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  Fire departments consider consolidation  More teens consider suicide  Smaller schools consider consolidating  Lawmakers consider digital driver's license  States consider laws curbing protests  Transit leaders consider gondola idea  Massachusetts Lawmaker Consider Inmate Bill  Residents consider future of Pahokee  Collier to consider marijuana moratorium  CT Police Consider Weaponized Drones  Other states consider recreational marijuana  Should You Consider Individual Bonds?  NJ To Consider Legalizing Marijuana  Scientists consider running for office  Pope: Consider being a missionary!  Architects Consider Building Wooden Skyscrapers  Lawmakers consider increasing speed limits  Budget writers consider lottery app  KC leaders consider curfew proposal  Boy Scouts Consider Recruiting Girls  Trump To Consider Pardoning Julian Assange  DOTr to consider JICA proposal  Lawmakers consider voter ID bill  Princeton Graduate Students Consider Unionization  Cowboys will consider future statements  Some Puerto Ricans consider statehood amid economic crisis  Backstreet Boys consider Florida Georgia Line family  Lawmakers consider ban on red light cameras  GOP lawmakers consider ban on bump stocks  Backstreet Boys consider Florida Georgia Line family  City Council to consider seven immigration plans  Could Albuquerque consider a soda tax?  Judge to consider future of Iraq nationals  Commissioners to consider increasing gross receipts taxes  FL lawmakers consider warning for lottery  Pima County to consider sales tax  Is It Time To Consider Repealing The 17th Amendment  maryland lawmakers consider bus crash bill  Corrales officials consider allowing medical marijuana farm  Longtime MN State Fair vendors consider retiring  Wake County school officials consider redistricting plan  CTU Leaders Consider 1-Day Strike  Schools consider closing as nor'easter nears  Consider Bootstrapping Your Business | Inc. Magazine  North Carolina Lawmakers Consider HB2 repeal  Parents in Albuquerque consider PARCC opt-out  Cabinet may tomorrow consider GST supplementary legislations  Amherst to consider "sanctuary city" bylaw  Spicer:Trump Won't Consider Fixing Obamacare, Wants Repeal  This MVP candidate could consider resting  Missouri Voters Consider Body Camera Initiatives  Sen. Merkley: 'Unacceptable' to Consider Gorsuch  'The Leftovers' actors consider apocalpyse plans  CAITLYN JENNER MAY CONSIDER RUN FOR OFFICE  Lawmakers consider statewide free breakfast in schools  Crews consider West Melbourne fire contained  Kansas lawmakers consider school finance plan  Boulder to consider long-term homelessness solutions  Paterson Officials Consider Using Special Police Officers  Republicans consider replacing health care later  Jupiter to consider movie theater proposal  Reasons To Consider Bermuda For A Getaway  DMPS Board to consider ‘sanctuary’ resolution  Deion Sanders: 'I consider myself a Falcon'  Kansas regents consider universities' concealed carry plans  Atlanta city leaders consider changing marijuana laws  UN: We still consider Gaza "occupied"  Lawmakers consider expanding firefighter disability benefits  10 reasons to consider the 2016 MacBook  Lawyers for SAfrica model consider court  Asilal Union Elementary Schools consider resource officers  Trump Urges Fans To Consider Boycotting NFL  Did Stephen Paddock Consider Targeting Chance Concert?  You should also consider… | Joe Panepinto | TEDxHamiltonCollege  Towns consider rescheduling voting because of storm  School board to consider attendance policy  Arizona universities consider raising tuition costs  Aldermen Consider Airport Remedies After United Fiasco  Consider University of Mobile's Nursing Program  I-Team: Feds Consider Kratom Ban

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