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  Astronaut Moments with NASA astronaut Joe Acaba  NASA Astronaut Sets Record  NASA astronaut corps: welcomes a new class of astronaut candidates.  Astronaut Tailgating  Astronaut Recruitment  Astronaut Applications  Astronaut Jack Fischer Interview  Robot Astronaut Kirobo and Japanese Astronaut Wakata Chat in Space  Female Astronaut Makes History  Astronaut Moments with NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei  The astronaut wives club  Israel’s first astronaut  STS-122 Astronaut Webcast  Astronaut Leland Melvin  MS Honors Astronaut  Train Like an Astronaut -- Treadmill  NASA 2017 Astronaut Candidates  NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams  STS-120 Astronaut Webcast  BA120613 First Filipino Astronaut  Obama And Future Astronaut  NASA Astronaut Stephen Frick  Astronaut Randy Bresnik  Interview: Astronaut Mike Massimino  New York's Strangest Astronaut  What Scares an Astronaut?  NASA Astronaut Joan Higginbotham  Astronaut Moments: Randy Bresnik  NASA Astronaut & Mascoutah kindergarteners  Anna Fisher, American Astronaut  Former Astronaut Develops Powerful Rocket  Astronaut ice cream is a lie  Trump congratulates record-breaking astronaut  In Their Own Words: Astronaut Mike Barratt  In Their Own Words: Astronaut Chris Hadfield  Female astronaut sets space record  NM astronaut remains Neil Armstrong  Astronaut Linenger unhappy shuttle over  Astronaut Mike Fossum: Raw Video  What's Next for NASA's New Astronaut Class?  CNN goes through astronaut training  Who Is NASA’s ‘Forgotten Astronaut’?  Trump Phones Record-Breaking Astronaut  The astronaut voting from space  Life of an astronaut - Jerry Carr  AsCan Recites Limerick From Astronaut Application | Video  In Their Own Words: Astronaut Dan Tani  American Astronaut Breaks Space Record  Boeing made new astronaut outfits.  LIVE: 2017 Astronaut Selection Announcement  Astronaut Mike Fincke's Career Path  'The Astronaut Wives Club' Review  Astronaut Reid Wiseman's Tech Essentials  Astronaut Randy Bresnik: Extreme Exploration  MIT professor selected for NASA astronaut training  Warren Hoburg/NASA 2017 Astronaut Candidate  Train Like an Astronaut -- ARED  Astronaut Vision Changes in Microgravity  Trump Phones Record-Breaking Astronaut  Trump congratulates record-breaking astronaut  Inside the Astronaut Beach House  Orion Backstage: Astronaut Mike Fincke  British Astronaut Returning to ISS  2016 U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame Induction  LIVE: Interview With NASA Astronaut  Astronaut twins' genes diverged unexpectedly  Hangout with Astronaut Ron Garan  Trump Phones Record-Breaking Astronaut  No Limits Astronaut Training CSA  Astronaut Chris Hadfield Space Oddity  Kayla Barron/NASA 2017 Astronaut Candidate  Loral O’Hara/NASA 2017 Astronaut Candidate  NASA is now accepting astronaut applications  Astronaut with Minnesota ties heads to space  Jonny Kim/NASA 2017 Astronaut Candidate  Zena Cardman/NASA 2017 Astronaut Candidate  Jessica Watkins/NASA 2017 Astronaut Candidate  Robb Kulin/NASA 2017 Astronaut Candidate  Matthew Dominick/NASA 2017 Astronaut Candidate  Raja Chari/NASA 2017 Astronaut Candidate

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