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  Millenial Home Ownership declining  Trump's Declining Poll Ratings  Declining Fortunes of IS  Allen County health declining  Number of fireflies declining  Declining Penguin Population  U.S. Has Declining Innovation Issue  The Reason for Declining Views on YouTube  Thursday Job Report: Unemployment declining  Seven things about Mizzou's declining enrollment  Delaware Prisons Serve Loaf Amid Declining Use  Why golf is declining in America  Migrants leave Russia because of declining ruble  Can an app save ESPN’s declining viewership?  Videographic: Are Asian fertility rates declining?  Study links declining bee population to cell phone usage  This year Monsoon rain declining in Kerala  Coal Plant Construction Is Declining Worldwide  Monarch butterfly population declining on Central Coast  Auditor's Report Finds Declining Doctor-Patient Ratio  CrossTalk: Declining Pax Americana (ft. Pepe Escobar)  Animal euthanasia declining in Maricopa County  Why Black Baseball Players Are Declining  Local businesses react to declining lottery sales  Number Of Children Exposed To Opioids Declining  Obama's Declining Approval Could Impact Midterm Elections  Trade between Zimbabwe and South Africa declining  Declining trust, a cause for concern  Quick Recovery Unlikely For Declining Moose Population  Problems persist despite declining homeless rate  Federal Reserve rate hike probability declining?  Top YouTuber PewDiePie Calls Out Mainstream Media’s Declining Power  Ben Carson Opens Up about Declining Trump Cabinet Post  CM Mamata wary about declining health service condition of state  Declining enrollment results in layoffs at upstate university  Ben Carson Opens Up about Declining Trump Cabinet Post  Gilbert Junior High School closing due to declining enrollment  Newborn Fawn Research: Why Are Deer Populations Declining?  Pope Center's Jay Schalin details UNC's declining English standards  What's behind the declining demand for MBAs in Canada?  Christianity in Britain declining as Islam more popular, report shows  State closing section of prison, cites declining crime rate  Thenmala Parappar Dam water level declining | Asianet News investigation  Decades of Declining Refugee Protection in Canada Under Harper  China's Forex Reserve Declining Normal Phenomenon: Central Bank Governor  Yashwant Sinha Says "We Can't Blame UPA For Declining Economy  Nik Abduh worried about declining democracy in PAS Youth wing  J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler steps down amid declining sales  The incidence of prostate cancer is actually declining.  Declining oil prices good for the U.S. economy?  Report: Declining road conditions costs New Mexicans billions  Declining trade with South Africa boosts local production  N.Y. Times: US Women Participation in Workforce Declining  Life Expectancy Declining in Large Parts of US  'Friend zone' to blame for America's declining birthrate?  Analysing The Declining State Of Education With Babajide Ogunsanwo  What declining oxygen levels mean for ocean life  What You Missed: Is the Tea Party Declining in Popularity?  Generation Trudeau weighs in on Justin’s declining popularity  Alarm over declining security situation in Laikipia County  On The Farm: Reviving declining matooke farming in Masaka  New numbers show Southside population declining despite economic growth  The Role of Diet in Declining Sperm Counts  Del Mar Races See New Costs And Declining Revenues  Poll: Declining approval for Trump at 200 days  Recycling facilities declining, we could be to blame  Study: Stroke Rates Declining In US, But Not Among Women  How Far Have Declining Oil Prices Pushed Down Stock Markets?  Gospel Singer Jonathan McReynolds On Declining Trump’s Inaugural Invite  Why is the number of adoptions in India declining?  Cancer deaths: from the United States are declining.  Shark Fin Consumption is Declining in Hong Kong  UBS Sees Declining Margins as Profit Tops Estimates  Diabetes Declining? Switzerland Votes on Single Payer: Healthcare Triage News  Inequality is Declining in Latin American and Sub-Saharan Countries  U.S. Erred In Declining Protections For Remote Grizzly Bears  NY. Times: U.S. Women Participation in Workforce Declining  WWF Canada says wildlife populations declining at 'alarming' rate  Declining Worker Share of U.S. Economic Pie Caused Mainly By Increased Imports  Elementary school robotics team design bat house to help declining population

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