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  CNN Newsroom - SNL  Hadley Heath on CNN Newsroom (04.05.2013)  Democrats Court Minorities • CNN Newsroom (08.09.2015)  Nelson discusses immigration reform on CNN Newsroom  Nelson discusses ISIS threat on CNN Newsroom  Clinton Caucus Corruption? • CNN Newsroom (02.02.16)  Sen. Cruz CNN Newsroom - August 27, 2017  Sabrina Schaeffer on CNN Newsroom (04.11.2013)  CNN NEWSROOM: MIKE PENCE׃ “OBAMACARE NIGHTMARE IS ABOUT TO END“  CNN NEWSROOM | TRUMP WIRETAPPING CLAIM FACES MORE SCRUTINY MONDAY  CNN NEWSROOM 03/18/17 | UK: WIRETAP CLAIM ARE RIDICULOUS  CNN Newsroom Covers Hands Off My Health Care Rally  Cruz Echoes Trump's Immigration Stance • CNN Newsroom (02.23.16)  CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin Doctors on dallas  Trump Dumps Fox Debate Over Megyn Kelly • CNN Newsroom (01.27.16)  PENCE׃ “OBAMACARE NIGHTMARE IS ABOUT TO END“ ¦ CNN NEWSROOM  Sen. Cruz on CNN Newsroom - August 27, 2017  McIntosh on CNN Newsroom - CFG Action Ad against Donald Trump  SPICER ON WIRETAP CLAIMS: "NO QUESTION" SOMETHING HAPPENED | CNN NEWSROOM  CNN NEWSROOM | UK: WIRETAP CLAIMS ARE RIDICULOUS , NONSENSE  Fiorina answers question that stumps Trump • CNN Newsroom (09.04.2015)  CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  Hillary's gender politics • CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello (05.20.15)  LEAKED VIDEO O’KEEFE RELEASES LEAKED CNN TAPES FROM INSIDE NEWSROOM  SO I'M MARRYING A ROBOT׃ LOVE & TECH ¦ CNN NEWSROOM  Trump Prepares For Contested Convention • CNN Newsroom (03.18.16)  Sen. Tom Carper on CNN Newsroom Discussing the "Gang of Six" Plan for Deficit Reduction  NEWSROOM BHUDHAJIRAO  NEW TRAVEL BAN SIGNED AS WH DEFENDS WIRETAPPING CLAIMS | CNN NEWSROOM  TRUMP ACCUSES OBAMA OF WIRETAPING HIM, OFFERS NO PROOF 3 CNN NEWSROOM  Newsroom: Unfathered  Newsroom Conversation  newsroom test  Newsroom Stories  Newsroom: Transgender  CNN NEWSROOM 9/30/17 | NEW RECORDING APPEARS TO BE FROM…?  CNN NEWSROOM 03/18/17 | WHITE HOUSE TO APPEAL RULINGS BLOCKING TRAVEL BAN  CNN NEWSROOM 9/29/17 | TRUMP ADMIN SCRUTINIZED OVER PUERTO RICO RESPONSE  Newsroom: TREK4MANDELA  CNN Newsroom 9/25/17 | WAPO: Obam Delivered Facebook “Wake-Up Call”  FUCK CNN FUCK CNN FUCK CNN FUCK CNN FUCK CNN FUCK CNN FUCK CNN FUCK CNN FUCK CNN FUCK CNN FUCK CNN FUCK CNN FUCK CNN FUCK CNN  Bill Clinton on criticism: "We're used to it" • CNN Newsroom w/Carol Costello (06.13.15)  CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin The difference between Donald Trump and Martin Luther King Jr.  George W Bush Campaigns With Jeb in SC • CNN Newsroom (02.15.16)  Ivanka Trump's Step In The Right Direction Bringing Up Women's Issues • CNN Newsroom (07.22.16)  Schaeffer: GOP Debate was "missed opportunity" to talk about women • CNN Newsroom (08.07.15)  CNN NEWSROOM | COMEY TO TESTIFY MONDAY ON RUSSIA MEDDLING IN U.S ELECTIONS (2)  Trump's Abortion Comments Distract From Important Economic Issues • CNN Newsroom (03.31.16)  GOP has a real opportunity to positively address women voters • CNN Newsroom (08.11.15)  CNN is Finished: Project Veritas to Release Damaging secret Newsroom Footage!!!  House GOP Sending Bill Repealing ObamaCare to President's Desk • CNN Newsroom (1/6/16)  Jeb Bush: "Im Going To Be Better" In FBN Debate • CNN Newsroom (11.10.2015)  Is Trump Hurting GOP's Progress With Women Voters? • CNN Newsroom (05.26.16)  SEN PAUL GOES ON HUNT FOR OBAMACARE REPLACEMENT BILL CNN NEWSROOM  TRUMP FIRES U S ATTY AFTER PROMISING HE COULD KEEP JOB 1 ¦ CNN NEWSROOM  CNN NEWSROOM 03/18/17 | FENCE MEETS WITH BUSINESS LEADERS TO DICUSS HEALTH CARE (REFORMFULL SPEAK)  CNN NEWSROOM 03/18/17 | TRUMP ON UK WIRETAPPING CLAIMS: TALK TO FOX NEWS  CNN NEWSROOM | WHITE HOUSE & TRUMP NO REGRETS FOR UK SPYING CLAIM  CNN NEWSROOM 03/18/17 | SECRET SERVICE UNDER SCRUNTINY AFTER SERIES OF BLUNDERS  CNN NEWSROOM 03/18/17 | TRUMP: GERMANY MUST PAY U.S FOR DEFENSE IT PROVIDES  CNN is Finished: Project Veritas to Release Damaging secret Newsroom Footage  Will George W Bush Help Jeb In South Carolina? • CNN Newsroom (02.10.16)  IA Voters Vs. NH Voters: What Will Be The Outcome? • CNN Newsroom (02.02.16)  Trump Should Focus On Women & Economy Rather Than Personal Attacks And Ads • CNN Newsroom (05.17.16)  Conservative group targets Trump in ad & Fiorina in Focus • CNN Newsroom (09.16.15)  Is Trump's Child Care Tax Credit Proposal Enough To Win Over Women? • CNN Newsroom (08.09.16)  2016 elections & Rand Paul wanting to rebrand GOP • CNN Newsroom w/Carol Costello (05.27.15)  TRUMP FIRES FEDERAL ATTORNEY WHO REFUSED TO RESIGN 2 ¦ CNN NEWSROOM  CNN NEWSROOM 03/18/17| FBI CHIEF TO TESTIFY ON WIRETAP CLAIMS AS TRUMP DOUBLE DOWN  CNN NEWSROOM 03/18/17 | MULTIPLE GOP LAWMAKERS ON FENCE ABOUT HEALTH CARE  CNN NEWSROOM 03/18/17 | TRUMP VOWS SUPREME COURT FIGHT OVER TRAVEL BAN  Sen. Nelson discusses Hurricane Irma on CNN Newsroom with Anderson Cooper  CNN= KIKES CNN= KIKES CNN= KIKESCNN= KIKES CNN= KIKES CNN= KIKES CNN= KIKES CNN= KIKES CNN= KIKES CNN= KIKES CNN= KIKES CNN= KIKES CNN= KIKESCNN= KIKES  Newsroom: 17 March 2017  Newsroom, 20 March 2017  Newsroom: Amatekisi App  Newsroom, 28 February 2017  Newsroom, 27 February 2017  Newsroom: 02 March 2017  Newsroom, 09 March 2017

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