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  The Morning Blend  Blend Extra: Speed Etiquette  Morning Blend Open  Morning Blend Host Chat  Blend Extra: Thyroid Awareness  Tucson Morning Blend- Ronstadt  Tucson Morning Blend  Blend Extra: Colorectal Cancer Awareness  Blend Extra: Kenosha Public Museums  Biofuel Blend Brings Green Future  Planters Nutmobile - visits Morning Blend  Blend Extra: Getting Real About Diabetes  Differences between winter & summer blend gas  Blend Extra: Symptoms of MS in Winter  Risks of high ethanol blend of gasoline  "The Perfect Blend" by Tess Masters  McAlister's Deli: FOX 47 Morning Blend  Blend Extra: Retirement Planning and Insurance  Blend Extra: High Tech Interior Design Services  Blend Extra: Beautiful DIY Paper Home Decor  FOX 47 Morning Blend: Lansing Promise  Blend Extra: A Slam Dunk Breakfast Recipe  Rookie firefighters learn how to 'blend in'  CASE Credit Union: FOX 47 Morning Blend  Jeremy Jeffress Returns to The Morning Blend!  How Blend Is Streamlining the Mortgage Process  Blend Extra: Back-to-School Basics  Byrum Builders: FOX 47 Morning Blend  Blend Extra: Important Information About Dental Insurance  Chameleon robot changes colour to blend in  Watch FOX 47 for Morning Blend  Blend Extra: "Stop Anxiety from Stopping You"  Blend Extra: Red Carpet Beauty Secrets  Blend Extra: Hot Home Design Trends  Blend Extra: Couples Getting Healthy Together  Blend Extra: Weight Loss Technology Changing Lives  Blend of sun and clouds for Wednesday  Blend Extra: Some Weight Loss Rockstars  Blend Extra: Customized Intelligence Getting People Healthy  The Morning Blend is a Classroom!  Potter Park Zoo: FOX 47 Morning Blend  Jack Parris on KGUN Morning Blend  Blend Extra: Four Weight Loss Success Stories  St. Edward's established guard leads fresh blend  Blend Extra: Losing Weight & Getting Better Sleep  Lansing Community College: FOX 47 Morning Blend  Hazmat situation at TECO Big Blend Plant  Blend Extra: Personalizing Your Patio Space  Blend Extra: Four Men Reclaiming Their Health  Lansing School District: FOX 47 Morning Blend  Spartan Stampede Rodeo: FOX 47 Morning Blend  Wharton Center: FOX 47 Morning Blend  Blend Extra: A Grocery Store On Wheels  Blend Extra: Making Some Tacos for Breakfast  The Morning Blend Helps Build a Home!  Blend Extra: Vitamins - Separating Facts from Fiction  Blend Extra: Breaking Your Child's Sugar Habit  Blend Extra: Helping Children Meet Their Milestones  Hero Blend #19: Introducing Marvel Studios' Daredevil (HD)  Hero Blend #15: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Reviewed (HD)  Hero Blend #12: Batman Vs. Superman Vs. Captain America (HD)  Hero Blend #63: Welcoming Punisher To The Marvel Cinematic Universe  Wonder Woman Movie Will Blend Classic and New 52 Canon  Blend Extra: Successful Weight Loss No Matter Your Age  Blend Extra: Get Fit at a Party on a Bike!  Blend Extra: Protecting Your Skin from Skin Cancer  Blend Extra: Keep Your Small Business in Business  Blend Extra: Turn Your Weight Loss Goals into Reality  Twin Cities Schools Blend Academics With Love On Valentine's Day  Blend Extra: Losing Weight and Getting Your Health Back  Hip-hop and history blend for Broadway hit ‘Hamilton’  Blend Extra: A Must-Have Summertime Finger Food  Blend Extra: Visit The Machine Shed at Sate Fair  Blend Extra: What You Need to Know About Mortgage Insurance  BLEND PET: Meet Emma Jean, the Queensland Heeler  Blend Extra: A Breakfast Twist on an Appetizer Classic  Hero Blend #37: The DC Comics Television Invasion Has Begun  Hero Blend #35: Deadpool Is Coming! Deadpool Is Coming!  Hero Blend #9: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Reviewed (HD)  'It' Dominates With Blend Of Horror And Laughs

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