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  Fetty wap arguing with his baby mama  Fetty Wap – Robbery Leads to Shootout! | TMZ TV  Rapper Fetty Wap At Jersey Shooting Scene  Fetty Wap is Still in LA Source | TMZ TV  Fetty Wap is Still in LA | TMZ TV  Fetty Wap Gets Robbed in NJ, Shootout Ensues | TMZ Chatter  FETTY WAP NO FEAR ... Blinged Out After Jewelry Robbery | TMZ  FETTY WAP FIRST VIDEO OF ROBBERY SHOWS SUSPECT ARMED | TMZ  Shooting Involving Fetty Wap Leads To Arrest  Man faces Charges After Fetty Wap Shooting  Fetty Wap Involved in NJ Shooting  Fetty Wap fans sound off in Paterson  Fetty Wap Robbed and Shots Fired During Fight At The Scene  Singing fetty wap song at her goldfish funeral  Fetty Wap Admits "I'm a Devil Worshiper"?  Fetty Wap Dripping In Gold and Money Days After Being Robbed | TMZ TV  FETTY WAP -- I AIN'T AFRAID OF PATERSON ...'I Come From Violence!' | TMZ  Footage of Alleged Fetty Wap Robbery Emerges  Fetty Wap 'Quits' After Meeting Gucci Mane  Paterson’s High Schoolers Cheer for Free Fetty Wap Concert  Nicki Minaj: Fetty Wap Is Trying To Holler  Fetty Wap Brought $165,000 To Pay a $360 Fine | TMZ TV  Fetty Wap Buys New "1738" Chain Worth Over $200,000  Rapper Fetty Wap Arrested For Shooting  In the studio with Fetty Wap, Mr. 'Trap Queen'  Fetty Wap involved in incident that leads to shooting  Fetty Wap Was Gifted A Diamond Chain Worth $20K! | TMZ  Adrien Broner Shared Women With Fetty Wap | TMZ Sports  FETTY WAP -- My Kid Turned 1 ...AND I WAS THE BEST GIFT! | TMZ  Goons Allegedly Confront P Dice Over Him "Disrespecting Fetty Wap"  Jan Leyks Reaktion zu Bibis "How it is" (WAP BAP)  FETTY WAP Threats from Shooting Suspect ...HE'S A P**** FAKE GANGSTA! | TMZ  Fuzz Arrested after Fetty Wap Chain was Snatched on Video & Three People were Shot  Arrest after shooting involving hip-hop star Fetty Wap  Man Faces More Charges After Shooting involving Fetty Wap  Tax G Accuses Fetty Wap of Stealing his Style  Goons Respond to Fetty Wap 'WE DIDNT TAKE YOUR CHAIN..WE TOOK UR MAN'S CHAIN'  The Local Rapper who Tried to Sell Fetty Wap Chain Back for $10K... Gunned Down.  Fetty Wap Producer Sued Over Selling Exclusive Rights to 'Trap Queen' Beat Twice.  Fetty Wap Sued for Trashing Home With Blunts & Panties  Fetty Wap -- '679' Rapper Explains How He Lost His Left Eye | TMZ  Fetty Wap Buys His RemyBoyz Brother Monty a BMW i8 for Christmas. Worth $140,000.  Fetty Wap performs his hit 'Trap Queen' at Summer Jam 2015  Fetty Wap Speaks On Being Robbed In D.C. Stadium Nightclub Rumors "Mediatakeout Suck My Dick"  Fetty Wap At Scene Of NJ Shooting That Left 3 Wounded  Fetty Wap shows off $165,000 in cash after paying $360 fine  Teachers dancing Slim thick with yo cute ass - Jimmy choo Fetty wap  Fetty Wap Inspires a Young Kid to Stop Wearing a Prosthetic Eye  Fetty Wap 'Wake Up' Music video gets Paterson High School Principal Suspended.  Man Arrested After Posing with Fetty Wap Snatched Chain after Incident where 3 Ppl were shot.  Fetty Wap Debut Album Gets Certified Platinum in Only 5 Months.  P-Dice Not Settling Lawsuit With Fetty Wap for $1 Mil | TMZ  P Dice Pulls Up Outside Fetty Wap House After He Claims They Won't Let Him Out of his Contract!  Details Emerge in Fetty Wap Chain Snatching Where 3 People Had to go to the Hospital.  Fetty Wap Fires and Accuses his Assistant of Stealing over $250,000 from him.  Fetty Wap exposes Goons Who Claimed to Have his Chain and Wanted to Sell it back to him for $10,000  Fan who got hurt when Fetty Wap Jumped off Stage at Concert say its Not his Fault.  Fetty Wap Argues with His Baby Mama, Threatens to Get Her Beat up and Shot Up if She Does Interview.  P Dice- Fetty Vanilli Feat Dylia Dollas (Official Fetty Wap Diss)  Fetty Wap Hands Out Stacks of Cash to Random Kids in New Jersey | TMZ  Alexis Skyy Talks About Fetty Wap, Her Feud W/ Masika and Joining ‘Love & Hip Hop' | TMZ  Alexis Skyy Talks Fetty Wap, Offset, Her Feud W/ Masika and Joining ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood'

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