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  Gorsuch vote  Gorsuch confirmed  Democrats Rip Neil Gorsuch  Chuck Schumer Slanders Neil Gorsuch  Donnelly endorses Gorsuch  Gorsuch slips up 'bigly'   Gorsuch confirmation hearing battle  Gorsuch Nomination Heads to Full Senate Vote. #Gorsuch  Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch seen  Will Sanders filibuster Gorsuch?  Neil Gorsuch meets with lawmakers  Justice Gorsuch Hearing First Oral Arguments. #Justice #Gorsuch  Neil Gorsuch Rolls Eyes at Al Franken  Warren rallies to reject Gorsuch  Neil Gorsuch swearing in oath ceremony 4/10/2017 President trump introduces neil gorsuch  Inside Politics Panel: More Senate DEMS to Oppose Gorsuch. #Gorsuch  Breaking News: Feinstein: "I CANNOT SUPPORT" Gorsuch Nomination. #Gorsuch  Just In: Gorsuch. Confirmation Hearing For March 20. #Gorsuch  Senate DEMS Slam Neil Gorsuch Nomination. #Gorsuch #DEMS #Senate  President Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch; Neil Gorsuch acceptance speech.  Democrats Vow To Block Gorsuch Nomination. #Gorsuch #Schumer #SupremeCourt #DEMS  Gorsuch Hearings, Day 2  Neil Gorsuch, insider threat  Senate showdown over Gorsuch  Gorsuch Hearings, Day 4  Gorsuch confirmation hearings  Will Democrats filibuster Gorsuch?  Will Democrats Filibuster Gorsuch?  Congratulations to Judge Gorsuch  Gorsuch Gets SPOTUS Confirmation  Gorsuch: Pro and Con  Neil Gorsuch Confirmed!! (GET HYPE EDITION)  Democrats Suspicious Of Gorsuch  Gorsuch Flies Through Questioning  Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch nomination  Gorsuch Nails Confirmation Hearings  Donnelly's vote for Gorsuch  Donnelly on Gorsuch  Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch  The Gorsuch Era Begins  Dems Hit Gorsuch Filibuster Threshold  Gorsuch takes oath  Gorsuch Wins Senate Approval  Gorsuch Confirmation Hearings  Gorsuch Nomination Hearing  Senate showdown over Gorsuch  How Gorsuch Threatens Women  Gorsuch Takes The Bench  Supreme Court and Gorsuch  Judge Gorsuch On Maternity Leave  The Truth About Judge Neil Gorsuch  Why do Democrats hate Neil Gorsuch?  Gorsuch confirmation hearing begins  Lindsey Graham On Gorsuch  Gorsuch Wins Senate Approval  Gorsuch takes the bench  Who is Neil Gorsuch?  Senate Takes Nuclear Option in Gorsuch Confirmation  Gorsuch: 'I'm a Fair Judge'  FUNNIEST Moments Of GORSUCH Hearings  Gorsuch counters attacks by Democrats  Gorsuch receives support from Democrats  Why do Democrats hate Neil Gorsuch?  The Truth About Judge Neil Gorsuch  VIDEO: Inhofe talks Gorsuch confirmation  Gorsuch fires back at Democrats  Krista Kafer on Gorsuch, Syria  Trump Nominates Gorsuch To U.S. Supreme Court  Colo. Law Professor Praises Gorsuch Nomination  Trump Picks Neil Gorsuch For Supreme Court  Who is Judge Neil Gorsuch?  Judge Gorsuch Supreme Court's work is vital  Gorsuch Confirmation Hearing, Day 2 Highlights  Sen. Sasse: Gorsuch "Disheartened" Over Trump Remarks  Confirmation hearing begins for Gorsuch  SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch: Trump's Comments 'Demoralizing' & 'Disheartening'  Gorsuch Vote: Protesters In San Francisco Demonstrate Against Gorsuch Supreme Court Vote  Will Gorsuch Reach 60 Votes?  Hollywood celebrities react to Gorsuch nomination  Gorsuch Judges apply not alter the law

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