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  Who is Xi Jinping?  Xi Jinping Visits Ireland  Tillerson meets Xi Jinping  Xi JINPING TAKES ON TRUMP  Xi Jinping: North Korea issue: Trump speaks with Xi Jinping, Shinzo Abe  Xi Jinping on Chinese sovereignty  President Xi Jinping arrives in Washington  Donald Trump humiliates Xi Jinping  PM Modi meets Xi Jinping  Xi Jinping asserts authority over Hong Kong  Tillerson Meets President Xi Jinping in Beijing  President Xi Jinping addresses UK Parliament  Trump Welcomes Xi Jinping In Florida  Angela Merkel meets Xi Jinping in Berlin  What's Ahead for China's Xi Jinping?  President Xi Jinping addresses World Economic Forum  Xi Jinping sends Women’s Day best wishes  Xi Jinping wraps up Finland visit  Buckingham Palace prepares for Xi Jinping visit  Xi Jinping Calls Tiangong-2 Astronauts  Chinese President Xi Jinping lands in Seattle  Chinese President Xi Jinping Visit Huawei  Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulates Macron  Xi Jinping Inspects Joint Battle Command Center  President Xi Jinping gives keynote speech  UN Speeches: Chinese President Xi Jinping  Xi Jinping Visits Northeast China's Jilin Province  Xi Jinping ouvre le Forum de Davos  Chinese President Xi Jinping departure to Delhi  PM Modi meets Chinese President Xi Jinping  Xi Jinping attends Interpol General Assembly  Chinese President Xi Jinping Meets Cambodian King  President Xi Jinping attends BRICS summit  Xi Jinping visits Manchester City FC  UN Speeches: China's President Xi Jinping  India: Xi Jinping arrives in Goa for 8th BRICS summit  Obama Meets Chinese VP Xi Jinping  China-Uganda Ties: Xi Jinping meets Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni  Obama Meets China's President Xi Jinping  President Xi Jinping speech at FOCAC Summit  President Xi Jinping inspects Chinese troops  China welcomes Trump letter to Xi Jinping  Chinese President Xi Jinping Visits Hong Kong  What will Trump discuss with Xi Jinping?  Xi Jinping de visita en Cuba  PM Modi Meets Chinese President Xi Jinping  Tillerson Meets President Xi Jinping in Beijing  Tillerson Meets President Xi Jinping in Beijing  Trump's summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping  Xi Jinping- through BRICS Summit's eyes  Xi Jinping to meet with Obama sidelines  Danish PM meets Chinese President Xi Jinping  'Xi Jinping vows support to Hong Kong'  Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin meet the press  President Xi Jinping arrives in Moscow  President Xi Jinping meets Jeremy Corbyn  News 50: Xi Jinping welcomes PM Modi  Royal welcome for Xi Jinping in Belgium  Tillerson Meets President Xi Jinping in Beijing  'Some similarities' between Xi Jinping and Trump   Xi Jinping attends welcome ceremony in Kazakhstan  Xi Jinping inspects PLA Hong Kong Garrison  Xi Jinping at the Queen's Banquet  Chinese President Xi Jinping Through Iowa Eyes  China will protect its sovereignty—Xi Jinping  President Xi Jinping addresses APEC CEO Summit  Xi Jinping meets Vladimir Putin in Kazakhstan  China's Xi Jinping to attend APEC Summit  President Xi Jinping arrives in Hong Kong  President Xi Jinping arrives for handover visit  Xi Jinping & Cameron at Man City grounds  PM Netanyahu Meets Chinese President Xi Jinping  Xi Jinping inspects troops in Inner Mongolia  Chinese President Xi Jinping offers his condolences  President Xi Jinping delivers speech at Palace of Nations  Queen Elizabeth II hosts welcome ceremony for President Xi Jinping  How can Xi Jinping ‘beat’ Trump’s awkward handshake?  President Xi Jinping inspects PLA troops based in Hong Kong  Duterte, beside Xi Jinping, chews gum, dozes off  Why President Xi Jinping presents acupuncture statue to WHO?

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