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  First shock for PMLN  Grouping started in PMLN  PMLN candidate wins PP-23 by-election .  PMLN leaders giving threats to JIT  PMLN divided into two groups  Imran Khan First Time Praising PMLN Government  Gujranwala: PMLN General Counsoler kie 'Gunda Gardi'  Shahbaz Sharif addressing to PMLN workers convention  Chairman PTI lashes out PMLN  PMLN Banners in different cities  PMLN leadership boasts ecnomic indicaters  PMLN Attacking GENERAL RAHEEL - Kamran Khan Exclusive  PMLN leaders are ready to attack on Panama JIT  PMLN crossed every limit of breaking laws  PMLN Govt security threat for Pakistan, says Mubashir Luqman  PMLN leaders Press conference | 23 July 2017 | 24 News HD  PTI Vs PMLN - PMLN Marqa Marnay Ko Tyar - Special Transmission with Moeed Pir Zada - Dunya News  Mubasher Lucman reveals ISIS facilitator in PMLN  Shaukat Basra Lashes out at PMLN  Contradictions in PMLN comes on front  Once again PMLN leaders criticized courts  Ch Ghulam Hussain exposes PMLN Rigging NA120  PMLN reaction on PTI party funding case  Nisar Khuhro Lashes out on PMLN Leadership  PPP leaders lashes out on pmln  PMLN workers celebrate Panama Case verdict  PMLN leaders media talk outside supreme court  PMLn Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor swearing at Security  Nawaz Sharif addressing to PMLN workers convention  Differences openly came out in PMLN  Ex PM Zafar Ullah Jamali left PMLN  Dunya News-35 punctures inflicted for PMLN victory: Imran Khan  PMLN Leader's Media Talk -16-02-2017 - 92NewsHDPlus  Corruption of PMLN | DNA | 1st August 2017 | 24 News HD  PPP leader lashes out on PMLN leaders  PMLN leaders lashes out Imran Khan  Big political blow to PMLN in Karachi  PMLN contacting PPP after JIT report  Fawad Chaudhry lashes out PMLN leaders  Real story behind PMLN internal differences  Nasir Hussain Shah lashes out at PMLN  Imran Khan's Press Conference on PMLN - 19-01-2017 - 92NewsHD  Imran khan bashing PMLN on JIT  PMLN Anusha Rehman Media Talk Outside Supreme Court (Complete)  Why people supporting PMLN in Punjab? - 05 September 2017 - 92NewsHDPlus  Bilawal bhutto blast over PMLN 03-06-2017 - 92NewsHDPlus  Preparations to collapse bridges of PMLN  PMLN Leaders lashes out at Imran Khan  PMLN leaders media talk on Lahore blast  PMLN leaders passes comments at Army & Judges  PMLN leaders media talk in Islamabad  PMLN leaders lashes out at Pakistani Media  Hamid Mir telling inside story of PMLN  Faisal wada badly blasted on PMLN 25-05-2017 - 92NewsHDPlus  Who will be the next prime minister in PMLN? - 92NewsHDPlus  Will PPP Alliance with PMLN? 04-05-2017 - 92NewsHDPlus  PMLN ceremony turns into freestyle wrestling 16-04-2017 - 92NewsHDPlus  PMLN Mission NA 120 | DNA | 6 September 2017 | 24 News HD  Watch how PMLN rigged Elections 2013 | 22-04-2017 - 92NewsHDPlus  DNA | Why PMLN in confusion ??? | 30 March 2017 | 24 News HD  Nasim Zehra @ 8 | PMLN leaders Press conference | 8 July 2017 | 24 News HD  PTI chief Imran Khan annoyed by PMLN Saad Rafique | 24 News HD  Maryam Nawaz addresses to workers at PMLN NA 120 Election campaign  PMLN Corruption exposed | DNA | 11 October 2017 | 24 News HD  PTI Leader give all answers of PMLN claims  PTI Leader Imran Ismial give all answers of PMLN claims  PMLN leaders media talk outside of Supreme Court  Partitions has been started in PMLN claims Sheikh Rasheed  PMLN leaders pop up Banners in Gujranwala for Support of Maryam Nawaz ...  Mujahid Live | JIT report and PMLN |12 July 2017 | 24 News HD  Parliamentary Meeting of PMLN Chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif  PMLN leaders inaugrates Speedo Bus Service route in Lahore  Reaction of Mubasher lucman on statement of PMLN Ministers  PPP ministers refuses to help out PMLN in difficult time  Why PMLN and PTI blame ELC for low voting ?  NA 120 ?? PMLN is launching Maryam Nawaz? | DNA | 8 August 2017 | 24 News HD  PTI workers protest against PMLN outside of PID on press conference issue  Khara Such with Luqman | Clash between PMLN & Judiciary | June 2017 | 24 News HD  Murad Saeed Madly PUNCHES a PMLN MNA Outside Assembly  PMLN Leaders media talk in Islamabad 13-06-2017 - 92NewsHDPlus

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