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  This guy definitely got lucky! :O  Serena Williams is definitely pregnant  Assad: Some refugees ‘definitely’ terrorists  Bonner: 'We definitely played better'  "I'm Definitely a Helicopter Mom"  Definitely not this guys first time playing this game.  JIT report will definitely challenge, Saad Rafique  Definitely not the brightest crayon in the box  Eli Manning: 'It definitely makes me angry'  Seven People You're Definitely Not Tipping Enough  Gordon Ramsay: My Wife’s Definitely The Boss  Things Rex Tillerson Definitely DIDN'T Call Trump  Wojcicki: YouTube Definitely in 'Investment Mode'  "We'll definitely be back to Belfast"  Filmore Definitely Has a New #MyGibsonMoment  Lorenzo Cain: Royals definitely needed that one  Brewers' Thornburg: 'We'll definitely take a win'  Jaguars will definitely win the AFC South  10 Nintendo Games Definitely Not For Kids  Gottlieb: Carmelo definitely leaving the Knicks?  John McCain is most definitely a terrorist  Oprah is definitely not running for president  Nick Cannon Definitely Has A Type! | TMZ  3 Survival Games You Should Definitely Try  C.J. Conrad: We're definitely not satisfied  Hurst: 'The confidence is definitely there'  T-Mobile CEO: 'I'm vulgar, definitely'  Assad: Some refugees are ‘definitely’ terrorists  Definitely The Top 5 Games of 2015  Donald Trump: 'Definitely Go Out and Vote'  Loading Screens You've Definitely Waited On  We Are Definitely Approaching Singularity Now  California's San Andreas Fault is definitely moving  New FBI TV Show Definitely Not Propaganda  Combilift at IMHX: "Definitely a few surprises"  Doctors & Sex Abuse: 'He definitely did damage'  It's definitely no beach day in Wells!  The Rock is definitely not in Shazam  Things Rex Tillerson Definitely DIDN'T Call Trump  9 healing items that would definitely kill you  BorderLands 2: Definitely an Italian Plumber Achievement (Donkey Mong)  BREAKING! Look What Was Just Discovered About James Comey, This Will Definitely END His Career Detai  Indiana Jones 5 Is Definitely Bringing Back A Key Player  Ghost Recon Wildlands: 6 definitely real secrets | The Miller Rapport  Tom Cruise Says 'Top Gun' Sequel Is 'Definitely Happening'  It's Definitely David and Goliath, Says the ACLU  Sanford at first Trump rally: 'He's definitely a showman' #news  Justin Abdelkader: 'It's definitely coming down to the end here'  Bryce Harper’s dangerous looking exercise would definitely injure us  Truex: We definitely want those 15 playoff points  Decisions by Chinese lawmakers will "definitely affect me": Australian student  Wake Forest's Bryant Crawford: Demon Deacons "Definitely" in NCAA Tourney  No. 87/100: Patrick Kane is definitely able  Germany: Hamburg knife attacker 'definitely' one-time offender - police  Kevin Hart reveals how wellness has 'definitely changed' his life  Daniel Craig Will Definitely Star In James Bond 25  This QPR fan is definitely obsessed with the club  Donald Trump Is Definitely Not Worth $9B | Forbes  Odell Beckham Jr Health Update: Definitely Maybe for Cowboys  Top 10 Machines That Are Definitely Smarter Than You  Full Show 9/13/16: Yep, Trump Supporters Definitely Deplorable  Goran Dragic: This one definitely felt like a playoff game  Isaiah Thomas on Celtics' upcoming offseason: "We definitely need more"  NICK CANNON YEP, I'M DEFINITELY DONE AT 'AGT' | TMZ  These Black People DEFINITELY Don't Like Donald Trump [EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]  Tatum will 'definitely' appear in Vegas 'Magic Mike' show  Tatum will 'definitely' appear in Vegas 'Magic Mike' show  10 trends that you should definitely try in 2017.  Alex Jones is Definitely Not Calling For Violence  Ashley Fox: Gibraltar’s sovereignty is definitely not on the table  Naylor: Hanging out with Judge & Stanton definitely a high point  Key Largo resident: We're definitely a strong community  Renter: 'Definitely Not Safe To Go In' Rat-Infested Apartment  Mick Stoltenberg: 'I'm definitely excited to take on the challenge'  David Johnson thinks he can 'definitely' handle bigger workload  Eli Manning: 'It definitely makes me angry'  Girl Meets World Season 4 Definitely Isn’t Happening  Odell Beckham Jr is DEFINITELY into "Butt Stuff"  10 Things Gamer Parents Would DEFINITELY Do For Their Kids  Matthew Stafford: "definitely want to sign an extension here"

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