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  What is Dodd-Frank? | CNBC Explains  What is Dodd-Frank? | CNBC International  Dodd-Frank rollbacks pass House  Should Trump dismantle Dodd-Frank?  Money Talks: Breaking Dodd-Frank  GOP Dodd-Frank Rewrite Approved  The Evils of Dodd-Frank  Controversial Dodd-Frank rule explained  Alan Greenspan: Dodd-Frank Should Be Repealed  Jobs, Bowling Green, Dodd Frank & More  How Dodd-Frank changed Wall Street  Trump Talks 'Major Elimination' of 'Dodd-Frank'  Donald Trump to Rollback Dodd-Frank Act  President Trump Begins Scaling Back Dodd-Frank  Barney Frank: Dodd-Frank Very Pro-Market | Squawk Box | CNBC  Why Dodd-Frank Might Never Be Replaced  Goodbye Dodd-Frank, Hello Foreign Exchange Brokers  Trump Talks 'Major Elimination' of 'Dodd-Frank'  A controversial Dodd-Frank rule, explained  Can Dodd-Frank be replaced this year?  Bloomberg News The future of Dodd-Frank  Trump Talks 'Major Elimination' of 'Dodd-Frank'  Trump Talks 'Major Elimination' of 'Dodd-Frank'  Dodd-Frank Debate Is ANOTHER Distraction  Trump Promises To Cut Dodd Frank  Trump takes aim at Dodd-Frank  Trump Takes Aim at Dodd Frank Financial Overhaul  Trump Signs Order to Look into 'Disaster' Dodd-Frank Law  Energy, Mining Companies Celebrate Repeal of Dodd-Frank Rule  Trump Signs Order to Look into 'Disaster' Dodd-Frank Law  Energy, Mining Companies Celebrate Repeal of Dodd-Frank Rule  Trump’s Plan to Do a ‘Big Number’ on Dodd-Frank  Krawchek on Dodd-Frank: Need to keep the Volcker rule  Heritage: Dodd-Frank repeal would boost economy by $340B  Bernanke on what should be changed about Dodd-Frank  It's a long road to Dodd-Frank reform  Trump Hints at Rollback of Dodd-Frank Financial Regulations  The costly consequences of Dodd-Frank for community banks  Money Talks: Trump takes executive order on Dodd-Frank  Sen. Warren Says Facts Prove Trump Wrong on Dodd-Frank  Rep. Maxine Waters: Dodd-Frank Protected Community Banks  Rep. French Hill on Dodd-Frank, Regulation, Tax Reform  President Trump: We May Eliminate Dodd-Frank Rules | CNBC  Rep. Hill Says Dodd-Frank Needs to Be Fixed  House Passes Bill Rolling Back Dodd-Frank Regulations  Sen. Orrin Hatch Says Dodd-Frank Is Worse Than Obamacare  Trump promises to eliminate much of Dodd-Frank  Dodd-Frank, Volcker Rule Hurting Banks Ability to Compete  Greenspan: Repeal Dodd-Frank, Return to Square One  Tom Easton on Dodd-Frank: "A Terrible Law"  Trump Takes Aim at Dodd-Frank Financial Overhaul  Who Benefits From a Dodd-Frank Regulation Reboot?  Congressman Pittenger on 5th Anniversary of Dodd-Frank  Sheila Bair: Dodd-Frank has benefitted the big banks  Fed's Yellen: Dodd-Frank Reforms Diminish Crisis Odds  Trump Takes Aim at Dodd-Frank Financial Overhaul  Has Dodd Frank Lived Up to the Hype?  How the CHOICE Act will fix Dodd-Frank  Krawchek on Dodd-Frank: Need to keep the Volcker rule  Trump to Halt Fiduciary Rule, Order Dodd-Frank Review  Nobel Economist Paul Krugman on Dodd-Frank, Fed Rates  Rep. Jeb Hensarling, former Rep. Barney Frank spar over Dodd-Frank Act  Heritage: Dodd-Frank Repeal Would Boost Economy By $340 Billion  Understanding Dodd-Frank as Trump looks to repeal  Fmr. BB&T CEO: Dodd-Frank has slowed economic growth  Wall Street is Bribing Democrats to Repeal Dodd-Frank Regulations  Sen. Mark Warner on Dodd-Frank, Community Bank Relief  Hensarling Says Dodd-Frank Has Made Banks Even Bigger  ABA's Nichols Says Dodd-Frank Rules Need to Be Tailored  Republican Architect of Dodd-Frank Repeal Bill Agrees Change  Rep. Hensarling Hopes Dodd-Frank 'Nightmare' Will End  Congress responds to Dodd-Frank with bank reform bill  Why Rolling Back Dodd-Frank Won't Benefit Small Businesses  President Trump Signs Executive Order On Dodd-Frank Act!  Trump Turns Attention to Finance in Dodd-Frank Review  Cruz: Use tax reform to repeal Dodd-Frank  Barney Frank: Dodd-Frank Was A Success, But People Become Complacent | MSNBC  President Trump plans to replace Dodd-Frank laws  How Dodd-Frank regulations are hurting community banks  Rep. Hensarling on Dodd-Frank and Tax Reform

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