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  White House spokesperson qualifies Trump wiretap assertion  Comey Challenges Trump's Assertion of FBI Disarray  Nunes Backs Down From Assertion Trump Was Monitored  SKorea reacts to Japan's assertion of island claims  Netanyahu salutes assertion of US leadership in Middle East  Aijaz Ahmad: NAM Tehran meet an assertion against US Hegemony  Trump Wiretap Assertion Qualified by White House Spokesperson  Tunisian Elections: Assertion of the People Against Old Regime  White House spokesperson qualifies Trump wiretap assertion, wants probe  Greece: No Vote is a Democratic Assertion on Economic Policymaking  Experts dispute Trump's assertion that U S nuclear arms capability is lagging  Left Assertion in Bihar Polls Need of the Hour: Kavita Krishnan  Rahul refutes Farooq Abdullah's assertion on third party intervention to resolve Kashmir issue  WATCH: Luke Fitzgerald takes issue with Neil Francis' assertion that Leinster are 'caught up in t...  Tjsotomayor Responds To @DonLemon 's Assertion That Blk Wmn Need 2 Stop Out Of Wedlock Kids  Echo Chamber: Gingrich Responds To Romney’s Response To Gingrich’s Assertion That Romney Is Weak Frontrunner  ‘It’s our assertion that every breath test being given in the state of Oklahoma is invalid’  Reality Check, Libertarians: Ron Paul's Assertion "Liberty" Will Stop Ebola is Stupid and Wrong  White House Rejects North Korea Assertion Pt.4 |[email protected]| 25/09/17  New acting FBI chief pushes back on WH assertion that rank and file had lost confidence in Comey

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