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  Feinstein threatens Manafort with subpoena  Trey Gowdy to subpoena Hillary Clinton's emails  Graham: I'll subpoena FBI's information  Speier: Subpoena likely for Trump's personal attorney  Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway issues a subpoena  US Senate Committee Withdraws Manafort Subpoena  De Lima wants subpoena vs Wally Sombero  Breaking News: Source: Flynn To Plead 5th, Decline Senate Subpoena. #Subpoena #Breaking  Anwar: I'll subpoena Najib and Rosmah  Panel Discuss Source: Flynn To Plead 5th, Refuse Senate Subpoena. #Flynn #Subpoena  Greg Evers on his grand jury subpoena  Napolitano: Mueller found something worthy of subpoena  Napolitano: Mueller found something worthy of subpoena  Judge Napolitano: Senate can subpoena Susan Rice  Flynn Rejects Trump-Russia Probe Subpoena  Collins 'fine' with subpoena for Trump tapes  Lawmakers subpoena Resorts World Manila officer  Newly reported subpoena shows shape of probe  Chuck Grassley Threatens to Subpoena Paul Manafort  Roger Stone May Face House Intelligence Subpoena  House panel issues subpoena vs Imee Marcos  Senate intel gets broad subpoena power   Intel Comm member: We'll subpoena meeting email  Senate Panel Rescinds Subpoena For Paul Manafort  DOJ may subpoena journalists who publish leaks  Reed: We May Need to Subpoena Trump  KiniTV, editor may subpoena AG to testify  Report: Michael Flynn will decline Senate subpoena  Collins 'fine' with subpoena for Trump tapes  Manafort subpoena dropped, source tells CNN  New York Regulators Subpoena Seeking Answers From Equifax  DEMS DILEMMA  Determined Dems   Dems & 2018  Are Dems alienating their base?  Graham not ready to subpoena Trump tax returns  "I'm Left With No Choice" Jason Chaffetz Issues Subpoena to DEA Head  Dems elect new party chair  Graham not ready to subpoena Trump tax returns  Tyson reveals subpoena likely linked to alleged price fixing February 6, 2017  Tyson reveals subpoena linked to alleged price fixing February 6, 2017  Newly reported subpoena shows shape of Trump Russia probe  Senate Dems Boycott Confirmation Votes  Arkansas Asks to Block Subpoena For Inmate's Autopsy Records  Senate DEMS Slam Neil Gorsuch Nomination. #Gorsuch #DEMS #Senate  DEMS See Georgia House Race As Opportunity. #Georgia #DEMS  Breakfast with 'Friends': A message from Dems to Dems  Senate DEMS Play Hardball, Could Block Chamber Business. #DEMS #Senate  Nat’l Dems Push SinglePayer But California Dems Warn Of Consequences  Graham says that I will subpoena FBI for wiretap answers if need be  Flynn Invokes 5th Amendment in Response to Senate Subpoena  Lindsey Graham Asked to Subpoena Trump's Tax Returns at Town Hall  Deputy Chief Hid From Federal Subpoena (Columbia Police Department)  Gowdy Raises Threat Of Subpoena To Get Rice To Testify  Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman: Flynn Not Cooperating With Subpoena  Reporter James Risen Faces Subpoena in CIA Whistleblower Case  Ex-drug CEO Shkreli Asks U.S.court to Consider Blocking Subpoena  RACHEL MADDOW Exclusive Subpoena issued regarding fmr Trump staffer Manafort  Judge rules Orleans Parish DA must ID 'fake subpoena' prosecutors  Subpoena Susan Rice, others to testify publicly: Judge Napolitano  Will Trump-Bannon hand the Democrats subpoena power in 2018?  Endangered Dems Run From ObamaCare  Dems Attend Gubernatorial Forum  Look Which Top Officials Just Got A Subpoena From Congress For Unmasking Scandal, You’ll Be Speechle  Must Watch Trey Gowdy The House Intel Head With Some Subpoena Worthy Serious Comey Questions  Dems Ask: Where's Rauner?  Dems Stall Trump’s Nominations  Dems Name New Leader  Jason Chaffetz threatens to subpoena TSA for Refusing to turn over Documents  DEMS are A.W.O.L. Boycotting Trumps Nomenee  Woman In Ailes Sexual Harassment Case Receives Subpoena  Darrell Issa to Subpoena HealthCare.gov Records: Obama ‘Missed Management 101’  Senate Committee should subpoena Susan Rice, says Pete Hoekstra   Senate Judiciary Committee Issues Subpoena to Paul Manafort  Lindsey Graham Will Subpoena James Comey For Lying To Congress  GOP Senator: We may subpoena Pres. Trump's tax returns  Jason Chaffetz Threatens BLM Stooge With Subpoena "You Are Ridiculous"  ‘The Senate should subpoena Michael Flynn’ – ex-CIA agent  ANC Live: Lawmakers subpoena Resorts World Manila officer  Congress Threatens Trump With Subpoena Over James Comey Tapes

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