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  teleSUR's exclusive interview with Bashar al-Assad  Preview: Bashar al-Assad  Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad: Exclusive Interview | NBC Nightly News  Who is Bashar al-Assad?  EXCLUSIVE: Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Interview 4-14-17  Bashar al-Assad speaks to Swiss television  Bashar al-Assad interview (Phoenix Chinese Channel, 2017.03.11.)  Bashar al-Assad denies gas attack  Bashar Al-Assad Featured on Syrian Money  Bashar al-Assad may be preparing chemical attack: US  Syria's Bashar al-Assad says chemical attack '100% fabrication'  Why does Russia support Syria's Bashar al-Assad?  Why does Russia support Syria's Bashar al-Assad?  Terus beri tekanan kepada rejim Bashar Al Assad  Did Bashar al-Assad Brainwash Rep. Tulsi Gabbard In Syria?  Nikki Haley: Bashar al-Assad isn't going anywhere  Syria Chemical Attack: Push For Ousting Bashar al-Assad  Saudi FM: Bashar al-Assad is finished in Syria  Trump of declared Bashar al Assad Syria Butcher  President Bashar Al Assad - Who's chemical attack in Syria?  Syria conflict: BBC exclusive interview with President Bashar al-Assad (FULL)  Bashar al Assad overthrow not a top priority of US  Syrian president Bashar al-Assad responds to US military airstrike   Trump orders military strikes on Bashar al-Assad Syrian airbase   Syrian opposition: Bashar al-Assad must step down  How to bring Bashar al-Assad to account? – Inside Story  Syrian activist calling for ouster of Bashar al-Assad  Global Leadership Series: WION interviews Bashar al-Assad  How to bring Bashar Al Assad to account? – Inside Story  Why is Iran backing Syria's Bashar al-Assad? - UpFront  Bashar al-Assad: chemical attacks '100% fabricated lie by Trump'  Turkey calls for departure of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad  President Bashar al-Assad Gives First Interview Since Syria Airstrikes | MSNBC  John McCain: Vladimir Putin is just as evil as Bashar al-Assad- LoneWolf Sager(◑_◑)  President Bashar al-Assad Gives First Interview Since Syria Airstrikes | MSNBC  Syria's Bashar al-Assad says chemical attack '100% fabrication'  What is Bashar al-Assad's goal?  Assad interview: US true colors exposed  Bashar al-Assad Becomes President - 2000 | Today In History | 17 July 17  Syrian president Bashar al-Assad responds to US military airstrike - LoneWolf Sager(◑_◑)  Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad: I Would Warn US Of ISIS Attack | TODAY  US warns Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against using chemical weapons  Syria's Bashar Al-Assad on Russia and Iran (March 30, 2015) | Charlie Rose  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Calls Video Of Chemical Attack 'Fabrication' | NBC News  Bashar Al-Assad on What's Next in Syria (March 30, 2015) | Charlie Rose  Former Saudi intelligence chief: 'Bashar al-Assad is the biggest terrorist'  State of Palestine: Meet Bashar Al-Assad, a child born to Palestinian parents  The inconsistencies in Assad's interview  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Speaks Out On Chemical Attack | CNBC  Assad interview on chemical weapons  Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad - 'The Chemical Attack Was 100% Fabrication!'  U.S. President Donald Trump calls Syrian President Bashar al-Assad an `animal'  US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley: Ousting Bashar al-Assad 'no longer a US priority'  President Donald Trump: My Attitude Toward Bashar al-Assad ‘Has Changed Very Much’ | NBC News  White House Dodges On Wheather Bashar al-Assad Is A War Criminal  François Hollande: "Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the situation in Syria"  Hillary Clinton goes after al-Assad, Putin  Ben Cardin: Donald Trump Admin Shouldn’t Legitimize Bashar Al Assad | For The Record | MSNBC  Nikki Haley: Bashar al Assad is going to stay in power  Is the United States strategy to push out Syrian President Bashar al-Assad?  Lindsey Graham: Bashar Al-Assad is Telling Donald Trump "F YOU" @LindseyGrahamSC  Sen. Lindsey Graham: Bashar al-Assad sent helluva message to Trump  Rex Tillerson: Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the chemical gas attack in Syria- LoneWolf  President Bashar Al-Assad Speaks Out for the first time after The U.S. Strikes. #BasharAlAssad  Patrick Leahy: ‘We Should Go After…War Criminal’ Bashar al-Assad | MTP Daily | MSNBC  Nikki Haley: No political solution with Bashar al-Assad until he is out of power - LoneWolf  John Kerry on Syria and Bashar Al-Assad (Oct. 31, 2014) | Charlie Rose  Trump: Bashar al-Assad is like a 'vicious, rabid animal,' blasts Russia and North Korea- LoneWolf  Syria Strike Puts Bashar al-Assad, Russia On Notice | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC  John McCain: Vladimir Putin is just as evil as Bashar al-Assad  President Trump Bashar al Assad Choked Out The Lives Of Innocent Syrians  Trump: 'I'm not a fan of that murderous, no good Syrian President Bashar al-Assad' - LoneWolf  Senator Tim Kaine: Prosecute Bashar al-Assad For War Crimes | Morning Joe | MSNBC  Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad Condemns U.S. Strike On Syrian Air Base  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sworn in for a new term   Syrian president Bashar al-Assad calls US military strike an 'act of terrorism' - LoneWolf  White House: Russia ‘On An Island’ With Its Support Of Bashar al-Assad | NBC News  10 International News : Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appears on Syrian currency for first time  Assad Says Some Refugees Are Definitely Terrorists in Yahoo News Interview  Bashar Assad in Moscow: Arab spring has ended.

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