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  Foreign fighters join Syrian Democratic Forces  Syrian Democratic Forces Move To Liberation Raqqa  Syrian Democratic Forces advance in Raqqa  Syrian Democratic Forces seize town from Daesh near Raqqa  Syrian Democratic Forces closing in on ISIL holdouts  Syrian Democratic Forces recapture Tabqa Dam from Isis  Syrian Democratic Forces close in on ISIL in Raqqa  Syria: Syrian Democratic Forces advance into Northern Raqqa outskirts  Syrian Democratic Forces Advance to Western Outskirts of Manbij  Syrian Democratic Forces Fight For Dam Over Euphrates  Syria: US-backed Syrian Democratic forces make fresh gains in IS Group's stronghold of Raqqa  U.S.-Backed Syrian Forces Battle To Retake Raqqa  US-backed Syrian Forces Seek to Isolate Raqqa  Syrian Forces Repel Attack By Militants  Syrian government forces recapture Palmyra  Syrian forces consolidate military gains  US backed Syrian Democratic Forces begin operation involving 30,000 fighters to retake Raqqa  Syria: On the Western Frontline of the Battle for Raqqa with the Syrian Democratic Forces  EXCLUSIVE - On the frontline with the Syrian Democratic Forces fighting islamic state group  Turkish-Led Forces Move Into Outskirts Of Syrian City  Syria Democratic Forces advance in desert toward Raqqa  RAW: Syrian Democratic Forces fighting ISIS affiliates in the vicinity of Raqqa  US-backed Forces Accuse Syrian Government Of Supporting ISIS  LIVE: Syrian Democratic Forces give statement on operation to liberate Raqqa  In 60 Seconds: Syrian Democratic Forces Captures Raqqa Ruins From ISIS  Syrian forces retake ISIS held town  ISIS Come At By U.S.-Backed Forces, And Syrian Army  Civilians flee Raqqa as Syrian forces advance  Fight against ISIL: Syrian forces ‘days’ away from retaking Raqqa  US-backed forces advance towards center of Syrian city Raqqa  Syrian forces continue operation around Palmyra  Russia: Syrian forces, Russian allies recapture Palmyra  Syrian govt forces recapture northern Hama countryside  Syrian government forces advance against Daesh  Israeli drone shot down by Syrian forces  Syrian forces counter-attack Damascus rebels  Syrian forces to recapture IS occupied Raqqa  Syrian forces liberate areas east of Raqqah  Syrian Forces And Rebels Clashes In Damascus  Syrian forces advance on town near Hama  US Forces Deployed On Turkish-Syrian Border  Syrian Rebels Join Forces, Following Jihadist Attack  Russia warns US against targeting Syrian forces  Syrian forces launch missiles on rebels: Deraa  Iraq's PMU forces reach Syrian border  Turkish Forces Strike Syrian Kurdish YPG  Syrian Opposition Forces Evacuate Wadi Barada  Syrian army and Russian forces take Aleppo  Syrian forces enter Daesh-controlled Palmyra  Syrian government forces retake strategic Palmyra triangle  Israeli forces targets Syrian artillery position  Syrian Forces Log in Palmyra City  Syrian forces continue offensive on Deir Ezzor  Syrian forces block aid to eastern Ghouta  Syrian Government Forces & Rebels Clashes In Hama  US-led coalition strike pro-Syrian forces  U.S.-Backed Syrian Forces Seize Dam West Of Raqqa  US-backed Forces Surrender Wide Areas Near Manbij To Syrian Army  Watch: Syrian forces recaptures oil fields near Homs  US-backed Syrian forces clash with ISIL in Raqqa  US Navy Shoots Down Syrian Aircraft That Reportedly Attacked Coalition Forces  Syrian Rebel Forces Take Outskirts of ISIS City  Syrian government forces retake western town of Soran from rebels  U.S.-Backed Forces, Syrian Army Advance On IS In Deir al-Zor  US-Led Coalition Airstrikes Targeted Syrian Regime Forces  150 killed in clash between Syrian forces and IS  No losses: Syrian & Joint Russian forces conduct operation against ISIS  14 MILITARY ADVISORS CAPTURED By SYRIAN FORCES in Aleppo  Syrian forces advance in Sha’ar district in eastern Aleppo  Syrian government forces liberate areas in Suwayda province  The War in Syria: Free Syrian Army attacks regime forces  Democratic Party Is Comprised Of Demonic Forces Aligned Against America  Syria: US forces deployed to monitor Turkish-Syrian border  Syrian government forces battle IS in Deir ez-Zour  Syrian forces used chemical weapons in Aleppo, says HRW  Syrian Forces Push Into Northern Province Of Hama  Syrian forces used chemical weapons in Aleppo: HRW  Syria: Syrian Army continues push against IS forces near Palmyra  Syrian government forces halt operations during Russia-sponsored peace talks  RAW: Syrian govt forces partially recapture eastern Damascus

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