism is not the same as Anti-Semitism 💯  World War II: country-by-country count of human losses (in true scale) 💯  Our current situation in Shanghai amid the Coronavirus scare 💯  Posie Parker's Illegal Opinions 💯  Virginia House Advance Gun Control Bills but that's Not All! 💯  MSNBC - "Bernie would not pull over if you were on the side of the road" 💯  What The Chinese Don't Want World To See (Patient With Coronavirus And I... 💯  Is the person responsible for The Silk Road the same person responsible for Bitcoin? 💯  Crisis Actor describes Kobe Bryant helicopter crash in near perfect detail! 💯  Ellen Ratner (Fox News) tells of her meeting with Julian Assange on Nov. 5 2016 💯  JRE MMA Show #86 with Josh Thomson 💯  Legalizing Cannabis Brought Up To Trump on Parnas' Dinner Audio 💯  What it’s like at trump jr’s book signing 💯  TIL the creator of Bum Fights was asked onto the Dr. Phil Show. He dressed up just like him and exposed Dr. Phil for being guilty of the same exact thing, exploitation of the challenged for monetary gain. 💯  Andrew Schulz almost fights the sound guy on History hyenas around 10 minutes in. 💯  Senator Nina Turner talks about how #woke liberals weaponize their wokeness against her 💯  For Reference when the MSM, DNC, T_D and Twitter Shills Try to Assassinate His Character Even More in the Future. Joe is Making the Right Choice 💯  RIP - Joe Rogan on Kobe Bryant's Competitive Drive 💯  Don’t Let The Mainstream Media, Neoliberals, And Neocons Win Through Smears. Don’t Fall Prey To Apathy And Indifference. The US Can Be A Better Country. Don’t Let Them Frighten You Away With The Scary “Commie!” Accusations. Knowledge Is Power. 💯  Chael thinks Joe should apologise to SAS 💯  SIMULATION | Joe Rogan 💯  Gamecock Ultimate: 2020 Intro 💯  Cleveland Winter League Week 2 Top Plays 💯  30 for 30: Huck and Hope 💯  Ultimate Frisbee Foam Rolling Guide 💯  Portland Rising PUL open tryout video 💯  First gator roll/polish whizzer I've seen on the IJF circuit 💯  Travis Stevens: start your turn-in with your heel down 💯  The horrible leg touch rule strikes again! 💯  5 grip fighting concepts that will accelerate your judo skills 💯  Hilarious at 1:45 💯  What Is Woke Culture? - How is Woke culture connected to concepts like "racism", "social justice" and "luxury communism"? 💯  Fox News and The Weather Channel Quietly Confirm Wuhan Nurse Who Claimed 90k Infected and Project 190k 💯  Adam Schiff Closing Argument 💯  Xpost r/Allreason - Hate is Hate 💯  Watch some history 💯  Why Do Some People Hate Elon Musk? 💯  Anand Giridharadas on 'Winners Take All' and the charade of elite philanthropy | VPRO Documentary - old but great 💯  Irony And Memes: A Tool For The Alt Right 💯  Barracuda beats 5 players from 12m out [2.01 in the vid] 💯  Recap of the Sunwolves' first four seasons in Super Rugby (2020 season promo) 💯  Harlequins v Saracens HIGHLIGHTS | Quins Run In 6 Tries Against Saracens | Gallagher Premiership 💯  Adam Schiff gives brilliant response to Trump tweet threatening him 💯  Miss Sloane on Gun Control (movie from 2016) 💯  Zhao Yun Lei's Masterclass on the Female Role in Mixed Doubles 💯  Roces Goes Eco-Friendly, Symetrics' New Aluminum Frame, Blader Union's New App & More // Blader News 💯  Rollerblading tricks on aggressive inline skates 💯  Hey friendos, inspired by this sub I tried skating a bit after over 15 years or so. Any tips of what to do to improve my balance etc? Thank you! 💯  Chihiro Azuma [3:13, footage from 2015] 💯  Episode 9: Parrey Skatepark Session 💯  Feb 12, 2019: Joe Rogan Experience #1245 - Andrew Yang 💯  Crazy BASE Jump Through Clouds Landing Next To The Beach - Pedra Da Gáve... 💯  A video i did on gavin mccinnes 💯  #HOTGIRLSFORBERNIE Trends On Twitter To Counter “Bernie Bro” Stereotype! Hashtags IRL! 💯  I'm the Messenger | Original Song | Christian Reece Music 💯  Perfect Plane-Spotting location inside Atlanta airport 💯  Rhodium Prices heading for $10,000 per ounce! 💯  The Watchmen (Your Song Is Over) | Original Song | Christian Reeve Music 💯  Aerial View Of Dallas Texas Tornado Damage | 4K Drone Footage 💯  Atlanta Airport - Air Traffic Time Lapse  Go Back 1 Day: Sunday, January 26, 2020