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  River dolphin’s ancestor unearthed?  Say Hello To Humans' 'Oldest Ancestor'  Meet the oldest ancestor of humans  Modern Birds’ Oldest Known Ancestor Found In China  Queen Elizabeth’s Ancestor Exposed As Reptilian  Scientists Dicover Small T. Rex Ancestor  Ancient Animal Could Be A River Dolphin Ancestor  Saccorhytus may be humans' earliest ancestor  Meet our newest ancestor: Homo naledi  White family embraces celebrated black ancestor  New Species of Human Ancestor Found in South African Cave  Qing Dynasty ancestor worship ritual staged in NE China  Scientists Reveal LUCA - Common Ancestor Of All Living Things On Earth  Homo-Naledi is not our ancestor: Mathole Motshekga  Ancestor of Scots founder of Harley Davidson visits village roots  Ben Affleck Speaks Out On Slave-Owning Ancestor  See How Scientists Identified Our New Human Ancestor | National Geographic  This tiny glob could be humans' earliest known ancestor  Who Was the First Human Ancestor? - Instant Egghead #31  How scientists discovered Homo naledi, the new human ancestor  Ancient Human Found To Have Close Neanderthal Ancestor  Researchers Pinpoint Ancestor of All Life on Earth That Lived 3.8 Billion Years Ago  The iPhone's awful ancestor - Worst Gadgets Ever 004  New Human Ancestor Discovered: Homo naledi (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO) | National Geographic  Meet mankind's earliest ancestor: Humans evolved from alien-like creature!  Obama meets Lucy, an ancient 'ancestor,' attends Ethiopia state dinner  Homo floresiensis may have evolved from an African ancestor  Modern Human Ancestor Homo Naledi Discovered in South Africa  The original human ancestor 'Lucy' was a tree climbing champion and moved like a chimpanzee  UW researchers involved in discovery of new species of human ancestor  Obama meets Lucy, a 3.2 million-year-old human ancestor | Mashable  How Finding This Human Ancestor Is Making Us Rethink Our Origins | Nat Geo Live  Ancestor Worshiping Site in China’s Hongtong County Attracts Visitors During Tomb Sweeping Day  How These Female Cavers Recovered New Human Ancestor Fossils (Exclusive Video) | National Geographic  Te Heke o Te Rangihouhiri retraces steps of Ngāi Te Rangi ancestor  Fearne Cotton learns about her risk taking ancestor - Who Do You Think You Are?: Series 14 Episode 7  Noel Clarke learns the fate of his slave ancestor - Who Do You Think You Are? Series 14 Episode 8  Exclusive: Building the Face of a Newly Found Ancestor | National Geographic  Discovering Homo Naledi: Journey to Find a Human Ancestor, Part 3 | Nat Geo Live  Discovering Homo Naledi: Journey to Find a Human Ancestor, Part 2 | Nat Geo Live  Discovering Homo Naledi: Journey to Find a Human Ancestor, Part 1 | Nat Geo Live  A Real-Life Bone Collector: Recovering an Extinct Human Ancestor | Expedition Raw  The Rev. Robert Lee IV talks changing the legacy of his ancestor Gen. Robert E. Lee   Human Ancestor 'Lucy' Was A Tree-Climber, Bone Scans Reveal | Video  Dangerous fossil-finding expedition leads to discovery of new human ancestor  Ancient footprints on Greek island may belong to a human ancestor  Georgetown Univ. Employee Discovers The School Owned And Sold His Ancestor In 1838  Clip of Bernie Sander's on "Finding Your Roots" learning about his ancestor that died in WWII.  Ancient Dog Ancestor Spotted in New Guinea for First Time in Decades  Ancient human ancestor hid bodies in near-inaccessible caves, Ep. 218

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